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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 205-210-3482

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Post by kay,

2052103482 This num calls all day i missed the call today try to call back number want take incoming calls who can i report these people to-

Post by Shrimpy,

205-210-3482 I got the - Government grant call- I let her ramble on until she wanted to verify my address and gave me one I had never lived at- When I refused to give her correct address she got rude and hung up - And yes was very hard to understand-

Post by Magnum,

2052103482 Dont call me again

Post by Sandy,

205-210-3482 Got a call from this number on my cell phone-I didn't answer it-No message left-

Post by jean,

2052103482 gov scam telling you, you have received dollar grant if you send dollars through western union, could not understand her very well- also phone numbers -- and -- could not understand these males either- i reported to my local police- i live in arkansas

Post by Rob G,

205-210-3482 Got a call from this number today- Caller ID shows POPE, KELLY- Voice mail mentioning money, but I am unable to understand accent-- this accent may be as phony as the money lol-  sounds like female version of borat Don't call me again

Post by EJ,

2052103482 I have been getting calls from this number for over months- I always forward to voice mail- Have never picked up and they do not leave a message- They are calling my cell number-

Post by Pissed off mom,

205-210-3482 I got a call from this same number today- They woke up my sleeping baby GRRRRRR They didn't leave a message- The caller ID said K&R Pope- I would like to call her at home and bother her

Post by Mac,

2052103482 I got a call from this number- She had a thick accent- I was skeptical about giving my bank information so I tol her I wanted the , by check in the mail- She said I had to call her manager- I called the number she gave me and it wasn't a working number- I knew it was a scam lol-

Post by Guest,

205-210-3482 Psycho from Nigeria using a fake #

Post by John,

2052103482 Government grant  - could not understand most of the conversation-  Caller was female with heavy accent- Did get a call back number of ---  Called it and no answer-

Post by plum puddin,

205-210-3482 Got the same message from a lady with a heavy accent when I told her I could not understand her she hung up on me--tried to call back, thinking it must be a scam, only received a busy signal-BEWARE

Post by Eddie,

2052103482 Called me at : a-m-

Post by julie,

205-210-3482 AWESOME answer

Post by Ben Dover,

2052103482 It's the old US Government Grants Dept- scam, where they try to con you into paying or via Western Union- No one answered today, in the past the callers have thick Indian accents-

Post by alma,

205-210-3482 -- tried telephoning since - But today, I did answer the call- It was a female with heavy accent I could hardly understand but I listened- As I was granted US government money of K, she gave me a confirmation code and that I should call -- for further info- It was US Government Grant Dept- as Mr- Thomas claimed- I asked where he was calling from, and he said DC- Area code is Waqshington state-

Post by Shannon,

2052103482 I also got a call from a lady with a heavy accent telling me that I had a government grant for , and I was probably wondering why- I could hardly understand her, but could tell from the first seconds it was some kind of scam- I hung up


205-210-3482 I, too got a call from this number-  If you want to freak them out, BLOW A POLICE-TYPE whistle when you pick up the phone-  WHY don't they get a life and work for a living  Bunch of leaches-------

Post by Guest,

2052103482 They keep calling me and as soon as I answer they hang up- They call me at least times a day-

Post by julie,

205-210-3482 AWESOME answer

Post by Janson,

2052103482 Received a call from this number today (July th- )-  Caller ID stated the name, Kelly Pope as well-  Told me they were from the U-S- government and wanted to give me for being such a good citizen-  It was (I think) a male with a very thick accent-  I said I wasn't interested--hung up-  They called back again-same number--tried to argue with me-  I hung up-  They called back a rd time (number name didn't show up on my ID)-  Told me I was a Mother F****, kept cussing, yelling-told me they were going to kill me-  I called the city phone company--referred me to the Oregon Dept- Justice-  They just told me not to answer any calls I can't identify on my phone-  Interesting--

Post by eva,

205-210-3482 i just want to how our gov- don't stop this bull s-it

Post by Guest,

2052103482 Called me to inform me I had won a , federal grant- I had been selected because I paid my taxes on time over several years- Interesting since I always get a refund Told them they obviously knew my home address, if they represented the government, so mail everything- He hung up on me at that point-

Post by Guest,

205-210-3482 Totally fake-

Post by Joe Evans,

2052103482 Caller ID said Kelly Pope--no message left--

Post by Martha Perez,

205-210-3482 I also got this call from this number, I told them to give me there number so my lawyer can call them the man hang- It's so sad they there so many people out there doing this scams- They have different ones-

Post by chan,

2052103482 Do not know who this is- driving me crazy- Do not answer numbers u don't know- let it go to voicemail- if thete is no message to identify person- then block the number-

Post by Guest,

205-210-3482 Called and told me I won a , government grant-

Post by rxwalker,

2052103482 Got a call saying I had been awarded a , government grant-  Woman had such a back accent that I could barely understand her- Figured this to be a scam, so hung up-

Post by mandi,

205-210-3482 Recieved a call from this number- No message left, when i called back didn't get a busy tone a ring or anything-

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