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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 207-493-2687

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Post by Guest,

2074932687 They never say anything, and they call times a day

Post by Dee,

207-493-2687 I'm receiving calls from -- on my cell phone - I'm glad to see here what this is about; did not answer the calls since I didn't know who the call was from - I filled out an online application when looking for work and it asked if I was interested in schooling, which I replied I was - Ever since then I've been getting calls about college info from telemarketers - Watch out what you fill out on online forms for work - Thank you all for posting your comments here -

Post by Guest,

2074932687 Just - A recording - Keeps calling

Post by annoyedbycalls,

207-493-2687 I've received multiple calls from this number (--) as well as -- - A quick search on the latter number yields similar responses to this thread -My number is on the national Do Not Call list and I make sure it's updated yearly - I don't know what prompted this sudden surge in odd phone calls -One person who had been receiving phone calls from the other number claims that their local unemployment office started selling people's contact information - I don't know how accurate this is - I was unemployed for a short period a couple of years ago so this wouldn't necessarily be relevant to me but figured I'd put it out there to see if anyone else makes a connection -

Post by Ident with held,

2074932687 These people will continue to call, however they do not address themselves when you answer the phone, instead they assume you are in dire need of going to school and they are there to help - Last time I checked no school just randomly calls, nor does a finance center, so obviously they just want to get your P -I - or Personal Information -

Post by caperpi,

207-493-2687 I finally answered and got someone asking if I was on medicare and did I have diabetes - -been trying to find out who is calling by searching reverse phones, but don't want to pay to find out -

Post by Jeremy,

2074932687 I called back and got a busy signal as well -

Post by heh,

207-493-2687 call the Maine Attorney General at --they will look into it

Post by Adam Smith,

2074932687 I just called and spoke with Virtel Marketing - Apparently, Jordan Barker isn't with the company and hasn't been for over two years - They removed his contact info from the recorded message - The person I spoke with was Mitch Weight, who seems to be the main contact there -

Post by caperpi,

207-493-2687 I finally answered and got someone asking if I was on medicare and did I have diabetes - -been trying to find out who is calling by searching reverse phones, but don't want to pay to find out -

Post by Guest,

2074932687 Scam

Post by kelly,

207-493-2687 who is that who called me?

Post by Carylyn Moser,

2074932687 Please stop these unsolicited phone calls -

Post by Beval,

207-493-2687 Harrassing and unwanted phone call

Post by CEO of Virtel Marketing,

2074932687 These calls are not coming from Virtel Marketing - We're actually a small little company in Pleasant Grove, UT - There are full time employees - Suddenly, however, we've been inundated with calls and complaints - Someone is representing themselves as Virtel Marketing and evidently abusing their telemarketing list -I definitely want to get to the bottom of this because it's tarnishing my company's name and causing people pain and frustration - If anyone here is able to find out who is representing themselves as Virtel Marketing please, please, please let me know

Post by Grrrrr,

207-493-2687 They called a lot  Sometimes it sounds all fuzzy and I can't understand them - Today they asked for Ryan -  When I said wrong number and went to tell them NOT to call this number again, they hung up -

Post by Ocala Mum,

2074932687 Just got a call from -- -  WHO IS IT???  And what happened to the NO CALL LISTINGS?  Guess that doesn't work anymore - - -or do you have to apply every month???  ARGH

Post by Duuuude,

207-493-2687 Batards called me too

Post by Char,

2074932687 Missed this one, but caller ID said it was from "Friendly Message" -- - - -what next

Post by vb,

207-493-2687 when i answer and ask it to talk to me, it just waits a few seconds and says "goodbye" -

Post by Joseph,

2074932687 This is a Health Care Supply house - Not sure where they get their phone number database but they harrass us on a daily basis, sometimes up to calls a day - Answer the phone when they call - Ask them for a mailing address and a phone number to call them back - They Filipino I got wouldn't give it to me - The heavily accented filipino asked me "Why do you want that?" and all he would say was Provo Utah - That really pissed me off and I went off, Yelling at this idiot and telling this numbskull that if we recived one more phone call we will report it - I'm reporting it anyway now on the National Do Not Call registry, as we told a heavily accented flip lady a month ago to stop calling - By the way, they keep calling as somehow this evil place got word that their is a Diabetic in our house - I'll be using the F word should they call again -

Post by tomas,

207-493-2687 I pressed the as requested to remove from calling and yet they keep calling

Post by Alice,

2074932687 I answered and it hangs up, if you return the call you get a message that says if you don't want to receive information from them anymore to press - It then says that it will take up to hours to remove your telephone number -

Post by ron,

207-493-2687 Report the number to the "National Do Not Call Registry" https: www -donotcall -gov There are laws marketers must follow

Post by Guest,

2074932687 Spam call centet

Post by Guest,

207-493-2687 keep callin

Post by rae phelps,

2074932687 I do not answer these calls any longer, as they said something about diabetic and other telemarketing, etcThey repeat calls on the average of ten calls per day beginning around :am and it's is very annoying to be not be able to get these telemarketers to stop -They leave messages on answering machines with lots of noise in the background,, AND SOMETIMES, THEY YELL OVER THE PHONE to intimidate the party that they have called -

Post by clayton,

207-493-2687 i dont know whos callin because they dont leave a voice mail

Post by david karchem,

2074932687 continuing calls to my cell phone mailbox - no messages - just wracking up charges -

Post by Cynthia Alette Jones,

207-493-2687 I am getting at least calls a day from this phone number -

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