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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 203-864-3214

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  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
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Post by Guest,

2038643214 Wants to google my balls

Post by Guest,

203-864-3214 call and no answer- mysterious Fingerhut credit inquiry on my credit report- Fingerhut had a class action lawsuit for robocalls- Coincidence?

Post by Yup Spam,

2038643214 Called, no message, didn't answer- Robo Spam

Post by Guest,

203-864-3214 Marketers

Post by Guest,

2038643214 ,

Post by Vade,

203-864-3214 Didn't leave a message-

Post by disruptive calls,

2038643214 spam

Post by Guest,

203-864-3214 fraud alert- hang up asap- these guys belong in jail-

Post by Guest,

2038643214 loans

Post by ARkie,

203-864-3214 I received two calls in one hour- Spam

Post by JR,

2038643214 Crooks, scammers trying to get information- Don't answer let them drop dead-

Post by Guest,

203-864-3214 spammer

Post by Jill McBurn,

2038643214 SCAMMER-  They drained my entire life savings and stole my fleet of cars-

Post by Dallas,

203-864-3214 another call from loser P O S company-

Post by SaggyBoobeezOnTV,

2038643214 Best I can tell this number is tied to a group of fvcktards that like to make phone calls to random numbers they have on a list and ask them questions that usually won't make anyone happy-

Post by Say No to Phishing,

203-864-3214 SHOULD  CURIOSITY CAUSE YOU TO PRESS "" TO SPEAK TO A REP, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY PERSONAL INFO AND HANG UP  When a rep came on the line, the first thing she said was, "Am I speaking to the business owner?" Before I answered her I said, "Before I give you my information, I would like to do my own research on your company-"  SHE PROMPTLY HUNG UP ON ME-  A few minutes later, I received a call from ---  When I answered the line disconnected immediately-

Post by Guest,

2038643214 It's from a gay group, they're seeking funds to provide condoms to inmates in an all male prison

Post by Guest,

203-864-3214 i figured it was a scam

Post by Guest,

2038643214 Offering for loan

Post by Guest,

203-864-3214 business loan scam

Post by Guest,

2038643214 They called and didn't say anything when I answered-

Post by Dante,

203-864-3214 I didn't answer-  Blank second voicemail was left-

Post by Guest,

2038643214 Nobody there

Post by TS,

203-864-3214 Robo call asking if you want "loan for your business"-  Definitely illegal-

Post by LEGAL ZOOM?,

2038643214 Getting these scam calls, block them, next day same company new number-  Did anyone else recently end a relationship with Legal Zoom?  I ask because I have used Legal Zoom twice, both times I decided not to extend their services-  Within a week, both times, on different phone numbers used for my businesses, I started getting these calls- Block, Rinse, Repeat--To be clear, I don't think legal zoom is making the calls but could possibly selling information after the fact or someone working there is doing this perhaps?  Not sure but seems an odd coincidence-

Post by Will,

203-864-3214 Robo call recording scam- Loan scam-

Post by SPAM,

2038643214 ROBO SPAM

Post by MJ,

203-864-3214 Called cell phone midmorning left no message - I did not answer this call-

Post by Guest,

2038643214 Robo call

Post by Stop calling me,

203-864-3214 Reported to National Do Not Call Registry as I am on their list for years-I propose these callers and liars get big fines for their nonsense-

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