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Post by Bill Williams,

2042295643 The donotcall list works for the legitimate telemarketers who abide by the guidelines and rules set forth and are subject to hefty fines if found in violation- The calls we are receiving are from scammers, often located outside of the US, in countries without any US jurisdiction- They currently know they can get away with it so those are the ones who ignore everything and continue to call-

Post by Cruiser,

204-229-5643 I was told Albany, NY as well-  I asked him what street he worked on, as I have a son who lives there-  He got all flustered and couldn't answer-

Post by Me,

2042295643 I got David from "windows"- Problem with my computer-  I asked where he was calling from and he said North Carolina-  I told him was living and he then said South Carolina-  I still said he was living and he said how do you know-  I called him an idiot and he said same to me-  Indian sounding male voice

Post by Guest,

204-229-5643 heavy spam reported

Post by Guest,

2042295643 Says they are from "Windows"- So when I ask if they are Microsoft, the Indian guy would repeat that they are from "Windows"- I messed around with the guy for a while and told him I have to run--

Post by jelli,

204-229-5643 Called and hung up  Caller ID said Manitoba-

Post by Guest,

2042295643 Tired of these calls- All it is is a scam to get info and credit card info-

Post by Lynn,

204-229-5643 I received a call from this number at : a-m- on a Saturday-  No one calls me at this time so, without my glasses, I ran to answer thinking it might be an emergency-  Said "hello" about times- No response so hung up-  Only the phone number showed, no name, not anything else-

Post by Guest,

2042295643 its an unknown that just does a hangup- their info is withheld for 'privacy'- well what about MINE not to get blasted spam prank calls?

Post by Daniel Rios,

204-229-5643 ***SCAMMERS***  Called acting as if they were part of windows support- Tried to get me to download a program (TeamViewer) so that they could get access to my computer and gather all sorts of data-

Post by Mso,

2042295643 I did get pop ups on my new laptop that I had serious problems and to call them for assistance-  They identified themselves as 'windows technical support-'  To me, that implied Microsoft-  When I asked them if they were Microsoft, the response I got was that they do windows technical support for them-  I asked several times and got the same answer-  So I asked for their official company name----their name is Iyogi-  I googled it immediately and found many scams reported which I called him out on-  They have since put in several positive entries---but scroll down-  They try to sell you software to protect your computer from viruses, etc-  It took a real technician over an hour to clean my laptop and still, this outfit knows when I log in-  I'm afraid to use it now---and they are still calling me-

Post by Judy,

204-229-5643 Called at am-  No business calls at am-  Heavy accent male-  I yelled at him and told him I was reporting him to the police and he is a scammer- Then I called him a not so nice name and hung up on the creep-

Post by Brent,

2042295643 Indian accent male called about my computer has virus- I played along- Asked which computer? I have several- He said his data shows Windows - I said i only have windows - Then he said all windows are corrupted by this virus, to which I replied: oh, i only have Apple computer, I guess they dont use Windows? :-)The guy cursed and hung up- What a loser- The caller id showed it was from Canada-

Post by DJ,

204-229-5643 These fools just scammed me at the first of the month, claiming to be from Microsoft, and telling me that my computer sent their server an error message that it had been hacked twice in recent days- (Funny enough, I did receive pop-ups on my computer telling me to call Microsoft for that very reason, but I ignored them-) Luckily, not too much damage caused, but I guess they figured if they got lucky once, why not try again- They've been calling my landline - times a day for the last days, but no messages left- Gotta love caller ID If I don't know you, I don't answer your call-

Post by Paul,

2042295643 calls in hours- No message- Called back and MTS Mobility said it was disconnected- Probably a phisher

Post by Guest,

204-229-5643 They call all hours of the day and night- they said they are computer rep- I am on do not call list don't bother me again-

Post by Guest,

2042295643 Why can't the police arrest these people when they try to get credit card numbers, steal personal information etc- etc-?

Post by Guest,

204-229-5643 Scam call wants to sell computer related program

Post by Statman99,

2042295643 I did EXACTLY the same thing-  I said "You are crazy, I don't even have a computer-"  (A lie, of course)-  Saw the call was from Winnipeg, Manitoba-  (Indian sounding "gentleman")-

Post by Cruiser,

204-229-5643 They prey on the elderly because they know that scare tactics work well on those new to the technology-

Post by Lynda,

2042295643 You may want to consider getting a call blocker- They range in price (do a search for call blockers and you will get a list of them) depending on the model- Some phones have call block capability or your service provider may be able to block numbers, however, there may be a charge-

Post by Joe,

204-229-5643 Sounded like he was from India and wanted to fix my windows problem? I played along with him until I started to laugh and he hung up-

Post by Cruiser,

2042295643 They prey on the elderly because they know that scare tactics work well on those new to the technology-

Post by Amy Z.,

204-229-5643 Indian sounding guy calling about my windows computer-  Don't have windows-  How do I stop these calls? They called my cell phone the other day too-  Don't like this-

Post by Ed,

2042295643 I received a call from the same number listed above- The heavy accented asshat tried to tell me my computer was hacked- He said if I would get in front of my computer he would walk me thru repairing the issue- I asked how much this "service" would cost- He said it depends on how bad the hack was, but no more than - When I said I was a computer programmer specializing in security and that my computer is not hacked and if it was I would fix it myself- He yelled at me to go [email protected]@k myself and hung up-

Post by Ray,

204-229-5643 Sounded like an Indian Male-  Said that he was a computer technician and that he was calling about a problem with my computer-  I told him that I am a technician and that I repair my own computers-  He told me F* You and hung up-

Post by Guest,

2042295643 I received two calls yesterday and call today- They did not leave a message-

Post by Harry,

204-229-5643 Individual called at : P-M- and said he was "David" from the computer center- Told him to go screw himself and have a "nice" day before hanging up on him

Post by Guest,

2042295643 They are trying to get me to go to my computer- so they can fix it-

Post by Lorraine,

204-229-5643 They began calling today- I  do not answer unknown numbers- Glad to know they are fraud-

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