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Post by Guest,

2054191968 This man tried to con me into letting him get control of my computer- When I refused to let him go any further, he hung up, so I know he is a crook His first language is not English either- From all the other similar numbers I see below wonder if there isn't a group of people trying to steal other peoples info

Post by Pablo,

205-419-1968 --- called : A-M- about my pc problems?  I have none  (AH) I hope they get thrown in prison

Post by Guest,

2054191968 This man used my name when he called, then asked me how I was doing- When asked why he was calling he said he works for Windows and that I have been downloading viruses- He asked if I was aware of this- I did not believe a word of it, and I did not allow the conversation to go further- And like the other people listed below, I noticed his middle eastern accent-

Post by Guest,

205-419-1968 He called and was told he had the wrong number and hung up- He called back times to harass us- Not sure how to block him-

Post by B,

2054191968 Just received my third phonecall of the- Caller said Im calling about your PC Windows repair- I said I'm not interested- I've stated this everyday when you call from different number- He started yelling " WHY DON'T YOU WANT YOUR CPMPUTER FIXED?" I said because I don't have one and hung up-

Post by Guest,

205-419-1968 Rude and defiant when told to stop calling my number

Post by Guest,

2054191968 I feel sorry for the people who fall for this crap- However, my favorite part was when I asked "Who do you work for?" his reply "I work for you"--"No, who is your employer?" his reply --"I do not work for company, I work for you"- Everyone should report this to their local authorities and possibly the FBI & FTC- No one will call you on the phone to try to help you clean up malware that they somehow detected- The only exception would be your ISP, and even then--ask for their extension -- then call your ISP and ask for that extension before proceeding-

Post by Teddy,

205-419-1968 I just received the same call, they said I'm having problems with my windows so I said wait a minute and set the phone down- Then after a minute or two I picked it back up and said my windows are all closed and fine, lol- He said no sir there's something wrong with your computer windows and I said oh you mean them windows, well there's nothing wrong with them windows either, bye bye

Post by Guest,

2054191968 has called a few times- when i answer there is no one on the line, then it hangs up

Post by Guest,

205-419-1968 Keeps calling & hanging up- He doesn't reply when we say hello just hangs on the phone- Annoying We are reporting this

Post by Guest,

2054191968 Always asks about my computer- Same guy with a Mid East accent- Has the ability to call from multiple area codes, even Canada- Never mentions who he works for- Only says he's calling from the computer center, and always wants me to give him my computer number- He does know my name, but that doesn't mean a thing- I can't get rid of this guy- Tried doing a merge with but was unsuccessful-

Post by marie,

205-419-1968 just got a call from this number and they said my computer was not working and needed to be fixed-

Post by tara,

2054191968 they called me times already- the first call they asked for my husband and when i asked what this is in reference to they said his computer when i asked what about my computer the jerk hung up on me- the second call came in the next day and when i answered i said you are calling the home of an officer of the law the [***] hung up on me

Post by Guest,

205-419-1968 They said that we had been downloading viruses and that he was from Windows-

Post by wayne,

2054191968 so it says Al Alabaster on the caller I-D- he asks for my girlfriend, last name first- She is out of town-which is true- and then he says she is "very close friend and I miss her, I need to talk to her" and I says, that's why you called her by her last name first?  THEN he asks about who uses the computer while she is away, and I says, what does that matter if she is "close friend" then HE says he wants her number where he can reach her, he misses talking to her, and I says she is in a foreign country I will pass YOUR number on to HER- so he says his name is Richard something, I ask him to spell it he says K-a-r-e-e-r which sounds NOTHING like the NAME he hesitantly gave me, THEN he gives me ---- as the number to call him back, I says HEY that sounds like the country my girlfriend's current phone number is from, so I says what country are YOU calling from, HE says India I say INDIA -about to say that is where my girlfriend is- and HE says NO no no INDIANA And we parted with him waiting anxiously for my girlfriends callback- - - I hope he doesn't wait long - - -

Post by Guest,

205-419-1968 Sick of these calls-

Post by Guest,

2054191968 This guy called trying to 'help fix' problems with our windows program- We have plenty of anti virus software and all that so I was more than a little confused when he said he'd need to control the computer- This is ridiculous

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