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Post by roxanne,

2074932614 d same n transferred to captain wth

Post by Guest,

207-493-2614 Automated cruise telemarketing

Post by Jeff,

2074932614 My Caller ID showed "CNS MRK RCH" and the message was to take a question survey to receive two boarding passes for a cruise to the Bahamas -  I picked up and answered the automated survey (mostly unrelated questions), but I think my age range got me an offer for "First Life Aid" -Briefly spoke with a live operator who confirmed my name and phone number, then told me I would get a call in the next three days with the info on the cruise -

Post by 207-493-2614,

207-493-2614 Where is law enforcement to prosecute these criminals?And why is the phone company not blocking this scammer's phone service?

Post by Guest,

2074932614 Yet another phone number for survey RC -

Post by Marjolynn Hubbard,

207-493-2614 Calls my ipod - I do not know this person or company -

Post by Luke,

2074932614 This just came up on my cell-phone - Answered and got the recorded message - Unsolicited -

Post by Guest,

207-493-2614 Automated voice offering free boarding passes to a trip to ? ,

Post by Guest,

2074932614 Survey for weird stuff

Post by Guest,

207-493-2614 Just got a call from this number - I didn't recognize the "CNS MARK RCH" on the display so I didn't answer the phone -

Post by JULIE,

2074932614 Telemarketer: "Hi - This is Victoria - I have an important message for you - - (pre-recorded ads)"

Post by Guest,

207-493-2614 Telemarketing

Post by Guest,

2074932614 Slider

Post by Guest,

207-493-2614 Survey

Post by Jim,

2074932614 They have called a few times and I do not pick up because I do not recognize the number - They do not leave a message on my voicemail which indicates that they do not want me to know why they are calling; so it can't be all that important -

Post by Guest,

207-493-2614 Recorded message

Post by tina,

2074932614 i was able to call back and have my number removed - thanks for the post

Post by Irritated in WV,

207-493-2614 I am getting repeated calls at work, which is a US Government agency -  Very frustrated that can't stop these calls -

Post by Terry,

2074932614 Get calls from this number at least or times a week - sometimes daily -  I don't pick up  because I know the spin by now -  I've tried listening to the message because a lot of companies offer you an "opt out" at the end of the call to have your number removed from their list --- not this one -

Post by Lee,

207-493-2614 Same here at :am CST - -

Post by Pat,

2074932614 Strange  I answered and the woman said, "Hi, this is Victoria -" then something about a survey and "I'm transfering you now" -  There was a ring and another woman came on and said, "Your answers show you're not qualifed for this offer -" and hung up -  My total end of the conversation was the  "Hello" -  I guess I didn't have them at the first Hello -

Post by A,

207-493-2614 Recorded message -- "Hi - This is Victoria - I have an important message for you - -Please hold the line -"I did not hold the line, either -  My caller ID said "Caribou -"

Post by Guest,

2074932614 Stop

Post by Sue W,

207-493-2614 I receive one or two calls a day from this number -- sometimes during the day -- sometime after hours in the evening -  Never leaves a message and I do not pick up because I do not know who they are - The ID registers them as CNS MRK RCH - This started just about a month ago - Sometime in May -

Post by ap,

2074932614 Just got a call from this number at work -  As a consultant working with many companies, I thought it might be a client or someone I'd worked with in the past -  This was annoying -  I'm sure it was a robocall and I'm sure it is illegal, as I only ever give out my work number to clients prospects colleagues -

Post by Ashley,

207-493-2614 This is a business office and everytime I answer the phone when this number calls (which I am obligated to do as it is my job) there is no one on the other end and it just shuts off - This happens SEVERAL times a day and is disruptive to my business and coworkers -

Post by Guest,

2074932614 I have received nearly of these "Survey RC" calls, but only recently realized they fall under a Federal Trade Commission regulation banning most robo calls - Please report EVERY violation at https: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspx , provided you are a US resident and the call is to your personal phone - You don't need to be on the federal Do Not Call list to file a complaint - The more complaints, the more the feds (or associated law firms?) will smell blood - :)

Post by Sandy,

207-493-2614 Huh when this number called me on the caller id it said Caribou ME? and it offered a cruise ship or something similar, and i've chosen to have my number removed from the list by they called me back again,

Post by Shelly,

2074932614 They call here daily on the west coast with surveys to complete for a cruise in the bahamas -

Post by Guest,

207-493-2614 I just got this telemarketer said Hello this is Victoria I have an important message for you please hang on - -I don't think so -st of all said Hello times before the message came on , then when she said hold on -nope not holding on -I hung the phone up -I don't talk with people like that and also i see other people have had problems too

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