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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 206-858-8168

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  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
  • Make a note of the unknown number
  • Run the digits through a Reverse Phone Lookup to search for information about the caller, which may include details like social media profiles, photographs, and job histories created on LinkedIn
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Recent Comments for

Post by Bob,

2068588168 This is just another scam - Called the number back and it is not in service -- avoid

Post by Mandy,

206-858-8168 Said nothing hung up when I answered -  Caller I'd listed customer care

Post by Annmarie Watts,

2068588168 not for me

Post by Bj,

206-858-8168 Add to do not call list -

Post by Guest,

2068588168 Calls and hangs up

Post by FS,

206-858-8168 Very clever robo call - Actually pauses when you answer and asks another question - Wanted to offer debt relief, I have no debt -Took times to get the message across -

Post by Guest,

2068588168 Annoying calls -

Post by Guest,

206-858-8168 Though I have never answered this call, I have received this call enough to consider it harassment -

Post by hank r,

2068588168 no message -  if they wanted to talk to me, they would have left one -

Post by Indy,

206-858-8168 It was an auto dialer from a computer voice claiming to be with customer service -  When I asked if it was a computer, there was no response -  I waited a few seconds then disconnected -  I have no idea who called -  No company was listed -  Probably another scam -

Post by Susan,

2068588168 Called and said his name was Robert and would I like some financial assistance -  I said no and he said what do you mean everyone needs assistance to pay off debt -  I told him I was on the Do No Call list and he said have a nice day good by -

Post by Or,

206-858-8168 Many calls from this number - At least a day in last month - Let's get these scammers

Post by Guest,

2068588168 Repeated Hang Ups - Never leaves a Message

Post by Tina,

206-858-8168 Calls and hangs up

Post by Guest,

2068588168 No messages left - Continuing nuisance call -

Post by Guest,

206-858-8168 No calls registry

Post by john,

2068588168 Just got called and they wouldn't talk - I have heard of some nefarious groups calling just to see if someone is home but why anyone would want to know that from Seattle when they called Jacksonville, Florida is anyone's guess - These types of calls certainly are annoying -

Post by Guest,

206-858-8168 Bogus number

Post by Derek,

2068588168 CUSTOMER CARE on the caller i -d - A live person was looking for two  people  by their first name and then hung up

Post by mimefan,

206-858-8168 Same debt relief robo-call with computer generated responses pretending to be a person and arguing that it was real -  But you can tell from the silences while it tries to come up with a response and because It talks over you -  I told it off saying it was breaking the law and it hung up on me - One more number in the call block -

Post by Jack J,

2068588168 Called a few minutes ago - Sounded like a robot asked if I wanted "debt relief" and "when I said no mr - robocall" the person (or machine) laughed and said, "what, I'm not a real person maybe we have a bad connection" and I hung up - Appears to be one of those scam calls where they want to phish for information while pretending to lower your interest rates or offer you a (fake) loan with low interest rates -

Post by taxman,

206-858-8168 They don't want to talk to me, But the same crap you all have reported -

Post by Evie Becker,

2068588168 I got a call from this "service" offering me a very high amount of money for my small business - only problem is - not a small (nor large) business - not a business at all -  I've not heard from them again -  I presumed a scam -

Post by Guest,

206-858-8168 Harassing calls from this number - How do these calls occur even when I'm on the DNCall registry??

Post by KenK,

2068588168 A robo call offering financial assistance -  CID CUSTOMER CARE   BLOCKED

Post by Mandy,

206-858-8168 Caliber I'd said customer care -  Offering financial assistance -  Computer generated voice -

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