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Post by Francisco  Rodriguez,

2072210506 I too got a call about a vehicle warranty and I don't even own a vehicle -  I don't drive I take the buss -

Post by jossie,

207-221-0506 Called nd i was hearing scary sounds

Post by Lori Statler,

2072210506 Getting tired of the number calling my phone, how do I stop it?

Post by Anon,

207-221-0506 Didnt answer and no voice mail left

Post by Terrell Doss,

2072210506 i got a call but my phone got discounted call me back

Post by Guest,

207-221-0506 call about a car warranty spam

Post by Leon,

2072210506 They call me say something about car warranty expiring - I dont even have a car under my name - -I live in LA -

Post by SC,

207-221-0506 Left no voicemail, I called back and got a fast busy signal -

Post by mitch fletcher,

2072210506 scam to try to sell you an extended warranty on your car - woman hung up on me when i told her that i knew damn well that my auto warranty was still valid -

Post by Guest,

207-221-0506 Called and said the factory warranty on my vehicle had expired - They ovviously had the wrong number

Post by Guest,

2072210506 vehicle warranty spam

Post by Guest,

207-221-0506 if these people call get a person on go through the set up of a car then tell them o i don't have a car

Post by Guest,

2072210506 talked about my car warranty - my car hasn't been under warranty in yrs

Post by Jack,

207-221-0506 I have recieved a call from this number and it is a scammer - They are calling to see if the number is active and then once you answer or they get a voicemail then they add it to a scam and spam list and sell the numbers -  We have unlisted numbers and that is how they get them out to others -

Post by Guest,

2072210506 Calling for warranty for my car that was totaled out, and paid for almost a year ago - Gtfoh - - - -really?

Post by Guest,

207-221-0506 Fake warranty company

Post by T,

2072210506 Just called - I didn't answer - They left a message of seconds of silence -

Post by Guest,

207-221-0506 car warranty spam

Post by Aaron,

2072210506 the reason you didn't find the phone # is because the phone's area code is in Maine -

Post by irritated by telemarketers,

207-221-0506 Called my cell (in SC) - Very few people have my cell number and I don't answer if I don't recognize the caller - It's bad enough on landlines, but telemarketers who call cell phones are the worst

Post by amw,

2072210506 They called me -  Said the name of the company was Warranty Services -  Asked me what make and model and year my car was -  Wanted my name and I gave her my first name -  I wouldn't give my last name -  She transferred me to a man who asked me my last name and I wouldn't give it so he said "this isn't going to work for you" and hung up -

Post by Kenny,

207-221-0506 After finding out this number was a scam I contacted Verizon's tech support and they put a block on this number - The tech support person told me my phone would not ring but the caller would receive a message that they were blocked from my phone Hope this helps - Thanks Verizon

Post by Lee,

2072210506 -- take out that second

Post by Knklb,

207-221-0506 Just got a call from this #, sent it to voicemail, and they left a -second message but I couldn't hear anything -

Post by Robyn,

2072210506 Phone rang, I didn't answer, they didn't leave a voicemail - : MN

Post by terrell doss,

207-221-0506 call me back -- thanks

Post by Realist1940,

2072210506 There is - FCC website -

Post by Lee,

207-221-0506 -- take out that second

Post by Taylor,

2072210506 This number JUST called me and Noone was on the other side -

Post by Guest,

207-221-0506 I'm passing on this comment on further because it helped me to stop the calls; I was getting these calls and a couple different phone numbers of which I saw on another blog; a do not call service for a small number of companies that call consumers - Call -- or email to [email protected] -org - Give the caller's number to verify it's on their list of numbers and your receiving number and they'll remove it from the caller's list -

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