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Post by notagain,

2067344696 I got the same message today, -- -  Asked me to call them -  My caller ID shows the original number to be --

Post by Jo,

206-734-4696 I,as usual panic -I did call but  busy -Then,I looked up number and saw all this -Thanks,I feel much,much better now -I

Post by Kim lombardo,

2067344696 Just called back this number to find out what this was all about o was told I have CTS against me and a warrant out for my arrest for tax fraud which I have psyed off very upset

Post by Guest,

206-734-4696 recorded message saying The IRS is filing lawsuit against you, you need to call this number immediately:

Post by lucila,

2067344696 This is a scam based overseas -IRS Government Scam Callswww -treasury -gov tigta contact_report_scam -shtmlwww -irs -gov uac Newsroom IRS-Warns-of-Pervasive-Telephone-Scamwww -consumer -ftc -gov articles -government-imposter-scams

Post by Guest,

206-734-4696 Just got this call said they had been trying to reach me and they were from then IRS - I tried to call back and it just rang and rang - I checked comments here and feel a lot better knowing it's a scam - These scum bags should be shut down Not sure how they even got my cell number

Post by dead woman,

2067344696 My recently deceasedmother received this call days after she died -scamming trash - May they rot in hell -

Post by Guest,

206-734-4696 The IRS is in the process of suing me - Call immediately -

Post by Jo,

2067344696 I,as usual panic -I did call but  busy -Then,I looked up number and saw all this -Thanks,I feel much,much better now -I

Post by Stephanie,

206-734-4696 www -irs -gov uac Tax-Scams-Consumer-Alertswww -treasury -gov tigta contact_report -shtmlnotes -com forum ta-cfbfbfa irs-warns-of-telephone-scamReport the Calls to the real IRS here:•report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at -- -•You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at FTC -gov - Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint -******Do consider getting a call blocking device or phone - You can google them and many are around - or so -If its a cell phone, some already have call blocking, if not, there are free apps on the web that will work for some - You can google this - If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called call control - Iphones appear to have apps also - Another one is called Mr - Number -

Post by pissed of american,

2067344696 I received thevsame [***]

Post by Guest,


Post by Scam,

2067344696 I received the same recorded message on wed - the th -  I googled the number too -  Never called them back -

Post by Ben,

206-734-4696 All you can do is block the calls and do not pick up on numbers you do not recognize -  The callers are hard core Indian or Pakistani scammer extortionists and as such beyond the reach of US law -

Post by Guest,

2067344696 Scammer left message on my answering machine claiming that the " - - - IRS is filing lawsuit against you - - - " and to call back at -- - Did not call back, instead googled the number and discovered similar complaints on this site and similar complaints on another site - They all describe the same scare-scam message "" - - -IRS is filing lawsuit against you, etc -"

Post by Guest,

206-734-4696 IRS lawsuit scam call

Post by lucila,

2067344696 The same happen to me I was being sue by the IRS they never mentioned my name left the recording with the number to call --

Post by skeptical of phone callers,

206-734-4696 It's a shame that there are so many scammers operating so openly -Same as the last few posts - automated call, with scary-sounding recording -Obviously fake, but how can we shut them down for good?

Post by Guest,

2067344696 Bogus IRS scammer

Post by Guest,

206-734-4696 This person said they were from the IRS and I owe - and I could face jail time and fines - Please stop these people from scamming - I was really scared - It is not right what they did

Post by Guest,

2067344696 The automated caller said the IRS has a lawsuit against me this is a scam -

Post by Guest,

206-734-4696 just received same number call saying I R S is going to file suit -

Post by Worried,

2067344696 They are Indian or Pakistani hard core scammer extortionists -  Ignore them and block their calls -

Post by QTP,

206-734-4696 Got scared - Called back  so I can verify and go to IRS office here in our place but received only a busy tone ring -

Post by Guest,

2067344696 wow I thought just me The Spanish accented women told me she was IRS, I was going to jail, losing my home, seize bank accounts,and savings - not the IRS a Scam Be wise if this number calls you

Post by Tina Larson,

206-734-4696 I Received a call yesterday from this number stating that the IRS has a lawsuit against me - Never left any info just the phone number - Our caller ID showed the number was private -

Post by m. barndt,

2067344696 The "IRS" is filing a lawsuit against me, funny, I retuned the call, no one answered, even more funny, just got my refund back yesterday

Post by pissed of american,

206-734-4696 I received thevsame [***]

Post by Rick,

2067344696 Not much anyone can do -  The calls originate in India and Pakistan -  As such the callrs are beyond the reach of US law -  Invest in a call blocker -

Post by kmc,

206-734-4696 Same issue - Left a message on my answering machine saying I was being sued by the IRS - DId not return call since I knew it was a scam -

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