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Post by Daniel Piepgrass,

2063171753 Received a message that the IRS was suing us and to call this number-   We called them, told them we had received a very disturbing phone call from them, etc- and they said it must have been a mistake   They should be looked into--very disturbing telephone message

Post by Guest,

206-317-1753 , I got a message to call this number- --- Caller said IRS was filing lawsuit against me- He stated that he will have the IRS agents at my house in minutes if I don't pay him something to arrest me- I told him to go ahead and I will wait for the agents-

Post by Guest,

2063171753 irs scam

Post by Bob,

206-317-1753 The caller identified the organization as "the internal revenue services" - plural-

Post by Guest,

2063171753 Irs-yeah??

Post by Steve,

206-317-1753 Same as the others: scare call claiming the IRS is filing a lawsuit unless I call immediately- What a joke (a really bad one)-

Post by Al C,

2063171753 Got the same call an hour ago and wasn't home------"Internal Revenue Services"------What a joke                Too bad some people believe this crap and probably send money-

Post by Mad,

206-317-1753 They said IRS has a law suit against me and to call this number right away- When you call it rings, and rings, and rings then it hangs up on you-Who are these people and what do they want?

Post by Robin,

2063171753 This number left a message threatening a lawsuit and advised that I should call them back IMMEDIATELY to avoid further action-

Post by Guest,

206-317-1753 Called today Sept was automated voice saying the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me and to please call said number immediately- When I looked number up it comes from Washington state-I live in NY and if there was a problem with my taxes they send you letter via mail- Not phone calls-

Post by Upset,

2063171753 Received a voice mail from this number-  Voice mail claimed I was being sued by the IRS-  I did not return the phone call-  I did report this number to the IRS and the FTC-  Also checked IRS site and looked up this number on line-  IRS site advised that they would not call a consumer but would correspond by mail first if the consumer owes back taxes or is being sued-  Other sites claim that this is a scam-

Post by Guest,

206-317-1753 Impersonating iRS

Post by bill,

2063171753 I wish they could stop this before some poor senior lets them take everything they have- They are good to let us know what we owe- but can't stop a scam

Post by Guest,

206-317-1753 Today at : we received a phone call from Bainbridge Island, Washington phone number --- The recorded voice said, "The reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing lawsuit against you- To get more information about this case file, please call immediately on our department number --- I repeat, --- Thank you-" Note that the syntax suggests the message was translated into English from another language- They not only try to get you to pay them, you pay the phone charges when you call them back to find out they're trying to con you- This is the worst sort of scam-

Post by Guest,

2063171753 Caller said IRS was filing lawsuit against me - IRS does NOT call your home and leave msgs- They send letters-

Post by Jen,

206-317-1753 FRAUD, calling about IRS claim-

Post by Yoli,

2063171753 Message left,  stating that the IRS has a lawsuit against me- I know that was not right-

Post by antichrist45,

206-317-1753 I do this-  Daniel Rolenc   -

Post by sam,

2063171753 They called and said I was being sued by the IRS to find out more info on the case I was to call this number-  They did not dentify themselves nor asked for a specific person

Post by TCS, JD,

206-317-1753 Fraudulent call allegedly from the IRS, to my home, threatening law suit-  I attempted to reach this perpetrator from my office by return calls, but the party never answered-  The real IRS should recruit the services of the FBI to track down and prosecute these criminals-

Post by Kim,

2063171753 demand you call immediately concerning a case file-

Post by Guest,

206-317-1753 OK, if we have the phone number and we have the location---why can't anyone stop this

Post by Guest,

2063171753 Same old tired IRS scam-

Post by Guest,

206-317-1753 Recorded message said IRS was suing me, and I needed to call this number () -- Of course I didn't, as I know better--just wanted to alert others-

Post by Ralph Robertson,

2063171753 Threatening with law suit and to phone them back immediately-

Post by Guest,

206-317-1753 Left message was from IRS & they have a lawsuit against me, call them back at , IRS does not call you-

Post by Guest,

2063171753 Says IRS has issued a law suit against me- Pain in the arse-

Post by UNKNOWN  from Manhasset NY,

206-317-1753 I got a call  from them with the exact same message - threatening law suits - even the IRS doesn't act that wayDO NOT CALL THEM BACK

Post by Dennis,

2063171753 call and say that we are being sued by irs--need to stop these people-

Post by Guest,

206-317-1753 IRS Phony call- They asked me for ,- I asked if they wanted punched to the face-

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