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Post by Amber,

2068660173 I just had the same number, voice and similar story call only they were using my maiden name which I haven't gone by for many many years - Haha glad to see that it's spam scam - They worry you with the IRS name - And the guy ended the voicemail with "I love you" which really made me laugh

Post by Guest,

206-866-0173 I did not answer this number cuz I did not recognize - When I called back, they answered as the "IRS" - Said they were looking for my wife and that there were mistakes made on last years tax's - Claimed that there would be an arrest warrant placed on her unless we wanted to "take care" of the charges - I asked if they had sent us anything in writing and he said, "Oh yes we tried times" - I asked him where he sent that to and he gave me my home address - He said, "what do you want to do" - I told him I was going to call my wife and call him back - He said, no you cant hang up or we will put out the warrant - I hung up - He had a heavy Indian accent - There was chatter of a call center behind him - Had to clearly and loudly repeat myself for him to understand me a few times - Do not be duped by this scam or any others - Ask questions and do not give information

Post by retired teacher texas,

2068660173 Just got the same recorded message described above - -I immediately Googled the number and read these messages -What a scam I'd like to see the perpetrators literally "hung out to dry -"

Post by Maryland,

206-866-0173 same deal, call from Day Marshall IRS, same story - Annoying -

Post by Jamie,

2068660173 Got a call from -- with a recording stating the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me and to call -- -  Looks like a scam -

Post by MB Chadwick,

206-866-0173 Received a call from this number calling for the previous holder of this phone number -  The same heaviy accented male voice from the IRS  They left a message -

Post by Guest,

2068660173 this caller identified himself as an Internial revenue service enforcement agent and threaten me with imprisonment -

Post by Guest,

206-866-0173 Claimed to be IRS CIU and made false threats - Obviously fake, with sounds of large call center in background - Very similar to what Jim described, in fact, caller started to say call me back at - -but then corrected themselves to this # - Somebody needs to shut them down before they hurt an elderly person -

Post by sameasabove,

2068660173 same story, different name - dude was driving - i could hear street noise -sad to think they actually get people doing this -

Post by Guest,

206-866-0173 Caller identified himself as IRS agent - When asked for badge numbers he gave conflicting information and hung up -

Post by Guest,

2068660173 this is a scam - - left a message and I will not return the call -

Post by Guest,

206-866-0173 IRS scam

Post by Guest,

2068660173 call from this number and he claims to be from the IRS -

Post by RJ,

206-866-0173 Had same call phone # they called from was - - but mine was an automated voices boice stating IRS has a lawsuit against me told me to call - - -

Post by Barb,

2068660173 I got a message from this number too - and he said his name was Dominic Johnson from the irs saying the same thing - I actually called the fbi and am filing a complaint - He is trying to scam people for there money do not call the number back

Post by Guest,

206-866-0173 Similar to calls from --: heavily accented voice claiming to be the IRS - -a lawsuit filed by IRS against you - - same nonsense - One more of these, and I am bringing local police on board - I can imagine an elderly person cooperating with these scumbags out of fright -

Post by Audrey717,

2068660173 Same thing, wish someone would come up with something to block these unwanted fraudulent calls -  Our phone provider Centurylink is useless -  Their two options to block calls don't even work in our area  It breaks my heart to think of how many elderly people may be taken in by this crap

Post by Tdub,

206-866-0173 These crazy f#ckers called today, only they left a lengthy voicemail of their IRS scam boiler room - You could hear about - men calling people warning them, giving amounts owed, threatening with arrest from the local sheriff - - it was about minutes long and just insane listening to this garbage -

Post by Guest,

2068660173 claimed to be IRS debt collector - Strong Indian accent - These people need to be airlifted to an ISIS camp and used for target practice - Better yet, maybe they would annoy them to death -

Post by The Wilsons,

206-866-0173 Got a call here too - But it was a woman with an American accent -

Post by Maggie,

2068660173 David Smith - Nationality India or Pakistan calling people as IRS employee to contact him immediately - I thinf FBI should call him back at --  asap

Post by WSanford,

206-866-0173 Got a call from another number (--) but it wasn't a foreign voice, it was a computer generated woman's voice saying that the IRS is filing a lawsuit and to call -- as soon as possible -

Post by Shannon,

2068660173 Exact same story, but glad to see these posts so I am aware - I was suspicious because I got a warning from the IRSabout these scams a while back, I have it filed away but will pull it out - Could barely understand half of what he was saying and very noisy background -

Post by DAN,

206-866-0173 as described above by other people, received a call from this male with a foreign accent stating he was a rep fromthe IRS - -and that we owed back taxes and are about to lose everything unless we call him back - -if we don'the would notify the police -  IT'S A SCAM, best not to answer the phone if this ph number appears and definitelyDO NOTCALL HIM BACK -  His English was terrible and knowing that the IRS does NOT operate this wayReceived this call on April at pm EST -

Post by barb,

2068660173 He is the web sight you can file a complaint we got to stop this guy www -treasury -gov tigta - this goes straight to the irs general

Post by Amber,

206-866-0173 I just had the same number, voice and similar story call only they were using my maiden name which I haven't gone by for many many years - Haha glad to see that it's spam scam - They worry you with the IRS name - And the guy ended the voicemail with "I love you" which really made me laugh

Post by Guest,

2068660173 It appears to be a scam where there is a call center claiming to be the IRS and demanding payment to cease arrest warrant for tax penalty -

Post by Guest,

206-866-0173 ***ANOTHER SCAM*** & said they were the IRS & my husband had a complaint filled against him & he was going to send a officer to my house with a to arrest him -I hung up on him

Post by mphearn,

2068660173 A call from someone claiming to be "Day  Marshall -"  Very think accent - Said he was putting out an arrest warrant on my property over a tax issue -  Told me to call back at -- -  I called from work so it was a number he did not have -  He asked me the number and when I demanded to know what this was all about, he hung up - Scammer no doubt -

Post by Guest,

206-866-0173 IRS SCAM

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