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Post by susiepea,

2052592129 This is a call center, NOT a collection agency-  I submitted info for Virginia College (based in Alabama) and this is the number that called me back-  They verify information and then connect you with a Virginia College representative-  This is for a college education-  If you want them to stop calling you, then answer the phone and tell them that

Post by Guest,

205-259-2129 Some on line university

Post by Guest,

2052592129 They keep calling leaving messages without asking for any names

Post by Guest,

205-259-2129 Not sure who they are- They justkeep calling

Post by Guest,

2052592129 school

Post by Guest,

205-259-2129 This college will not take "no" for an answer and I've even been reasonable and talked it over with them-

Post by pretty anoying,

2052592129 yeah,im in the same boat with like ppl above me- i signed up for the college ordeal online and like or mnts later my phone rang- i did not pick it up because i was busy but they left a message: "this is Virginia college--"-now two other colleges are calling me too- pretty anoying-

Post by Guest,

205-259-2129 A n A n d r o i d U s e r

Post by Tired of Annoying Calls,

2052592129 I got a call this morning, immediately after going to that website I saw on tv to find a college, um, mydegree or something- It suggested colleges, kaplan, virginia college, and another one- Immediately my phone rang, this number appeared on my caller id, with unknown name, for some reason I answered it, and we chatted about my onlines college stuff i just filled out- They didn't mention any of my huge debts with credit cards- Call me naive,(just don't call me, lol) but I think they're a college- They're were supposed to call back, and unless they called from one of the other million unknown numbers I get everyday, they didn't- She wanted to call back to enroll me once I completed whatever email she was supposed to send-

Post by Guest,

205-259-2129 Virginia college

Post by Grant,

2052592129 They are collection agents i hacked into one of thier phone calls and listened and it said "people are not answering what do we do ok uh huh see ya later" these people are FAKE Thery are not from a collage so END THE CALL NOW if they call you do not give them any info hope this helped you

Post by Guest,

205-259-2129 no more

Post by Stella,

2052592129 Claimed they we calling about a follow up for Virginia College- They were a collection agency, nice scam Avoid them and don't answer your phone

Post by Guest,

205-259-2129 Dont know who this is but they called back to back times--that shi cray ll

Post by CP,

2052592129 Caller didn't leave a message-  Called back and it was a Virginia something College-  They were looking for someone else and said that they would remove my # from their system-

Post by Kat,

205-259-2129 Just signed up for Virginia College info and got this same call-  Now  I'm kicking myself-

Post by Guest,

2052592129 Threat

Post by Jessica,

205-259-2129 To all of you who are having trouble with the phone umber calling you, whether it be Virginia College or some lame collection agency-  I found the easiest way to get your number removed is to call them back and tell them that you were returning their phone call-  When they get into starting their spiel, then you briefly interrupt them and tell them that you are not interested, and did not give out your phone number to be solicited, and ask them to remove you from their system and they will place you on a do not call list-  If by some chance you did mistakenly put your number out there and you feel that they are harrassing you, call them back, tell them you were returning a call to the number, and when they ask your number, give it to them-  When they say the name, whether it is your name or someone elses, just tell them they have the wrong number-  You do not have to identify yourself to them Ask them politely to remove your number from their database, and they will- Keep your cool, you will get much better results, than if you get angry and cuss them out-  Try this and you will find how easy it is, and doesn't cost anything but a few minutes of your time-

Post by freepaydog,

2052592129 Caller did not leave message-

Post by brodi,

205-259-2129 Signed up for information from VA College and this number called They left a message with a call back number and it is VA College--they may however still be a collection agency but maybe in a different part

Post by Kim,

2052592129 Shows up on my caller id as "Unknown Name"  several times a day-  Likes to call right after am MST-  No message left-  Thank you for this website-  I seem to get alot of unsolicited calls-  Since no one leaves a message I never know if it is important or what  Your site helps me decide who to respond to

Post by Guest,

205-259-2129 Idiots never stop calling

Post by Guest,

2052592129 Keep callin

Post by ack,

205-259-2129 these people should be sued they are hacks definetly not a legit college beware-

Post by Guest,

2052592129 Barely understandable

Post by 205-259-2129,

205-259-2129 Collection agency, they say its 'Virginia College' - avoid these [***]-

Post by Guest,

2052592129 va college

Post by Carmen,

205-259-2129 This number shows up on my caller ID several times- They call everyday-

Post by any,

2052592129 every time i receive an unknown numbers-i saved them and then set the block them--it's work-

Post by rc,

205-259-2129 My phone rings immediately as I keyed in my choice of online study on a website- The website mentioned Virginia University- Looked up the number while phone is ringing- Done that last week- Phone kept ringing several times a day with same number after filling out info- Told the caller to take me off the list- No more calls- Ugh

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