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Post by Sam,

2074932695 They have called my cell phone times today and throughout the last two weeks it has been non-stop -     It must be an auto-redial as I can't imagine some knucklehead would sit at a desk and keep dialing the same number when no one answers it

Post by Travis P,

207-493-2695 I had this number me today I answered the phone they called me by the wrong name and then processed saying with a giggled hehehe Hello, after hearing her repeat continuously I hung the phone up and went to go find a whistle so I am ready next call

Post by ferdinand guadalupe,

2074932695 i have receive several calls from this number very annoing

Post by Kay,

207-493-2695 I have been receiving calls from this number -- -

Post by KIM,

2074932695 We get calls from this number sometimes times a day -  The caller id shows Senior Health, I do not answer -  I finally added the number to my block list -  Dial * on your phone and follow the directions, it is a great option and stops annoying calls -  My understanding is that once you add a number to the block list, if they try to call they get a message saying that their number has been blocked -

Post by 207-493-2695,

207-493-2695 Every minutes inspite of telling them to take my number off their list - I asked for a supervisor and they hung up on me -

Post by Guest,

2074932695 Just keep calling n I keep telling then they have the wrong #

Post by Emma Mapp, they call for Linda too,

207-493-2695 I cannot stop Senior Health from calling me -  First they used my name, Emma -  Now they ask for Linda -  I have called back at least twice to be put on the do not call list -  It doesn't stop

Post by AW,

2074932695 I am a disabled woman and I am recieving these calls from this # I don't know how they got my # but they ring me everyday at least twice and "Senior Health" comes up on my caller id - I asked them many times to stop calling me but they continue -This is a sadistic act - They call me early in the morning about am and late at night about : pm and this is causing me great stress -Please someone tell me how I can have them stop calling as now I can hear them breathe but they don't speak - HELP

Post by Kelley,

207-493-2695 My mom got a call from this number ID'd as Senior Health on her caller ID yesterday, July , - The man said he was calling about information she requested via postcard about setting up funeral services on a payment plan -  She said she did not request the information and he said "then why do I have this postcard in front of me from you?"  She told him she didn't send it and that she was not interested -  He then said "So you don't plan on ever dying?" -  She said not anytime soon and he hung up on her -What is wrong with people???

Post by Guest,

2074932695 Hello then hang up -

Post by tim,

207-493-2695 Understand: phone numbers are no longer necessary - Today people can call long distance for less than the cost of a 's phone service - Unpublished phone number makes it not possible for you to look up who they are or in most cases and effort to call them back becomes impossable -If your getting harassing phone calls, go to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) web sight and fill out a report - That is the quickest way to get results and arrest -The DO NOT  CALL LIST only applies to numbers only -

Post by andrea gambino,

2074932695 stop calling

Post by Diabetes Patient's Daughter,

207-493-2695 Be sure that you have registered with the National Do Not Call Registry -   If they call again, tell them about your registration and tell them never to call again -  If they call again, report them immediately at:   --- -

Post by Linda Laforet,

2074932695 They call or times a day -

Post by brian,


Post by CI,

2074932695 Keep getting calls - Do not pick-up - - They never leave a message - -am not interested in anything they have to say

Post by dl,

207-493-2695 got a call from them, answered, and nobody answered back - -don't know why they are calling - -don't need their services

Post by ernie canez,

2074932695 i keep getting these calls from out of state all day long and you cant even understand what they are saying - -they arent american thats for sure -   STOP CALLING

Post by bruce,

207-493-2695 recieved the call today did not answer it went on line and looked it up and found this site so after read what was said on this site i want to let the people on this site know there is also a way to stop it  i have a program on my computer called Phone tray free - all you need is a voice modem  if you wand to hear who is calling if not just a phone modem -  the program cone with a call stopper all one has to do is add it to the privacy manager and it will hang up on the ofending party

Post by Retiredjim,

2074932695 Receive a first call and since the number was strange, I checked for location -  I have no expected calls from Maine so I checked the number -   I will not answer this number -

Post by Judith Zipfel,

207-493-2695 We keep getting calls from this number and several different numbers all regarding diabetes - No one in this family has or ever has had diabetes - Despite our telling them numerous times to not call, they continue to call us -

Post by 951-735-6417,

2074932695 I do not know this people calling from Maine -

Post by Victim,

207-493-2695 Been calling every half hour for last two weeks would like to take out a restraining order against them -Who owns this number

Post by Diabetes Patient's Daughter,

2074932695 My father also gets these calls -  First, you need to register with the National Do Not Call Registry -  Then if they call again, tell them you are on the list and do not want them to ever call again -  Then, if they call again, report them at:  ---

Post by Junior,

207-493-2695 This number has been calling every day, sometimes , times a day - ID shows up as "Senior Health" and asks about "someone in this household who has diabetes" or has "trouble hearing" No one has this issue - Told them to remove the number off the list months ago, but they do not seem to get my f**king drift Then hangs up - TRYING to find out who this i

Post by miss jones,

2074932695 Stop calling my number senior health,,--

Post by Debra Mechling,

207-493-2695 This number (--) has been calling daily since we moved to our new house -  I wish they would stop calling - I asked them to remove our number by pushing   when I called the number back -

Post by Guest,

2074932695 Caller ID says "Senior health" but was a "dead air call", then a phone company error - When call back right to automated system "If you do not want any further promotions, please press " - A pure scam phishing group -

Post by Muriel,

207-493-2695 These calls come several times a day - Have been 'answering' but saying nothing here - The line finally goes dead and then another call a few minutes later - I am also on a non-call list, but that does not seem to matter - Pretty disgusting - The first call was at AM this morning

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