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Post by Shelly,

2073443178 This number just called my cell twice so far today - It is getting really annoying - Does anyone know who this is calling? They do not leave messages - And I will not answer -

Post by Jamie,

207-344-3178 They call me pretty much every single day at work -  Each time I answer, there's no one on the other end -  I've just stopped answering -

Post by Guest,

2073443178 No answer

Post by l,

207-344-3178 --I said why are you calling me - Man's voice said, you called me silly goose -I did not call anyone

Post by Tony,

2073443178 Repeated calls from this number, did not answer, no message left -  When I called the number back, message says leave your name, your number, and the reason you are calling -  I did not leave a message -

Post by Guest,

207-344-3178 My husband answered call - They asked for me - My husband asked who was calling - The person on other end said "I asked for - -", my husband said "Tell me who's calling and I'll let you talk to her", guy at other end said "I DIDN'T call to PLAY GAMES" and hung up -

Post by Guest,

2073443178 I just received a call from this number on my cell, luckily i missed it and no message was left

Post by Guest,

207-344-3178 - cont to call me and tell me they have the wrong number when i answer - -bit still cont to call - -are these people smoking crack?

Post by Guest,

2073443178 I didn't answer the phone - and they didn't leave a message, but they usually call about a credit card I don't have -

Post by Guest,

207-344-3178 Some pill company -

Post by Guest,

2073443178 Hcg diet spam

Post by Celia,

207-344-3178 I received a call and no one answered -

Post by Tracy,

2073443178 This number has been calling my cell several times a day for a few days now -  I had better not be charged for these calls -

Post by Guest,

207-344-3178 Did not leave message

Post by gildyslast1,

2073443178 Didn't get to my phone in time, but I thought it was odd to get a call from Maine -  I live in the midwest, only been to Maine once -  No family there -  Glad to see a number of other folks commenting on this, as I tried to call back and got a "voice mail box is full" notice -  Made me curious, so I looked it up -  Maybe, if I accidentally answer it someday down the road, I'll just preach the gospel to them -  My guess is that'll either drive them away or change their heart -

Post by Guest,

207-344-3178 Calls but never talks when I answer than hangs up

Post by carmen,

2073443178 I just got another call, third one today - I called and follwed the prompting of the recording to an extension ( left two messages this morning ) and finally got person by the name of Jeff -  He promised that my number would be taken off the call list -  I told him that that same promise was given to another complainer and it lasted two weeks then the calls started again - I told him that I will be keeping a record log -  So people, everytime you get a call, call the above number and leave messages until theeeeeeeey get the message    I have ordered several item through the net -  I told him if this is what they do ( torment and harrasse me) because I purchase several item, I will no longer do that -

Post by Guest,

207-344-3178 I have gotten numberous calls from this number over the last few days - If I answer there is no one there (no response) - I had better not be charged for these calls

Post by Chelle,

2073443178 From what I could find out, this is either HGC for weight loss or Argo Marketing Group, not sure which, the number -- says the "mailbox" is full - I just called the number for argo marketing group (listed above) and asked the operator if they are familiar with the number --, to which she said she wasn't sure, but asked if I recently ordered anything from a TV commercial or infomercial - I responded that I did not, that I don't order things off TV (I don't) and she asked me if I would be willing to give her my number to put on their do not call list - I gave it to her (since they have it anyway apparently), we will see if that actually happens - I've gotten calls in the last days - I will update to let everyone know if the harassment stops

Post by Guest,

207-344-3178 Spam

Post by Rick Rash,

2073443178 -- better stop calling me - There are ways to get the EXACT LOCATION of where you are reading this right now - I hope someone finds you soon and gives you some instant karma -

Post by Lisa,

207-344-3178 I didn't answer, but I've received multiple calls too -  I called the number back from another phone and the message was, "This mailbox is full, call back another time" -  So, if they don't leave a message, I'm not going to answer next time

Post by Ted Zimmer,

2073443178 It is a call from NOX - Number shows as either Utah or Maine - ARGO Marketing I believe -

Post by Guest,

207-344-3178 Oh wrong numbwr

Post by Miss davis,

2073443178 me too this number keeps calling my cell phone

Post by Guest,

207-344-3178 Hcg advertisement

Post by ash,

2073443178 I do not want these people calling anymore -

Post by carmen,

207-344-3178 I get a call from this number everyday - I pick up but no one answers - today i received calls - It is very annoying - I wish they would stop -

Post by red,

2073443178 I keep getting calls from this number two or three times a day I have no Idea who this is and they never leave a message how do I get them to stop?

Post by MTCG,

207-344-3178 Just got a call on my cell - did not answer it

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