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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 204-949-3100

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Post by Anne,

2049493100 just received a call from this number

Post by HelloMyNameIs...,

204-949-3100 This number is from Ipsos Reid- They have call centers all over North America- They are just Market Researchers (NOT TELEMARKETERS, THEY ALWAYS SAY THIS WHEN CALLING- THEY ARE NOT SELLING ANYTHING-) who are doing their job, and believe me when I say that they hate calling random people who curse at them and rudely hang-up-If you don't want to be called by them, let me tell you a trick to get them off your back- Let me just say, if you utter this magic sentence, they can't call you back, they won't call you back- However, please wait until they (the caller) is finished with their sentence before saying this- Trust me, if you do, they will thank you and tell you to have a wonderful day- Just say this sentence,'I am on a Do Not Call List';Or,'Put me on your Do Not Call List';DO NOT SAY - 'Take me off your list', or 'Remove my number from your calling list'-IT WILL NOT WORK, TRUST ME-The most secure way of getting them off your back is mentioning the 'Do Not Call List'- Otherwise, if they call you again, it's your own damn fault-You could always just do the survey- If you have questions, just ask and the caller will answer to the best of their ability-Just remember this, please - PLEASE - don't be rude to the caller- They are just doing their job, their pathetic, high-paying job-Thank you for your time-

Post by George,

2049493100 They just called for a nd time today-  I let the call go to voice mail, and they do not leave a message-  Strange way to do business if you ask me-  CallerID says "WINNIPEG   MB "-

Post by Guest,

204-949-3100 Ipsos Reid

Post by grumpybutt,

2049493100 Annoying and invasive-  Leave me alone-

Post by Real Deal,

204-949-3100 WTF is this company calling me about???Stop it-  You are annoying

Post by Bob,

2049493100 and --

Post by Bob,

204-949-3100 and --

Post by Bob,

2049493100 and --

Post by Guest,

204-949-3100 Ipsos Reid survey

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