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Post by anonymous,

2062092352 left no message, but you can guess from the caller id

Post by Jeff,

206-209-2352 They are a scam since the spoof the caller ID to say Mortgage-

Post by Cynthia,

2062092352 We are getting multiple calls daily from this number and when we pick up no one is there- I have had two calls for saving me money on my car insurance- It could be the same number but I don't recall for certain

Post by Guest,

206-209-2352 caller scammer suspected do to party speaking and showed up as mortgage on caller ID- When I asked why do they not lower rate automatically they said they only determined if you qualify per expedian and then transfer you to another party- Said they were NOT with my bank- They who they heck are they with- Need to stop these types of calls with all the fraud out there today- why can something not be done about these calls?????

Post by tom walton,

2062092352 Im getting calls from this # almost daily, they always hang up when I answer- Also get arecorded message telling me to press any key to be removed- Im so tired of these calls- I feel like it is some kind of scam-

Post by 310 515 2568,

206-209-2352 when ever I am in need of anyone doing any type of work I know who to call ', I do not want any one  to call me  about any repair, I know that my neighbor is giving out my address  but I wont tell you why they can repair their  home , one day when they are arrested then the whole neighbor hood will fine out why,

Post by Sonya,

2062092352 Called again today left no message, looked the number up using white pages (charged me -) the name that goes with the number is Mortgage-  I don't even have a mortgage in my name

Post by Sherry Walton,

206-209-2352 keeps calling my phone and no one is there-  I want it to stop as this is harrassment-  

Post by Anon,

2062092352 Spoke to some Indian man who asked if I still owned some car that I had never even heard of- When I asked him why he was calling he hung up-  SCAM

Post by Dan,

206-209-2352 Receive numerous calls weekly- We do not answer numbers we do not know-

Post by Roy Childs,

2062092352 This number keeps calling, but if I call back, I get a disconnected, not assigned, or not in service notice-

Post by dawn,

206-209-2352 Lol, seems legit- They sell you the insurance and when you need it, they tell you It won't cover anything- Don't buy it-

Post by Andy Armstrong,

2062092352 Called and talked [***] to my wife- I will travel any where in the world and sliced the [***] throat-  Im over telemarketers and I'm on the do not call list- How the [***] are they still calling?

Post by L.A.,

206-209-2352 Caller ID says "Mortgage-" Thicker-than-thick foreign accent dude started rambling, had trouble pronouncing my name, and I couldn't understand a thing he was saying- I simply told him I had no idea what he was saying and apologized that I couldn't understand him - he then promptly hung up-

Post by Rosie,

2062092352 If its a number I don't recognize, I pick it up and let them listen to whichever song I'm listening to- They got , lbs of Banana's by Harry Chapin today-

Post by Guest,

206-209-2352 calls from this number times a day ; if you answer they try to scam you you ask to be removed they hang up etc these calls need to stop-- I am on the DO NO CALL LIST it seems to mean nothing

Post by Bo,

2062092352 When they call and the recipent calls back the number they call from, it comes to my cell phone which is not my number-  Very annoying for the person getting the call and me-

Post by Guest,

206-209-2352 Calling no message Using my cell minutes Need to stop

Post by Guest,

2062092352 So tired of calls with no voice mail messages- If you really are legit you'll leave a message-

Post by Larry Hansen,

206-209-2352 Stop calling

Post by Kevin,

2062092352 Called at : am--woke me up  Caller ID said "Mortgage"

Post by Guest,

206-209-2352 Im sick and tired of these harassing and want to kick their azz calls- They wont stop calling even if u tell them take me off the calling list- Im register on the do not call list and I still get this azzhole callibg ny cell- Make these people stop please

Post by Anonymous,

2062092352 Telemarketer- Don't know who- I called the number back and they ask if I want to be removed from the list-

Post by Keej,

206-209-2352 I answered and it was an answering machine-  Ask if I'm interested in lower my car insurance rate press and if I do not want to be called again press -  I press , and the machine still want me to wait to talk to someone then I hang up-  It looks like a scammer to me-

Post by Jay,

2062092352 Nothing on the other end when I answer-  The phone just hangs up-  Then when I call back a recording says to press any key to be removed from the calling list-  I'm just going to change my number

Post by Solin,

206-209-2352 Answered the phone, got switched to a "survey", they claimed I was looking to lower my credit card interest- I said loudly that I didn't have a credit card--and the guy on the other end asked me to repeat a line- I asked why and he said it was for the recording- Yeah-- I can just seem my voice recording being edited, especially if they're asking me for specific audio clues-

Post by Sick of Indian [***],

2062092352 Call my work related phone and gave a selection to push-  I pushed to request the number be remove-  Indian ahole said he didn't care if I wanted the number removed, I pressed to get better credit score-  I asked to speak to a supervisor to remove the number and he asked just who do you think you are talking to-  I said I don't give a damn he the smartass Indian son of B--said I don't give a damn-  Kiss my a you rude Indian MF and get the keep the f out of this country--scamming bunch of mfs-

Post by pissed off and disgusted,

206-209-2352 I read all these post on unwanted calls- And reports about them but who are we reporting too- Nothing is being done about it or have you noticed- You will continue to- T see the same numbers over and over again- If this problem was being handled you wouldn't be seeing this now would you- Start picking up your whistles and blow- They won't hear the phone ring when you call back---lol Take matters in your own hands because the phone company's could care less-

Post by Guest,

2062092352 Harass elderly mothers phone at least times today while I was visiting

Post by Guest,

206-209-2352 Spam

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