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Post by Michelle,

2052065983 Phone rang only once, and then they hung up-  No message left-  Probably a telemarketer who gets paid for each outbound call-  Call came in at :am-  Glad this crap didn't wake me up

Post by TheoPaul,

205-206-5983 Seems like everybody is getting hangup calls-- I returned the call and got the same message about rewards- Could be they can only scam you if you initiate the call-

Post by KD,

2052065983 rang my cell phone twice and hung up before I answered-  Good riddance-

Post by mike,

205-206-5983 Don't know anyone from this state

Post by vkm,

2052065983 it rang the phone only for two seconds and then hung up -- strange--

Post by Professor,

205-206-5983 Rang twice in the afternoon and did not leave any message- I suppose it was some nuisance call-

Post by sarah,

2052065983 this number just called me minutes ago- it only rang about twice for me as well-

Post by minda,

205-206-5983 Called me almost o clock at night, and it ring just for a short seconds---

Post by Angie Wallberg,

2052065983 --   Rang one time, hung up, on my cell phone-

Post by Shari,

205-206-5983 Called once and hung up : p-m- central time  

Post by Guest,

2052065983 rings twice and hangs up- this has happened the last three days in a row-

Post by Guest,

205-206-5983 Several calls from this number to my cell phone- Hands up after two rings and leaves no messages- I do not call back unrecognized numbers-

Post by Caya,

2052065983 Received a call from -- after :pm, I did not answer & the caller hung up- Just thought it was annoying telemarketers calling way to late

Post by Some people need to get a better life...,

205-206-5983 So far I've received calls on at : pm CDST & on at : pm CDST-I recently purchased airline tickets online from a well-known carrier and indicated my cell phone number upon request - - - (?)  (Possible connection?)

Post by Brian,

2052065983 Rang once, then hung up- Same as other reports (see above & or below)- Weird-

Post by Carla,

205-206-5983 Calls my phone, then hangs up when I answer-

Post by Guest,

2052065983 One ring and hangs up-

Post by Guest,

205-206-5983 Spam, trying to get you to commit to a gift card-

Post by Guest,

2052065983 This number calls my cell phone and hangs up before I can answer- This is the third day in a row

Post by Carle,

205-206-5983 Call came on my cell phone at an inappropriate hour after dinner-  Claims they were chimney cleaners working in our area- I told them no, don't call again- In my area- From Georgia?  Doubt it-

Post by JS,

2052065983 rang once, barely It's like MY phone disconnected them-  Which is fine by me-  These calls are SOOO annoying  You should be able to put your numbers on a no call list and NOT GET CALLED Geez  Sorry-  Bad week-

Post by Guest,

205-206-5983 calls my cell - two rings -- usually at night, so I'm shutting down my cell-

Post by judyant,

2052065983 Rang once, hung up, no message-  I bet it is a telemarketer getting "credit" for making lots of calls, while really hanging up quickly-  I will block it-

Post by Guest,

205-206-5983 yep, one ring and a hangup

Post by Rod,

2052065983 Called rang twice no message-

Post by Jules,

205-206-5983 Just called on my cell, and hung up- Blocked it-

Post by BJ,

2052065983 Call around :, short ring then hung up--never seen this number so I guess it wasn't important-

Post by Guest,

205-206-5983 Calls every other day, rings a couple of times- Never leaves a message

Post by Guest,

2052065983 One ring only on my cellphone- Has called at least twice-

Post by Fire,

205-206-5983 Has called my cell times- Short ring, just enough to make it ring-

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