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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 207-246-8509

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  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
  • Make a note of the unknown number
  • Run the digits through a Reverse Phone Lookup to search for information about the caller, which may include details like social media profiles, photographs, and job histories created on LinkedIn
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Post by K  O'Brien,

2072468509 lousy [***] always interrupting my day with bogus calls on CC rates - - -where is Obama

Post by Txe,

207-246-8509 >wow it actually worked im really surprised -Possibly a bit of sarcasm - - I would advise people not giving out more than just the phone information -

Post by peter,

2072468509 i gave them all my info and it worked perfectly so i have no idea what you guys are talking about -

Post by Dave,

207-246-8509 Robo call selling credit card interest rate changesReverse lookup for -- lists CRC Communications landline from Stratton, ME

Post by Guest,

2072468509 STOP Calling my phone or YOU will have to get billed for my minutes~

Post by C. A. Schied,

207-246-8509 I suggest a big class action, contingency fee, multi million or billion dollar lawsuit against the holder of the numbers involved and the phone companies allowing this -  I asked AT & T to allow us to block numbers and for a fee - - -bs - - -bs - - -you get the picture -  Sue these [***] - -

Post by hwertz,

2072468509 "What kind of professional organization, does THIS?"     It's not, it's a group of scammers and flim-flammers -  They don't care that they are harrassing everybody in the country on a daily basis -"Also, if you answer with anything but, YES, at the onset of the call, they will hang up on you - Do yourself a favor-beat them to it - Hang up as soon as you get the call - Pressing a number to be taken off their list, does not work, as I've tried that, too"     Oh no, don't hang up, hit and waste AS MUCH of their time as possible -  I kept one on for minutes while I was "looking for the card bill in the mail" -  (I don't even have a credit card -)  Remember, they called you, so after you've wasted some of their time, you can be as rude as you want to them too -

Post by Guest,

207-246-8509 This is a scammer, I have a whistle and blow it in there ear, hopefully they will go deaf and quit friking idiots

Post by Gibbs,

2072468509 They called my DNC work cell - I screwed up an answered due to a family medical crisis, so these guys got a hit on my number - I did hear something to the affect of credit card, it seemed recorded - I hung up immediately as a hospital was calling on medical status - It is shameful that regulators cannot step up and stop something that can be stopped, the fools don't realize that the common person is seriously impacted during a time of medical crisis -

Post by Guest,

207-246-8509 you can sue the bums and get money, check on google

Post by Just Don't Answer The Call!,

2072468509 Seriously folks-JDATCall-it's really that simple

Post by Guest,

207-246-8509 account services

Post by Guest,

2072468509 credit card scam

Post by Guest,

207-246-8509 If you have a smart phone, it is simple to block the number from your phone -

Post by Pissed off,

2072468509 (her)Tell her to turn on the ones that are doing this they are gonna let her take the fall anyway -

Post by Guest,

207-246-8509 Why won't our government figure out who these people are and shut them down?

Post by Guest,

2072468509 scam

Post by PublicNOtice,

207-246-8509 >Is this woman a government agent?  No - No she isn't - but she knows more about  whats going on than what our government apparently does - After letters to various government agencies and the prosecuting attorney of Florida Pam Bondi (many of the scams seem to originate in Florida), I finally got a nice letter from the FCC - - a form letter consisting of nothing more than thanks for writing -  The government isn't doing diddle squat - If they were sites like this wouldn't exist - If anything is going to get fixed it won't be from anything the government does - unless these marketers start harassing government officials -

Post by Bill K,

2072468509 Thanks, Tom - I just didn't answer the call today from that number because I had that feeling it was "B-S -" Happens every Friday, regardless of how many times you ask them to "REMOVE ME FROM YOUR CALLING LIST -" They're scamming, low-life idiots Next time they call, I might answer and have a very loud horn to honk into their ears  LOL

Post by david riall,

207-246-8509 The spoofed numbers always changing does not help and it takes time to track these clowns down - This isn't CSI on TV where it gets solved in a hour BTW, they have caught one and the original Rachel was put down long ago - FYI, no need to use all caps, its rude and considered shouting -  Report these calls here if you don't already:https: www -ftccomplaintassistant -gov #&panel-https: esupport -fcc -gov ccmsforms form -actionhttps: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspx?panelwww -consumerfinance -gov complaint Consider buying a call blocking device or phone -www -amazon -com s refnb_sb_noss?urlsearch-alias%Daps&field-keywordscall+blockers

Post by Joe,

2072468509 Where someone could really cash in on this plague is to build a database of notes reported numbers and then build it into an app like CurrentCallerID to interface with the reported database and automatically block the calls -  I would pay good money for that  We have a huge database of bad numbers, why are we not blocking them somehow???  I got a call from this number at noon today and it's been a known bad number for weeks now  A spam filter for junk calls would solve this and you can bet folks tortured by robocalls would pay for it -

Post by Guest,

207-246-8509 Call and hang up - On the DNC list also

Post by groesbeckred,

2072468509 waste their time?  nonsense -If you take a call the revenue is generated - all the interest rate stuff is or collection is scam BS -  If you take a call, your caller ID is sent - the phone company pays the person that owns the caller ID database - that person shares with the person with the computer that generates the call -Don't take the call - put it in your reject file -

Post by emb,

207-246-8509 called my cell phone while I was at work - unwanted; yes, I'm on the do not call list -

Post by Chad,

2072468509 Getting constant calls from Card Member Services from phone number () - - Guy was a complete jerk and continues to call me every day at my business phone - taking me away from all my important clients -

Post by PublicNotice,

207-246-8509 Also should point out that the prefix for cell numbers are available online - Sprint, Verizon, AT&T ect - are all assigned number ranges in local areas - - knowing this and war dailing the numbers makes us an easy target -

Post by PublicNotice,

2072468509 These people don't care about the 'do not call list' - Which is part of the problem - Here is the break down - -(as I understand it)There are companies - Company A - makes cold calls - - they use a machine to mass dial numbers, if a number picks up then it gets transferred to an agent - Agent takes your info - then passes it along to company B -Company B - Services the call - they are the ones that provide the "service" of reducing your rate - (which anyone can do on their own) - - Company C - This company receives payments from company B to pay company ASo Company B can claim they don't call anyone - but they get their business from Company A referrals - Company A doesn't care about obeying laws - they hide by using fake numbers - For them its a numbers game they call a large volume of people continuously until they make the 'sale' - The more they call the more likely they are to get someone who will say yes, its a numbers game -What is annoying is that they keep repeat calling people who aren't interested - - not sure what the business sense here is - just pissing off people - not like a pissed off customer is going to say 'Why yes - thanks for harassing me - sure I would LOVE to sign up' -Fact is they are too lazy and uninterested - - and the automated system that is making the calls doesn't transfer the call until it can determine if a person is on the phone - So if you hang up or dont answer - they just keep on calling back -  The system just continues to call your number - over - and over - and over - and mean while that list of phone numbers - its sold to other scammers who are doing exactly the same thing -lovely isnt it -

Post by Bick,

207-246-8509 Scammer

Post by Scott,

2072468509 Just got one on my cell, too - -nobody answered -  Guess I will start doing that too -

Post by lisa wright,

207-246-8509 I don't even have credit cards, if you can't pay for something, you don't need it - except a vehicle or a house, and  you don't get those with a credit card - leave me alone area code in Maine -

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