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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 207-493-2624

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Post by Guest,

2074932624 Spam

Post by Riley,

207-493-2624 I just got a call too but i ignored it

Post by SickNTired,

2074932624 Maine - -not Maryland

Post by ddkatz,

207-493-2624 I just got call again and again from this number - Someone mentally sick played around technology to make fun of people -

Post by brando,

2074932624 here is what it said, yiu and your family won a security sysysysysysysysysysy then i hung up

Post by RickG,

207-493-2624 Just got a call a few minutes ago, no message, and what is my NOW usual practice, I went to thiswebsite and got all the information I needed, as to WHO these people are - THANK EVERYONE

Post by ScottGO,

2074932624 It's was a message to have my company name listed in "goggels' directory -

Post by Guest,

207-493-2624 Received the call - didn't answer since I didn't recognize the number - They left no message -

Post by Guest,

2074932624 Credit card offers -

Post by B OTERO,


Post by Jimmy,

2074932624 I got a call from this number, screened it - No message left - I called back, and the line was busy - Obviously, any reputable company would have multiple phone lines - I'm on the national do not call registry - Unfortunately, I think that's even more of a joke than the solicitors - I have started telling people they have called a law enforcement phone line and that if they don't remove me from their list, they will be charged with harassing communications - Works every time -

Post by Ryan,

207-493-2624 If you do, don't give info -  It is a prank call and the lady on the other end will try to get Credit Card and Bank Account info -  I have had this call twice, and they can't answer simple security questions -

Post by Guest,

2074932624 Debt free scammers

Post by weif,

207-493-2624 This number calls claiming that they will put your business on Google Maps if you press to talk to an operator, or if you press , will remove your site from Google -In addition, they call with an automated message, and nobody on the phone which is illegal - This is a scam - Do not do business with these scammers

Post by Kat,

2074932624 This number continues to call my daughter's cell phone with exactly the same voice mail message - Rest assured that this IS a scam to get your personal information because my daughter is years old and I'm pretty sure she has no credit cards that she's "making minimum payments on"

Post by Guest,

207-493-2624 if a year old can play games on android iphone ipad, then a year old probably knows how to make phone calls, you dimwits -

Post by Guest,

2074932624 Spam

Post by Guest,

207-493-2624 They would consoidate my credit cards and other debt

Post by sue,

2074932624 Got a call and I helloed several time but that voice just hung up on me -

Post by Jess,

207-493-2624 it was a recording of a guy, telling me I can lower my credit card payments -I don't even have a credit card -

Post by jm,

2074932624 Complain here:BROWNELL, JUDITH S    FREEDOM RING COMMUNICATIONS, LLC - MA         CORPORATE DR -                PORTSMOUTH NH     --

Post by Someone kill this clown,

207-493-2624 Got the same call just now -

Post by jersey,

2074932624 Got a call and they didn't leave a message - -

Post by E,

207-493-2624 Just got a call - Didn't answer, no voicemail -

Post by angela,

2074932624 yea, i just didnt answer

Post by Mari_f_007,

207-493-2624 I just got a call from that number - -I decided not to answer it -

Post by FoReelDo,

2074932624 got the call, answered hello with no reply - called back was telemarketing

Post by Guest,

207-493-2624 Said that they had talked to me previously - Something about insurance -

Post by EMC,

2074932624 Received two calls from this number, no VM left -  Who are they?  How do I stop them?  BTW - this just seems to be yet another automated dailer -  Some posters here say it's solicitation to get on Google ads and other for debit consolidation relief -  I called the number back to inquire myself what the deal was, the the prompted gave me the option of pressing # to opt out of future calls - but immediately hung up on me - Don't know if it worked?Why doesn't AT&T allow for a blocked number service online to its customers -  P -S - I've heard some of the number gathering comes from sites where phone #'s are available such as "Craigslist" -

Post by andy,

207-493-2624 got a recorded message about lowering my credit card rates - thing funny about that () i haven't had a CC in years and () the call was to a Magic Jack number that i use only for outbound calls

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