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Post by adrian,

2063387855 got a call from -- and rejected it, so it went to voicemail- the telemarketer left some message which is probably the one others here posted- I didn't care to listen long enough, just heard "WWW--" and I deleted it-

Post by Guest,

206-338-7855 They call my phone and when I answer they hang up- Or they hang up before I answer-

Post by Art,

2063387855 Good news- I tracked Bob's number to International Telcom and spoke with a very cooperative Jody Kunz who is going to cut Bob out of their system and not allow him to re-eatablish call routing with them- Jody's number is: () --Hope this helps

Post by MrD,

206-338-7855 "Hi this is Bob calling you back I've got that information you were looking for think I got the right number here but that web address was www- Cash report ATM -com(?) again that's www- Cash report ATM -com up let me spell for you real quick it's www- CAS H R E P old R T a T M -com- Cash report ATM -com- Alright man I'll talk to you soon-"Never called?

Post by Guest,

2063387855 Unknown scam-

Post by HS,

206-338-7855 Calls several times a day, blocked three of their different numbers- Same message each time

Post by Guest,

2063387855 Block

Post by Guest,

206-338-7855 keeps calling me

Post by Guest,

2063387855 Spam

Post by JimB,

206-338-7855 Wow  I was reading what you wrote as I was listening to the message-  Word for word

Post by JimB,

2063387855 Wow  I was reading what you wrote as I was listening to the message-  Word for word

Post by AEL,

206-338-7855 Cash Report ATM-com acts like they are leaving you a message with information you requested- Pre-recorded fake call

Post by Guest,

2063387855 I know no one at this number

Post by Guest,

206-338-7855 I screen my calls and they never leave a message-

Post by Guest,

2063387855 Make money at home BS

Post by JR,

206-338-7855 Telemarketer, over minute recorded, of a pre-recorded message on "making some real money--in any business--as quickly as just a few days"--blah, blah, blah-  Will report them on the FTC site shortly-  

Post by Guest,

2063387855 I am tired of random people calling me and hanging up- STOP IT

Post by Guest,

206-338-7855 asking me to make money from home?

Post by Sally Smith,

2063387855 Got a call from -- and he gave the website of www-getrichtour-com but you can hit to opt out-  What a scam this guy is

Post by Thora Carlson,

206-338-7855 This number called my telephone------a guy said his name was Bob---and left a voice mail with a message giving an email address of www-cashreportatm-com, stating that i had requested it, which I did not- I am pretty certain this is a hoax- I never reached out to anyone looking for information- I called the number back and a voicemail identifying as Bob came on, I left no message-

Post by MS,

2063387855 Getting multiple calls and messages from this number- Ready for this unwanted attention to stopCash Report ATM-com acts like they are leaving you a message with information you requested-

Post by Lo,

206-338-7855 Telemarketers or scammers of some sort- They leave a message for some stupid website and that's it- Funny thing is I created a Google phone number specifically for a Craigslist ad, and that's the one they called- Clearly shady folks-

Post by Jay,

2063387855 NEVER answer a phone call (mobile or land line) from a number you do not recognize- if it's important- the CALLER will leave a message- These SCAMMER SCUMBAGS WILL RARELY, if ever, LEAVE A MESSAGE

Post by Guest,

206-338-7855 Doesn't answer you back when you ask what they want they will not quit calling

Post by Guest,

2063387855 Computer message : "Calling back with information on the leather dress" - then spouts off some website-

Post by Guest,

206-338-7855 Telemarketer

Post by Guest,

2063387855 Says it's to learn how to make money daily-gives website of www-workathomeatm-com

Post by Guest,

206-338-7855 Make money from home scam

Post by Guest,

2063387855 telemarketer calls in minutes on Quit calling

Post by Guest,

206-338-7855 Freaking annoying; they don't realize they're causing their own downfall - bad reputation- Push ; if that doesn't work, push or - These will get you off most lists- Or complain at fcc-gov

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