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Post by Austin,

2075125241 They called at :AM   What douches   When I called back later on in the day, just got a recording asking if I wanted this number to be placed on a do not call registry -- should that not already be the case?  I've had this number registered for years, and I re-registered it last year - -

Post by Guest,

207-512-5241 metlife

Post by Guest,

2075125241 Insurance spam Does this crap really work on people?

Post by Guest,

207-512-5241 met life dental plan

Post by Guest,

2075125241 Insurance

Post by Guest,

207-512-5241 Dental plan sale

Post by Cary,

2075125241 Unwanted telemarketer selling Met Life life insurance -

Post by Guest,

207-512-5241 auto telemarket

Post by Guest,

2075125241 A recording saying "this is not a discount plan, press to speak with a live agent -"

Post by Deeno,

207-512-5241 This number is calling me every night between seven and eight -  Why can't they be fined?

Post by Darryl B.,

2075125241 ^That's even flat-out illegal, those calls can't even start until a - m -Called and had one of those cheapie services where they couldn't even tell their message was talking over part of the answering machine outgoing message, as their robo-message was yakking away once it was time to leave a message -  At that point it just said to press a number to speak to a live operator, but nothing in regards to being taken off their calling list, of course -

Post by LJ,

207-512-5241 Also got NIB on our caller ID -  Bit odd that everyone is getting something different on their caller ID -  VERY suspicious

Post by Susan,

2075125241 Just got that call; automated NIB (national insurance board) - Hung up before she got her spiel out, but I caught the words, "can you afford your health insurance" -

Post by Warren Hudson,

207-512-5241 Another machine call even though I'm on the DNC list -   Those lists are a sick joke -  Our representatives let the lobbyists write the law with so many loop holes that they are practically useless -There is only one way to get our reps to actually represent us, and that is to vote and to vote NON-INCUMBENT -  Otherwise, it's not going to dhangel

Post by Susan,

2075125241 Just got that call; automated NIB (national insurance board) - Hung up before she got her spiel out, but I caught the words, "can you afford your health insurance" -

Post by Guest,

207-512-5241 they tried to sell me a bogus insurance policy

Post by Guest,

2075125241 I'm listed with do not call -gov and I still get these relentless sales calls from insurance and I have no intentions of dealing with them -

Post by Guest,

207-512-5241 Irritating

Post by C,

2075125241 - automated call to sell dental discount card from an "agent" -

Post by Guest,

207-512-5241 Telemarketer -

Post by Bee,

2075125241 Caller ID : "Out of Area"  no message was left on ans machine - I called back, and the outgoing message stated "press one to be placed on do not call list"

Post by PT,

207-512-5241 Ditto -  NIB robocall for dental plans -

Post by Ray,

2075125241 Nib on ID but NO answer when I picked it up - hung up on me -then dial tone and trying to call again - -robo call it seems

Post by grumpyoldgrammy,

207-512-5241 @ : AM received a call from () - - Caller ID Name registered as: NIB & phone number is same as listed above - When answering machine picked up the caller disconnected, left no message -

Post by Sarah,

2075125241 Got a call from this number at :am on - I did not answer because I had the vacuum cleaner going and didn't hear it - The ID says "Augusta ME" - Searching the web to see who it was and what they wanted -

Post by Guest,

207-512-5241 Didn't answer - Reseach is showing this is a DNC violator

Post by Constable E.,

2075125241 Met Life Dental Plan For Cheep only if Personal info given right now,no E-mail or snail mail info about plan, THE instant  I baulked at S -S -# info CLICK>>>BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZSilence - - - - - - - - - -

Post by Guest,

207-512-5241 Caller ID as NIB - Does not leave message -

Post by Guest,

2075125241 Some kind of insurance scam

Post by Guest,

207-512-5241 Don't want to hear from them -

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