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Post by Office Admin,

2075120836 Phone call from Kathy Bebe about "an upcoming new project" that she wanted to speak to the business owner about -Called from --

Post by Chris,

207-512-0836 she also calls from -- - Darn marketing people -

Post by Fed Up With Solicitors,

2075120836 A woman who identifies herself as Cathy BeBe keeps calling our office demanding the owner -  She also demands his cell phone number -  She won't leave a message or even say what she is calling about -  The owner will not take unknown phone calls and this RUDE, RUDE woman won't stop calling -

Post by Chris,

207-512-0836 she also calls from -- - Darn marketing people -

Post by katiebug,

2075120836 Cathy Bebe is a second party representitive of AdCorp - ( www -neadcorp -com) She, and her husband, promote marketing for the company and speak with small businesses about advertising on shopping carts, sidewalk benchs, etc - Her phone calls are very vague and unnecessarily cryptic - Rather annoying if you ask me, but for anyone who was curious, this is what these phone calls are regarding -

Post by Guest,

207-512-0836 Grocery cart advertising

Post by Fed Up,

2075120836 She calls asking to speak with my boss and when i say shes on the other line she asked to hold then says "what is she gonna be on the phone an hour- I'll just call back" RUDE

Post by Fed Up With Cathy BEBE,

207-512-0836 She is so nasty who ever she is - -Absolutely rude - -I told her we read about her online and that she has a bad rep and don't call back - -she said "fine, I'd be glad not to" - - -wonder what kind of scam she's into -

Post by Kendra,

2075120836 She's called my business multiple times, leaving no information except have your boss contact me, and asking for personal numbers - She also has been emailing me, I've responded with no information in regards either - She wants you to call her so she gets your phone number to harass you -

Post by poco,

207-512-0836 Kathy Beebe just called this office -  She asked when he would be back in the office -  I explained that he is in and out of the office all day -  Her response was "So you don't know when he gets in the office?" with a fairly condescending tone -  She left her cell number but the message seems to have been misplaced -  Now I don't know when the owner gets in the office and where the message is -  I would love to know what she is promoting -

Post by Keith,

2075120836 I keep getting calls from this female (Kathy Beebe ) - I have tried to call her back but she never answers her phone - It seems to be a complete waste of time - Have no idea what the heck she wants but if your not going to make an appointment , don't bother me - Amazing how disrespectful of peoples time some people can be -

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