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Post by Katrina Day,

2039234781 There has to be some form of punishment by our gov- that these people should endure----- In there country im sure thef if a crime & a scam IS thef------Wish there was a number to report them to so they do not take advantage of someones Grandmother or Grandfather- hahahah would love to see them arrested by our Nation Gov for mis representing there name

Post by unknown,

203-923-4781 I JUST received this call some non speaking English woman could barely understand what she was saying saying they want to give me - dollars I asked questions and she replied " you don't have the right to ask me those stupid questions" im only asking QUESTIONS for me own safety yes I have ALL RIGHT TO DO THAT

Post by Jacque,

2039234781 Google your name and phone number and any places like Spokeo that come up, get them removed, your family also- And make sure things like your private info is not showing on facebook-   Hope you filed reports with everyone on these bozo's-

Post by bully boy,

203-923-4781 got the same call jeff newman said to call back tomorrow

Post by Tonya,

2039234781 I get this call from this number periodically and they ask for  a certain last  name  ,  I  would say depending on what you are calling for and they usually hang up- When you redial number it  has a recording message they never go through- I hope they catch these callers- Today it was a man with broken English-

Post by Guest,

203-923-4781 Also came up with the name Luz Franco- No message-

Post by Tina,

2039234781 I just got a call from this number-  I couldn't understand the guy that well, maybe it was the same Middle Eastern guy calling-  I didn't even catch his name-  He said I was chosen or something for a , grant from the government- I said no thanks for it and he was like 'why?'  I questioned the 'free money?'  Then he started saying who knows what-  He sounded like he was upset though-  I just hung up-  And he called my cell phone-

Post by Jamie,

203-923-4781 I got a call from this number and many other numbers- I told the man with an Indian accent he had the wrong number- He called back times in one day- The last call I got very angry and told him he had the wrong f*cking number- He had the nerve to say I had a sweet voice- I told him to f*ck himself-

Post by Vyrginia,

2039234781 This number has been calling me for the last few days now- Once it was a man with very broken English asking to speak to 'the head of the house', the quality of the call was horrible and when I told him I wasn't able to speak at the moment the call cut off- The second time it was a woman with decent English but once again the quality was terrible and there was a significant delay in the call- I hung up- They have called multiple times since and I have not answered, twice they have left a bad quality message saying they are calling about a 'special offer'- I assume they are a scam, if they have not stopped calling in a couple of days I will have them blocked by my provider-

Post by Linda Leepa,

203-923-4781 I do not want to get calls from this #-

Post by TonyD,

2039234781 Psychics little bratty teenage kids learning the ropes in scamming the elderly- Unfortunately, the elderly are too trusting and fall prey to ALL these scamming scumbags teenage dirtbags, who ply their trade from their psychic parents- You folks know what I'm talking about concerning these store front business psychic scams- The doting parents just loves their snotty teen kids learning the many scans- Do you folks think psychics work an honest day in their life, heck NO they don't Driveway asphalt coating tricks, construction jobs wanting the money upfront to buy materials, psychics phony gas-filled crystal balls, etc-, etc-, etc--you people get what I'm talking about so WISE UP & quit giving those scumbags your hard earned money- I say tar & feather all of them ASAP Good Luck They are calling here in Texas- Had a friend with connection to detective agency and tells me there is a psychic in Dallas, Texas plying her so-called trade there and her family name (LEATH & MARKS) is making a number of these phony phone scams so be cool folks and trust your instincts-

Post by suspence,

203-923-4781 They have called me twice everyday now for the past weeks-  I don't answer it and when it goes to my voice mail they hang up-  After reading all of the other complaints I a glad I didn't answer the phone but I don't think that they will ever stop calling-

Post by Mark Brown,

2039234781 I too received a call from a woman with a foreign accent and asked for Mark Brown then hung up-  This is the same type of call I received telling me I qualify for a Goverment grant for ,-  then hung up- then I found this site I hope they whoever they are get caught-  Especially if they are doing something shady or illegal-

Post by Jacque,

203-923-4781 Google your name and phone number and any places like Spokeo that come up, get them removed, your family also- And make sure things like your private info is not showing on facebook-   Hope you filed reports with everyone on these bozo's-

Post by Guest,

2039234781 Spam

Post by MN Walker,

203-923-4781 I got a call from this number- I did not answer and I they did not leave a message

Post by Mr. Number,

2039234781 I got a call from this number but I used Mr- Number and added him to my list of blocked #s--that's it problem solved lol

Post by DougAllen,

203-923-4781 Wow, that's a great idea  I need an air horn just for those kinds of calls

Post by Lydia Brown,

2039234781 Received a call stating I had been selected to receive a grant from the US Government-  I asked his title with the US Government and also told him I am on the US and Texas no call list-  He hung up-

Post by Damari,

203-923-4781 Quit calling [***], leave a message and move on- Loose my number and get a life

Post by shuey,

2039234781 Received a call from this number-  Woman with strong foreign accent claimed to be "Lisa" from the US Government Grants office-  (They must be getting cheap- I was only awarded in grant money-)  She said I was awarded the money because I don't have a criminal record and I pay my bills on time- I will never have to pay back the money, but I must promise to do something good with the money like, pay off bills, or buy a new car-  I can't use the money for anything bad like gambling or drugs-  To receive the I only had to verify some information- I her asked to provide the company website-  She said she wasn't able to provide me with that information-  I said, "Do you even have a website?"  She said, "Yes but I am not authorized to give out that information, but I can provide you with a call back phone number to my supervisor-""Lisa" had my name but when she spelled it, she spelled it incorrectly- When she asked, "is that correct?"  I said "Yes", even though it was wrong-  Then I asked, "What country are you calling from Lisa?"  To my amazement, she hung up  :)

Post by senthil,

203-923-4781 this guys was singing a song totally weird--

Post by Deborah,

2039234781 I received a call from an unknown entity from the -- on my cell number which I never give out

Post by Ana,

203-923-4781 The caller ID said CT, however, the guy calling had difficulty speaking English- He did not pronounce my name correctly, and before he could say what he was calling for I DEMANDED OF HIM, "DO NOT EVER CALL THIS NUMBER, AGAIN- WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTHING YOU ARE OFFERING"

Post by Suzanne Viera,

2039234781 Same call as above from rude woman who could not speak English- When I asked her question concerning grant, she got very irritated & hung up- I tried to call number back & received recording that the person I was trying to reach was not available--these people need to get a life & be put in jail for what there doing-cowards

Post by Guest,

203-923-4781 Said he was with the united states grant department- Also wanted to tell me I was selected to receive ,- I only received call

Post by OWNED,

2039234781 So they called me to- I played along with a fake address in New York, a New Mexico zip code and totally changed the name they had in their so called computer- I called Richard Parker at -- an had fun with him too- Told him my name was Richard Parker and that his friend was going to send me a bag of cash and an AK  witch is part of the code they gave me to receive money, he did not understand what I was talking about as he was very easy to confuse- So now he has blocked my cell number, my house number my sons cell number and at this time I am calling from multiple google voice numbers- This fool wil have to change numbers and get a new scam because I am done and will not stop til they are out of business-

Post by L.C.,

203-923-4781 I received a call from -- stating that I had won , dollars and it was coming from the federal government- THIS WAS A SCAM-  THEY TOLD ME THAT IN ORDER TO CLAIM MY MONEY I WOULD NEED TO GIVE THEM - FIRST-  THEY STOLE MY MONEY

Post by call received too,

2039234781 got the call while on break at work- Can't have our phones with us on the production floor, for the security of our customer's personally identifiable information- I didn't answer because I knew i didn't owe money to that number, and, knew everyone i know from there, is here, with Oregon phone numbers I'm blocking them as spam- And, I will help stop this garbage

Post by peggy,

203-923-4781 THEY NEED TO BE PROSECUTED TO THE MAX, i GET CALLS ALL THE TIME FROM TEL MARKETERS AND ALL DO NOT SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISH- I am suppose to be on the block tele marketers calls it does not work, are these illegals in america today?

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