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Post by Frances,

2063070053 Also keep getting phone calls ( today)- Went ahead and blocked-

Post by Jody W.,

206-307-0053 Calls or x a day--getting really sick of this- My number is on the DNL-  Will be putting an end to this permanently with the next call- How should I do this?  A whistle? Hubby's funny voice and language?  IT WILL END SOMEHOW

Post by Massachusetts,

2063070053 This number has been calling the house for a few days and at least times today- When I answer no one is on the other line- Tried calling number back but goes immediately to a busy signal-

Post by REALTOR,

206-307-0053 Caller ID said "Alarm Co"- They keep changing their number- This week, I got the same Caller ID on:--, --, --, and --- I blocked all of them-

Post by Guest,

2063070053 Continues to call despite being on the Do-Not-Call list and requests to stop calling-

Post by Dr. 5,

206-307-0053 Sure I picked up-  Unrecognized out of state #s get the same response-  Depending on which phone I am using, I either hold down the # for a high pitch constant tone in their ear, or alternate between two #s until they hang up on the phone I can't give the constant tone on-  Gives me a little satisfaction that they are made uncomfortable-  They'll never stop calling altogether, they're crooks so the laws don't apply-  If they weren't crooks, they'd leave a message when they get the machine-

Post by Olefinanace,

2063070053 In Georgia-  Call at : AM-  Same "Alarm" business- In our area with first homes to get a free system-  Cussed the B***** out and hung up-

Post by Guest,

206-307-0053 Tired of this- Can you shoot through phone lines?

Post by jude020403,

2063070053 calls today and calls yesterday from - I just filed ANOTHER COMPLAINT WITH THE NC Attorney General- I am on the DNC but what good does it do?

Post by realtor,

206-307-0053 One of the most annoying telemarketers--the Alarm Company- They change their number frequently-Currently using --, --, and --- Block 'em all

Post by Olefinanace,

2063070053 In Georgia-  Call at : AM-  Same "Alarm" business- In our area with first homes to get a free system-  Cussed the B***** out and hung up-

Post by meredith rubar,

206-307-0053 unwelcome and unknown pest

Post by Guest,

2063070053 ANOTHER call from "Alarm Co" -- : AM

Post by Guest,

206-307-0053 they just call and hang up- I never answer a call from area code they are just spam callers

Post by Guest,

2063070053 Tired of this call- Spam- I hope the do not call agency arrests them- Jail time would be good for them I signed up on the do not call but they badger me anyway- Please go to jail, do not pass go, pay our government for the harrassing phone calls-

Post by Jan,

206-307-0053 I've been looking up several numbers and there is a pattern in the posts--the female is always Lisa- Not sure of the significance- One caller from area code calls at : a-m- which is : in Washington- So annoying

Post by Unknown,

2063070053 They are scams if they don't quit  calling I am going to report it to the police

Post by Guest,

206-307-0053 Calls without leaving a message- Refuse to remove us from calling list

Post by Raleigh NC,

2063070053 Got another call from -- this morning-  They've been calling twice a day for the past week-  Either a computer voice starts a Message or there's not answer-

Post by Biff,

206-307-0053 Unwelcome and unknown far out of state caller today at : PM-

Post by Guest,

2063070053 Recorded Telemarketer

Post by DW,

206-307-0053 Keep calling on my landline- Did not leave message They then called my cell phone- I don't give this number out so how the heck did they get my cell phone number?

Post by doris wanamaker,

2063070053 called twice in a few days--early morning hours--I am and cannot rush to the phone--caller said her name was lisa and they were going to be in the area for wireless lines on my phone--hung up do not want to be bothered--

Post by Guest,

206-307-0053 Spam scam call to number on Do-Not-Call list- DO NOT ANSWER RANDOM CALLS (you'll get WAY more junk calls if you prove that your number is active)- Complaining here does little- Simply make a note of the number, BLOCK IT, and report these scumbags to the FCC- THAT actually works-

Post by Guest,

2063070053 Does not think the DO NOT CALL list rule applies to him feels he should be paid not to call you

Post by Guest,

206-307-0053 Calling multiple times a day- Does not leave message- We are on do not call list-

Post by Guest,

2063070053 This A-HO Caller calls several times a day several times weekly- As noted by others on the DEXKNOWS blog this spammer is running a SCAM Do not answer and report to FCC- Stupid company thinks I am going to answer "unknown name" on caller ID- Keep trying SCAMMER Called my house twice today

Post by B,

206-307-0053 :Alarm Company" on ID- hangs up immediately- Nobody official give a darn about your complaints- Even the FCC site won't take them any more-

Post by GB,

2063070053 Had another of these calls- Don't know anyone in Washington- This is so rediculous-

Post by Jody,

206-307-0053 Incessant caller, sometimes several times a day--never a message-

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