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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 206-397-5774

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  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
  • Make a note of the unknown number
  • Run the digits through a Reverse Phone Lookup to search for information about the caller, which may include details like social media profiles, photographs, and job histories created on LinkedIn
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Post by 206-397-5774,

2063975774 Do not want these people calling me, do not no who they are- Thank you

Post by Guest,

206-397-5774 SPAM- On "reverse" look up, it said that call was coming from Seattle, WA- I do NOT know anyone there- NO message-

Post by Guest,

2063975774 Phone rang times- The Caller ID said "Alert"We answered Hello & there was no reply-Then their end hung up -

Post by Bill in Virginia,

206-397-5774 unwanted call, offering , of "free Groceries"- Sure

Post by Robin,

2063975774 calls & calls & do not leave message--

Post by Alittle,

206-397-5774 Another annoying caller

Post by Ron R,

2063975774 more crooks and thieves - never answer an unknown call - if its legit they will leave a message-

Post by Pi$$ed!,

206-397-5774 Yep - The “alert button” scam, complete with - worth of food coupons- Do yourself a favor and visit NoMorobo-com to configure their free blocking service-

Post by St Paul MN is Sick of Scammers,

2063975774 got robocall from -- caller ID said "ALERT" on Saturday -- @ PMmessage said I would get , worth of Food coupons and they would also provide me with a Free Medical Alert bracelet-So after pressing and listening to the female giving her script on the other end of the- She got to a point where she asked me a question- And as I always do I respond "Yes" and in this instance gave her numerous blasts on my 'SCAMMER HORN"-For some reason she was not there when I went back to ask her how she liked it-

Post by Pollo-upstate NY,

206-397-5774 Rang a few times, answered it--no-one there, hung up-Called it and got a recording: "if you're not interested in receiving any future calls regarding any promotions please press now" -I had it repeat until they hung up-  Have no idea what they are trying to peddle-

Post by Angry In Antioch,

2063975774 No msg- left, rings and hangs up, Caller ID says, "alert-"  Well, I'm alert, all right-  We're on the Do Not Call list, and I'm reporting these losers-  Keep calling California, you idiots, you'll get what you deserve eventually-  

Post by Susan,

206-397-5774 Just like the rest of you we too get these stupid calls with called ID 'ALERT'-  I didn't answer-  From reading all these posts its another waste of my time- I'm getting a new phone where I can add the phone number to a call list and if they call again, and if the number is recognized, it will be blocked-  I hope the new phone has a phone book large enough for the non-family non-friends junk calls we get daily-

Post by Guest,

2063975774 Unwanted call- recorded message to senior citizens, which I am not- want off list

Post by John,

206-397-5774 The ONLY purpose in the medic alert for seniors scammer's calls to us is, to get our credit card numbers, so they can cheat us

Post by Harry,

2063975774 Alert came up on the caller ID- Knew it was a scam- I love the above post re the Scammer Horn I'm getting one

Post by John,

206-397-5774 The ONLY purpose in the medic alert for seniors scammer's calls to us is, to get our credit card numbers, so they can cheat us

Post by Continued... Scammer looking to steal,

2063975774 Telemarketing scams are the new spam email-Any robo-automated telemarketing call you receive is illegal-There is no home security, medical alert, lower your interest rate- All they are are fake companies illegally calling people to steal identities and financial information- You will receive many more calls all from fake numbers- Never ever press a button and never ever give out personal information over the phone- Repeat- Never ever give out personal information over the phone- Stop itYou have that right by law, so use that right-Warn others and beware of suspicious out of area callers especially those tied to telemarketing robo calls- Be smart folks Scams are everywhere

Post by Himiker,

206-397-5774 was not home when this call came, but based on other comments this is the same call I got in December- I told that dizzy dame that my address was Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC- She was so dumb that she did not know what I had just done, nust have been one of those aliens Obama wants to give amnesty-

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