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Post by pj,

2068665664 This is the second time they called and left me a message -  You call them back and ask where you are calling they hang up -   I owe the IRS nothing -  People who don't have an education only get jobs like this calling and scamming people -

Post by mel,

206-866-5664 Received Robo call with woman voice, IRS is suing you, call -- like others :am EST on - Caller ID identified call from -- name unavailable, this message recorded on my voice mail - Just listened to it today and got on computer to check scam info -

Post by Linda,

2068665664 Claimed to be from the IRS and that we owed several thousand dollars and if we didn't pay immediately that they would call our local police to have us arrested - -

Post by JW,

206-866-5664 i just got the same thing Was pretty sure it was a scam - Not gonna call back -

Post by Linda,

2068665664 Just received almost the exact same call -  they were going to report us to our local law enforcement and have them come arrest us - - We told him to please do so - - I can't believe that these people can continually get away with this - -

Post by JW,

206-866-5664 i just got the same thing Was pretty sure it was a scam - Not gonna call back -

Post by Guest,

2068665664 An automated recorded message stated that I was receiving a final notice about taxes owed to the IRS - The number I was to call was -- - The call originated from -- - IRS website warns of this being a widespred scam and to report it - Do not call either number -

Post by Larry Bloodgood,

206-866-5664 Received a call this morning at : am from -- -  Recorded message stated it was the IRS and I was a person that was part of an IRS lawsuit -  I was to call them back immediately -  I Goggled this phone number and found it to be a phone number used in this scam -  I hope they get caught -  I wonder if I can bring a lawsuit against them -  lol

Post by Guest,

2068665664 Claims IRS wants Money

Post by Rick,

206-866-5664 Received a call from , it was a female voice giving me a final notice that the - IRS was going to sue me -  They wanted me to call them at to make payment arrangements -  Obviously a scam -

Post by Guest,

2068665664 IRS agent made threatening comments about IRS filing law suit - Asked to call -- - Call originated from "- --"

Post by Nail the crooks,

206-866-5664 I actually got a call from -- - The Caller ID showed up as "Unavailable" - It's the same old crap about IRS filing a law suit against me - It was definitely a Robo call with a pre-recorded message in a woman's voice instructing me to call IRS department at -- - In the past, I have received similar calls and even reported the matter to local police, IRS, and FCC - But, these people never get tired of calling - I hope that they are brought to justice for committing fraud - My guess is that these people are sitting in a far-away country outside the reach of US law enforcement -

Post by Some NFP,

2068665664 I just received a call at our business number from --, same line about being sued by the IRS -  I knew it had to be a scam as we just completed a thorough audit per accreditation and we were deemed "squeaky clean" and % compliant -

Post by Guest,

206-866-5664 Scammer - Claims to be the IRS and threatens lawsuit if we don't pay up - Don't return the call - The IRS does not call - -they will send notification by mail on official letterhead -

Post by Lisa,

2068665664 I have same thing happen to me today

Post by Nowenstx,

206-866-5664 Let me know if u have success happy to join suit

Post by Lisa,

2068665664 I have same thing happen to me today

Post by Mad about Scammers,

206-866-5664 I got the same message today - -"this is your final call from the IRS - Internal Revenue Service - We are filing suit against you - Call --" - I obviously did not call that number, but looked it up on whitepages -com - When you do so, whitepages says "Moderate spam suspected", level cell number - And lists it as an island in Washington State (maybe Mercer Island-sorry, i am no longer looking at the listing) - I also looked up the number they 'dialed' from, which was --, which is a non working number -

Post by Cocoa,

2068665664 I received a call from -- (Name not found) and there is no result with I tried to look up that number -  However, the automated voice told me that the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and this was "final notice -"  I was told to call -- ASAP in order to resolve this issue -  I won't call that number, want others to know about this -  Calls like this are a Federal issue and are obviously fraud -  I hope the callers can be found and reported to authorities -

Post by Rhonda,

206-866-5664 Scam, an automated call said they were the IRS - -final notice with a claim against me -Number -- -  

Post by Anon,

2068665664 Got a call from them today saying that I am being sued by the IRS - I called back -- Some foreign guy answered - I told him if he wants my ss# and what i need to do to make this go away - He wanted money - I told him my ss# is go kill your self - total scam - -

Post by james,

206-866-5664 just got ame BS call too - ridiculous - feel sorry for anyone it fools - someone should track them down and beat the c**p out of them

Post by Guest,

2068665664 Left message stating to be the "IRS" filing a "Lawsuit" if I did not return the call because it was the FINAL notice I called the IRS and reported this number -()- and () -

Post by Here Is What To Do,

206-866-5664 Received same call about final notice of pending lawsuit, call this number immediately - Hmm -the IRS would send official notice by MAIL and they don't call themselves 'IRS Services' - Went to the IRS website to find out how to file a report on a SCAM and discovered that this nonsense is rampant REPORT this fraud to U -S - Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) www -treasury -gov tigta  (hit the link for the 'IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting' form), or call TIGTA -- -

Post by mark,

2068665664 Your right Its automated dialing th removed -its my understanding that last party or host is what they are going after -some where some how someone entered a contract -so if the call came from Seattle -tag there it Its something to work with Input ?

Post by TM,

206-866-5664 I used to get calls from this number, I now get the calls from   , I believe they are the same people, for sure - Do not call them back - Instead, file a complaint (with all the numbers) on the FTC website or just go here, click other, then click phone scam : https: www -ftccomplaintassistant -gov  the more of us complain, the faster they will shut down this scammer - make you tell them about all the different numbers they call from too - You can also put yourself of the do not call registry, which i have done, but i guess these guys somehow got my number, maybe from some other list someone sold them before - I have no idea - But you can complain with the do not registry site or number too -It's ridiculous, just got the IRS recording call at : am on a saturday  final notice to collect taxes my [***]

Post by jack,

2068665664 I go the same call from -- - Also asking me to call the --# saying this was my final notice on a law suite - I would not be suprised if this is not some scam from isis or alquida trying to raise funds - - or maybe north korea - -

Post by Chris,

206-866-5664 Had a message on my phone to call immediately, IRS filing a lawsuit against me -  Sounded pretty scammy, so I looked up number and found this page - Will be reporting to FCC and Treasury Dept -

Post by Guest,

2068665664 typical scam call trying to get money posing as IRS

Post by Guest,

206-866-5664 Received voice mail stating that it was the IRS calling and that they are threating to file a law suit - Asked to call -- -

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