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Post by Kelly,

2049778686 I received a call from this number mins ago, I didn't answer and no message was left-

Post by Jimmy,

204-977-8686 missed call then won , airmiles message

Post by M,

2049778686 Just called this call on my BC number cell phone, while in Ontario, said it was from Manitoba- I don't know anyone in Manitoba and they didn't leave a message- I'm going with it's a scam-

Post by lingjing,

204-977-8686 You guys who have had the same problems are absolutely right-  The government needs to get up off its [***] and do something about these creeps who can find any number, email address and send scam [***] up the fogers [***]-  This my wife got from these noonies and when she asked them why they called her the person just hung up-  She is a Chinese lady just almost newly arrived in Canada and she too cannot understand why all this is going on-  Like to see them try this in China they would be in jail so fast their [***] would seeing sunshine-  But in Canada what can you expect from the government here doesn't give a rat's [***] about its people or the country it lives in-  And all you need to do is look at how the G was handled and still being handled-  Anyone who burned my car or broke into my store would have gotten a shotgun odd shoved so far up their [***] they would have had [***] to [***] from-  But the courts are just letting these clowns off with no reprieve because they are saying they were pushed into it by the police-  What a crock of [***]-  Criminals will always win because nobody gives a [***]-  Same here-

Post by Shawn,

2049778686 is this a scam?

Post by Randy,


Post by Suspicious,

2049778686 I got the same call on my land line-  When I checked my Rogers cell phone I got this same number- The Airmiles Cancun trip was from ---

Post by Glen S.R. Woytuck,

204-977-8686 Also, in Canada, (As this was a Canadian number-)   Report it to the government anti-fraud databank-mailto:[emailprotected] * * Let's help the police put these criminals in jail where they belong-

Post by Harro,

2049778686 Received a call from this number on my personal cell- Ignored- No VM- Less than minutes later I received the same call on my work cell -- which has an entirely different area code and is not registered in my name- Now THAT my friends, is weird- My cc# is -GO-EFF-YOURSELF

Post by wifste,

204-977-8686 Got the call during lunch- Even though is Manitoba's area code, the call can originate from anywhere because it's possible to spoof a phone number-

Post by Guest,

2049778686 I have a BC cell with Koodo mobile- Called around :am--didn't pick up-

Post by brandon,

204-977-8686 Called calls today on my cell phone-  Don't know anyone in the area code, so I let it go to voicemail- They didn't leave a messsage-

Post by jonnbenny,

2049778686 Because the DNC list is available publicly- Therefore if you are a call center OUTSIDE Canada, you can download the list, and begin making calls- I took my name OFF the DNC, and have had at least % less telemarketing calls since I did- Take your name off DNC, there are more call centers outside Canada than in-

Post by c12347,

204-977-8686 Once again, a CELL number, showing as on the riverbank near Palmerston AveExchange Details: -Line Type: Wireless CLEC (Competitive local exchange carrier)Owner Name: Phone Number Owner On File - Click HereCurrent Address: Phone Number Owner On File - Click HerePhone Company: MTS AllstreamCLLI - Switch: Switch Type WNPGMBYMDS-NORTEL DMS Telco Location Details Telco Location Information:Country: Canada Flag CanadaState: Manitoba State Province Flag ManitobaCity: WINNIPEGZip Code: RE B Timezone: Central Standard Time (North America) - CSTUTC - Military: UTC- - Sierra Time Zone

Post by Tom,

2049778686 Oops--should be numbers--

Post by Bonnie,

204-977-8686 SCAM - received call on my cell- A recording said because I was a valued AIR CANADA customer I qualified for a prize- If interested press - Pressed , got an agent asked me if I was over and if I had a valid credit card- I asked which company he was working for and he hung up- I suspect if I had not asked that he would have attempted to get my credit card info to 'claim my prize' of one of x number of trips-

Post by jim,

2049778686 got a call they id themselves as wcb soliciter call came in on unlisted non solicitation registered line not in my name curious is wcb giving out private information?

Post by Paula,

204-977-8686 I didn't answer either- Only people I know in MB is the Tax Office- and I certainly wasn't going to answer their call-- and-- they would have left a message-

Post by marlene,

2049778686 I do not answer a call I dont recognize but I am gett ing tired of this on, and how is it they have my number-

Post by CanadaGoose,

204-977-8686 This is a scam-  Same crap, different message: This is Airmiles; we've got a trip for you, gimme your credit card number- They called my cell number (which has been given to my children's schools only and never divulged for anything else) tonight-  Once I hung up I sent an email to Airmiles advising them of the nature of the call and the telephone number-  I suggest everyone else do the same-  This is NOT Airmiles, nor is it their fault-  However if they receive enough emails letting them know what's going on, they might decide to involve the authorities since it is the Airmiles name that is being used and slandered-I won't be answering that one again-

Post by Bean,

2049778686 Received a call from -- on my cell phone-  Let it go to VM - didn't leave a message-  My husband got the same call a few weeks ago on his work phone-

Post by ritsy,

204-977-8686 I've been getting this SCAM call for almost a year, every now and then, always from a Manitoba area code-- It started happening long before that leak-

Post by Cheryl,

2049778686 I got a call at : pm  Ontario Canada from the phone number - - - now the spooky thing for me is that it resembled my sisters number-

Post by bren,

204-977-8686 just received a call from this number on my cell phone- did not answer- no message left- i'm in vancouver bc-

Post by wayne #2 (Vancouver, British Columbia),

2049778686 I received a call on my cell from () - on April , - I did not answer and there was no message left

Post by anonymous,

204-977-8686 I got a call from this number saying "This is Airmiles Canada - you are the winner of , airmiles, to accept please press "-  I hung up-  But was initially skeptical because I have Airmiles-

Post by Some Guy,

2049778686 Julia,There's a reason he was asking if you had any of those credit cards-  The next question was going to be the CC # and expiry date--This is a low-tech form of identity theft scamming by today's standards-  Sadly, it probably still works quite well-For interest's sake, here's a Rolling Stone article about a high-tech version of basically the same thing:  www-rollingstone-com culture news sex- -- l-time-

Post by A,

204-977-8686 Just had a call on my cell from this number-  Don't know anyone in Manitoba so didn't answer-  No vm left-  After seeing all these posts, I'm glad I ignored it-

Post by Tom,

2049778686 Oops--should be numbers--

Post by joan o'reilly,

204-977-8686 my phone is supposed to be safe from these calls

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