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Post by ANNOYED,

2055369164 Called me at am on a Saturday and could barely speak English, saying there are problems with my computer and they can fix it-  Come on if you're going to try to scam me you should at least be able to speak my freaking language-

Post by Katie,

205-536-9164 Got a call from this number at : am I was not nice when i answered then they hung up when i told them they were calling at : in the am-

Post by same old scam,

2055369164 Phone rang at : am----hardly out of bed- Woman with heavy Indian accent trying to get access on my computer because it was "infected"- Since this was one of MANY calls I have gotten from these same people, I simply asked a lot of silly questions- Like, how long she had worked for the "company", did she like her job, why was her accent still so heavy if she had been working for the company so many years, what was the weather doing in California ( although area code was from Alabama), how many calls a day did she have to make and such- She finally just hung up- Doesn't do any good to tell them not to call again as they just keep calling so from now on, if I answer the phone, I will just ask silly questions-

Post by cathy,

205-536-9164 i keep getting calls from this number, cannot understand the man especially with his accent- i have stopped answering but they keep calling,

Post by Gabby,

2055369164 I have received calls from this number and I just put them on my blocked listed- I don't pick up the phone if I don't know the number- It's a set up-

Post by B.R,

205-536-9164 I recieved a call today Feb, at am- The man calling sounded like he Han a Indian accent- He asked me several time, sounding very assertive, wanted to know if I had Microsoft- I never answered- Than said you have a computer don't you? You have Microsoft- I asked him where he was from and he said California- I than said " I don't do business with you" Than I hung up- My caller Id read it came from this number --

Post by Guest,

2055369164 called at am--thought it was an emergency call-

Post by disgusted,

205-536-9164 Every scam complaint fit these fools From "internet infections" to whatever nit wit schemes these clowns think up-

Post by Guest,

2055369164 Woke me up at - [email protected]@hole

Post by Badge714,

205-536-9164 "- - that they have a lighted switchboard- - " > > > Glad to see that the Asian scammers can still use surplus from the 's- I used to love that on "Voyage to the bottom of the Sea" when that would happen- Then there would be big explosions & everyone would run from side to side on the Seaview- Loved it - Launch the flying sub

Post by Brian,

2055369164 Picked up phone and it started ringing on the other end- Hung up and checked here before they picked up-

Post by Guest,

205-536-9164 This guy tried to tell me my computer was hacked and I had to follow these steps- I asked him how it was hacked last week when I don't even have the internet- he hung up on me-

Post by Mary k,

2055369164 Its called "spoofing"-  You can make caller ID say anything you want it to say-  Your pest made the caller ID give a fake number to make himself harder to trace-

Post by Guest,

205-536-9164 caller called and just kept saying hello into the answering machine-

Post by feddupp,

2055369164 Did you ask him if it would block pieces of trash calls like his?

Post by KD,

205-536-9164 Received a call from this number at : a-m- Central Time to my cell phone with no message left- I did not answer the call nor did I return the call - I just added the number to my cell phone's Reject List- Problem solved-

Post by Guest,

2055369164 Called twice am- SCAM DON'T ANSWER

Post by Guest,

205-536-9164 Hung upon me

Post by Donald Pine,

2055369164 When asked a question he hung up-

Post by Bonnie Boston,

205-536-9164 Unwanted calls-

Post by Bellevue WA resident,

2055369164 Received a call this morning saying my Windows computers are sending out information, spam, etc- I asked them how they get my name (they actually never said my name) and my phone number, they said they get it from my Windows registration- As we all know that, Windows registration doesn't include phone number- Totally fate- I told them they couldn't get my phone from my Windows registration and asked them again how they got the information- The person hung up-

Post by Daniel J Jacobs,

205-536-9164 Trash Calls

Post by feddupp,

2055369164 Poor CSR training?They are scammers my friend-  They have nothing to do with computers other than to gain access to yours then to your accounts, then to your money at which point you have NOTHING left-

Post by Alan,

205-536-9164 This number called me today (February )- Someone sang a song  in which the only word i understood was government- Then they hung up-

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

205-536-9164 Received call at : AM on Saturday saying this is urgent call as my computer is going to crash SCAM

Post by Michael R. Irwin,

2055369164 Sorry I put Georiga and it was near Biringham, Alabama- NOT Georgia-

Post by feddupp,

205-536-9164 Poor CSR training?They are scammers my friend-  They have nothing to do with computers other than to gain access to yours then to your accounts, then to your money at which point you have NOTHING left-

Post by feddupp,

2055369164 They are-  I believe you can get up to per robocall now-Google it-  I just read it a couple of months ago-I read about these places being shut down by the feds every once in awhile-   Of course they are just like mushrooms, popping up who knows where-

Post by Guest,

205-536-9164 rd time this month I've gotten called before : a-m- I filed a complaint with the Do Not Call Registry and am going to block them from my phone-

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