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Post by Sg,

2049253336 Been getting a call from these people for a few weeks-  I keep pushing the key to talk to someone and ask to be put on the do not call list but to no avail-  I asked for a company name and fax number from different people and got very rude responses and they hung up-  I think next time I'm going to sign up for their service and give them the local police dept- address-  I also called Verizon wireless and they pretty much told me I was out of luck, but they would be more then happy to change my phone number for a fee-:(

Post by Karen,

204-925-3336 Yep-- I just called the -- and a machine picks up, does not say who it is you are calling, says the phone number again and does not allow you to leave a message because the box is full- They've called me twice in the last two days-

Post by Marina,

2049253336 Receiving daily calls from this number- They claim to be in association with a job finding agency however their conduct is not at all professional-

Post by Robo calls,

204-925-3336 called from different numbers: -- and -- w in minutes of each other by these scammers with following voicemail left on different services (one of which goes directly to law enforcement) :this in intended for [name]- this is Shane Wright an investigator for CMP- there's a civil matter in the office with your name and social security number attached- your case is scheduled to go before the review board- if you or your attorney would like to place a statement on file before a decision is rendered, please do not hesitate to contact our legal department immediately and reference the file number [different computer voice with a fake file number] or you may press any key now to be connected to the plaintiff-then message ends LOLsome funny things:"review board" - yea, um-huh, it's Pookie & Raheem up the block;"before a decision is rendered" - the decision will be to create a new fake number and try scam again because I was also called earlier this month by another scammer using name of ACS (see profile for that post)"press any key now to be connected to the plaintiff" -- IN WHAT WORLD?? if there was a plaintiff, rest assured there'd be an actual civil complaint-again, this is all an official sounding scare tactichowever, persons used WRONG NAME, and I already know from a direct Attorney General contact that the voicemails are immediately emailed to: THIS IS % FRAUD- if there was anything civil, you'd receive it in writing NOT via phone call- how the scam works: someone makes the outbound call to you from either Caribbean or overseas, then displays a local number via CALLER ID- once you phone them back or answer and verify who you are THEN the scam begins- they look up your information and begin the scare tactics-PHONE YOUR LOCAL POLICE IMMEDIATELY these are con artists already busted with a fake credit card- their goal: get you to pay money over the phone- using law enforcement, they were given a fake credit card which within seconds confirmed the transaction was processed at a Beauty & Barber Shop in Las Vegas NV- would a so called law firm or legal service use a "beauty & barber shop" to conduct their business??these scammers who have been phoning my numbers and family since keep saying: you're going to be served, arrested, etc- NOTHING, NADA, not one piece of documentation ever, it's simply a scare tactic- scare them back by calling your local police and file an www-ic-gov complaint for extortion or blackmail, which is what they're doing-they'll die waiting for me to phone them back, because now that I know it's % fraud, there isn't a chance in hell of me even interacting with them- their calls are blocked from each number called, including by family and their calls are logged with local police each time-trust me, they'll be caught because they keep phoning same numbers, one of which has been transferred to law enforcement simply tracing each and every call-

Post by Guest,

2049253336 foh dueces

Post by Fed Up in Calgary,

204-925-3336 I think I have figured out why so many unidentified fishing calls are being made-  They are going through banks of numbers looking for ones that answer and when, but even more sinister they are looking for disconnected numbers which they then use as their spoofed ID for future calls- For them a hole in one-

Post by Guest,

2049253336 Julie Moyle calls; asking for another person who happens to have the same last name as I do- She disregards my advices and remains persistent-

Post by Guest,

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