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Post by Guest,

2055886521 No message- missed the call- Annoying-

Post by Phil,

205-588-6521 Terrible-  They call twice a day for last weeks-

Post by Guest,

2055886521 Always leaves a voicemail with no message --SPAM--

Post by Guest,

205-588-6521 I receive - calls a day and they don't say anything-

Post by YsabelSantana,

2055886521 I know the calls are irritating, but this site has no affiliation with Charter Communications- You will need to contact them and ask them to remove you from their call lists-

Post by Guest,

205-588-6521 Calls & never leaves message--I called back & an automatic response says that it is Charter Communications- Cable company "trying" to save you money the message says-

Post by pa ma,

2055886521 Charter communications, cable

Post by kelly,

205-588-6521 Harrassing calls- They don't stop

Post by Guest,

2055886521 this number call and never say nothing i want to change my number so badly

Post by steve,

205-588-6521 Nuisance phone calls --

Post by Greg G.,

2055886521 I don't answer it, but I still reach for my phone, then  AH SH

Post by poolbob,

205-588-6521 Me too, daily calls, nobody there-

Post by YsabelSantana,

2055886521 I know the calls are irritating, but this site has no affiliation with Charter Communications- You will need to contact them and ask them to remove you from their call lists-

Post by Alice,

205-588-6521 Googled this # after I got a one ring hangup call- After reading other posts, I wonder if they stopped because I'm on the 'do not call' registry? Or maybe because I have Charter in St- Louis but a Florida area code--? Time will tell----

Post by Guest,

2055886521 They call me twice a day sometimes never leave voice messages harassing

Post by Guest,

205-588-6521 This caller keeps calling me & hanging up

Post by Guest,

2055886521 CAme to my cell phone no message left not a number I know-

Post by Guest,

205-588-6521 Solicitor

Post by Guest,

2055886521 Again

Post by Guest,

205-588-6521 This number calls several times a day- Won't leave MSG or talk

Post by tired of charter,

2055886521 I live in Suffolk, Va- where Charter has been given exclusive cable rights- I'm told to contact City officials but most of them don't have a clue on how to handle these annoying calls either- What else can we do? Maybe deluge them with our calls?

Post by Sherry Scharnhorst,

205-588-6521 I am a Charter Comm- customer already but this morning @ : am I recd- a call from the -- # and now to realize it is Charter calling me @ : am just infuriates me no end

Post by steve,

2055886521 Nuisance phone calls --

Post by Guest,

205-588-6521 call every hour on the hour

Post by can you say CANCEL!?!,

2055886521 The last straw-- I called charter to end these ridiculous calls days ago-- the man I spoke with said it may take up to days for them to stop-- today is day and I am awoken at : am by a call from-- you guessed it-- CHARTER The number they called from: --I called them back (since they don't say anything when you answer) and screamed profanity at not one, but two women who both told me it would take THIRTY DAYS for the calls to end-- the last woman said she would terminate the call if I didn't stop "cursing"-- I said "that's the whole reason we're having this conversation, to get you to F'ing PERMANENTLY TERMINATE calls to me"After getting nowhere with them, I called their order line (--) two women there now tell me that it will take FORTY FIVE DAYS for the calls to cease- UNACCEPTABLE- I went supervisor levels up and would have kept going (hoping to get to the CEO to tell him what a moron he was if he really believed they could up sell people after p*ssing them off no end- Idiots) And told "Kevin" that I was going cancel services-- that THAT was how P-O-d I was-- he suggested changing my account phone number to all s and said that would end the calls- I said "do it" and POOF it was done-- all of that aggravation and that's all it takes to fix this? It flipping better- If it does not, I'll be back here with an update-Good luck with the stupid crazy people at CHARTER-- yes, agreed- they should be brought up on CRIMINAL CHARGES-

Post by kim,

205-588-6521 This number has been calling me repeatedly over the past several days- Never leaves a voicemail and I'm getting sick of it

Post by Guest,

2055886521 Calls numerous time

Post by Jim,

205-588-6521 I saved this caller ID and entitled it as "Charter B S" to remind me not to return the call as it is B S

Post by Janice Carter,

2055886521 I have had calls almost every day for months now, always asking for a Suzanne Harkey, and each time I tell them they have the wrong number, that no Suzanne or Suzanne Harkey or any other Harkey is associated with my phone number-Charter is supposedly in Missouri, but I've lived in Illinois my whole life-  What does it take to get them to stop?

Post by linda,

205-588-6521 I've never heard of this company-  I have AT & T and am not interested in changing-  This is just one more of about   different telemarketers calling daily and trying to tell me I won a cruise, buy health insurance, need to provide them with more information for my credit card I have with them (I don't have a credit card with anyone) buy cheaper car insurance, refinance my home,  you name it, they are doing it-  I want peace and quiet in my home and yet nothing stops these people-  I realize they (the employees) have to make a living, but get into another  line of work and stop bothering people-  If I want to do business with you, I will call you not the other way around-The abuse of using phones (cell or land) is increasing and I think there should be a way the federal government should take action- DNC is worthless-The telemarketers laugh in their faces and continue to harrass us-  Nothing worse then a constantly ringing telephone (ignoring it) or stopping what you are doing to answer them-

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