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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 205-490-8834

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Post by Guest,

2054908834 buckmaster

Post by mah,

205-490-8834 Called my cell phone-  Didn't recognize the # so didn't answer-  Googled the # which got me here-  If you have a cell phone get a call blocker app-  Enter the # once & done-  They still call but the app takes the call-  The app logs the call after blocking it-  One of my favorite apps-

Post by Dan W,

2054908834 Yup, I made the mistake of ordering their magazine last year- Now they won't leave me alone- Oh that ATM card on file, yeah I cancelled it :)

Post by Guest,

205-490-8834 buckmasters

Post by JDB,

2054908834 Unsolicited calls several times a day-

Post by Chris Hopkins,

205-490-8834 Stop calling me

Post by Guest,

2054908834 These guys call my phone at least times a day- It is Buckmasters out of Montgomery Ala- I have ask them repeatedly to remove me from their call list- Fixing to try another way-

Post by Guest,

205-490-8834 I keep blocking them and they keep calling but don't leave a message

Post by Lol,

2054908834 Hahaha I get calls from this number at least once a week- Got two today-  When I do get a message it's like they pocket dialed me it's always seconds or less of background noise-  Wonder if it's a tactic to pique interest-  Dorks-

Post by Guest,

205-490-8834 unknown call didn't leave a message

Post by Guest,

2054908834 Buckmaster- Not sure why they keep calling- They don't leave messages-

Post by Lyle N,

205-490-8834 Similar experience to the other people on here-  Starting to wonder if the "Do-not-call" registry works about as well as most other government programs-  I receive about - spam calls day-

Post by Virginia Crom,

2054908834 Another "Reading is Fundamental" failure-

Post by dan caudill,

205-490-8834 aggrivating  everyday

Post by Brenda reach,

2054908834 Don't know why # calls me not hunter

Post by Dave,

205-490-8834 Calls several times a day- Finally submitted a complaint with the Do Not Call registry on the FTC's website-

Post by Mike,

2054908834 They've called me - times in the last month or two-  I answered once and only got silence-  Now on the ignore list-

Post by Guest,

205-490-8834 I am getting tired of them calling me any hr- Of the day please get them to stop

Post by Steph,

2054908834 Got a call  on cell voice mail picked up didn't leave message but heard a guy say Im tired of this [***] before he hung up-

Post by Guest,

205-490-8834 Caller calls repeatedly- You can hear voices in back ground but no response when I say hello-

Post by Cheryl,

2054908834 Got a call like this just now, at : PM- When we first answered we heard men in the background laughing, someone saying, "You got one" Then a woman's voice started talking, saying she was from the National Deer Association- These weird National whatever Associations are coming in more often now that my husband told the NRA (National Rifle Association) that he no longer wants anything to do with them-

Post by Virginia Crom,

205-490-8834 Another "Reading is Fundamental" failure-

Post by Jon N,

2054908834 I receive a missed call (only because I Do not recognize number) at least once daily sometimes twice- Most annoying thing ever

Post by Guest,

205-490-8834 Spam Just want to sell BS

Post by Guest,

2054908834 Continuously calls and refuses to stop calling- Spam

Post by Lucy L,

205-490-8834 Please stop this calling---laughing in the back round-  These people are very rude and aggravating--

Post by Guest,

2054908834 this number has been harassing me on my work line

Post by Mr. T.,

205-490-8834 Call from BuckMasters, now added to my blocked list-

Post by pissed,

2054908834 called them back, let the operator know that if they did not stop calling that I would come after the mans family members--- calls stopped-

Post by Guest,

205-490-8834 calls repeatedly but won't leave a message-

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