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Post by Guest,

2049755200 Spam

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Did not answer

Post by D Napold,

2049755200 They contacted my cell at aproximately :pm on a saturday night

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Green street?

Post by MrsK,

2049755200 These people are driving me nuts- We applied online for a payday loan (my father died; we needed quick money for cremation costs), but then made other arrangements-  I sent them an email to cancel the application, and now they call twice a day asking to speak to my husband-  They won't cancel the application on my request, but state that has to come from him-  He's on the road and can't be dealing with this-  Yesterday I got testy with the woman and practically screamed at her not to call anymore since this has been going on now for weeks-  The next time they call, I'm either saying "Yes, I'll get him" and then put the cordless phone in the drawer for an hour or I'm going to tell them he's dead-  Geesh

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Stop calling me I don't care and I'm on the do not call list-

Post by Guest,

2049755200 Solicited

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Instant loan

Post by Jacqualine,

2049755200 This lady called me from this number and said she needed to complete my loan I told her I wasn't interested and she asked for my social security number I wouldn't give it to her then she asked for my birthdate I told her to take me off of her list and she got an attitude- Shows her true colors, I'm changing all of my checking account information today- These people are crooks and illegal- It was zip-com

Post by B,

204-975-5200 Probably it's no coincidence I just received a call from -- (Winnipeg) less than twenty minutes after six calls from -- (Topaz Lake, Nevada)- This time Winnipeg left no message, but I thought I'd look up their number anyway and found all the other comments above- I hope they keep calling me from unique numbers, so I can continue to report their fraudulant calls all over this this forum- So far, here is the list------

Post by Lici,

2049755200 I received a message a woman named Tonya left at : PM on a Thursday night (last night) on my work phone number-  She stated I needed to call back to go over the details of my loan application-  I NEVER applied for a loan online - from them (zip-com) or ANYONE  I was greatly alarmed and called back the # she left - ---  I then spoke with Tina-  Tina's first question to me was for my FULL ssn  I said no, you don't have that--and I explained I never applied for anything-  She persisted and requested at least the last four digits-  So, I told her that I have no way of knowing whether the criminal who applied in my name used my real SSN or not so there was no giving it to her-  I asked if she could pull up the account using the phone # at which Tonya left me the message-  Tina said no-  I requested a supervisor-  She transferred me to Elmer-  Elmer was capable of pulling up my "file" using the phone number (which my business # is listed at places like LinkedIn etc along with my name--for obvious reasons so anyone in ther world could get those two pieces of information--which is about all I could confirm they had on me)-  Elmer refused to give me any details about my "file" saying that I needed to submit a police report in order to obtain anything-  So, I went out over my lunch break and filed a police report-  The officer said a copy won't be ready until Tuesday or Wednesday next week-  At which time, I will fax it to the number provided by Elmer - -- and I am also going to email a pdf to [emailprotected] * *  I suspect this company of calling people and tricking them into providing their information--it is not the work of an individual con artist but an insidious and illegal company policy-

Post by s ml,

204-975-5200 sounds to be fraud

Post by Guest,

2049755200 -

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Don't answer- -payday loan

Post by Wendee,

2049755200 The are now called Green Street a quick payday loan company-  Then you have to call them back at ---

Post by BIG BEAR,

204-975-5200 IT'S RED LEAF LOANS

Post by Guest,

2049755200 Aasked for someone then hung up

Post by Patsy Cadle,

204-975-5200 They keep calling my cell running up my bill-

Post by klm,

2049755200 So i was playing on my computer at work at :am and they called my  works number-- ) it is a business number and ) why the hell are they calling at am

Post by Administrative Assistant,

204-975-5200 I work at a medical facility-  Numberous calls have been received at my workplace for someone who works in our nursing department-  I have explained over and over that this number can not be used for "PERSONAL BUSINESS" but yet the person continues to call-  STOP CALLING  You have another number to reach this person- USE IT  STOP THE HARRASSMENT  This is a work place- our employees are busy caring for our patients-

Post by IG Guy,

2049755200 () - is a land line based in Winnipeg, Mb, CanadaThe registered service provider is Allstream**-Detailed listing information is not available- Sorry no info for this number-

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 No one said anything

Post by nicnax,

2049755200 thats for the warning- I got a call from them out of the blue, after having filled out some application, but then descided against it and didnt fill in anything further-- I`m moving soon and a little extra would help, but I thought I would rather stick it out with what I have, and scrape through with less till next pay day when I will be all set again anyway-- after about minutes, someone called me and wanted to know when do I want the funds in my account- I was like, huh? this is on a public holiday- I guess not in Canada- hmm, anyway, they were trying to get me to take it, but I refused- reading all this, I`m glad I didnt do it-- not that I would miss a payment, but having the risk of embarrisment for them call your boss- not cool-- they can attempt to work with you instead-- I dont like that-- and they wanted flat fee for every - hmm, even if it was just for days- that blowsstay away, I say

Post by Shaun,

204-975-5200 You're all idiots-  Like me you probably applied for a cash advance-  Like most people who need cash advances you found yourself in a cycle and were not able to meet your payment promise-  I have used this or times in the past two years and while the rate is high, it is very straight forward and clear-

Post by Guest,

2049755200 Idk

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Spam

Post by Herbie Knopenfelter,

2049755200 Yes they sound like a scam- I am with Citizens Against Telemarketing, not really, I am an up and coming prank comedian- I only target the real scum of the earth companies and scams like this one- I will prank these guys tommorrow (Monday)- I have already given reps a hard time on their live chat link, what fun Check out my myspace page Just do a search for Herbie Knopenfelter Give a telemarketer a tough time, its makes the world just a little bit better of a place and it makes you feel good It makes my day when I do- And dont just hang up on them, keep them on the line- It wastes their time and may cause them to miss a sale-

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 No one said anything

Post by jen,

2049755200 Hi anonymous I am currently in the same situation with zip- I have used them a few times with no problems but the last debit didn't go through and now they are calling my boss and threatning me, they won't take payments they want the balance in full-

Post by Guest,

204-975-5200 Ugh

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