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Post by Guest,

2082144402 Spam caller - Business loans -

Post by Rowan Charles,

208-214-4402 got a call from this number, asked for owner -  whenever someone calls and asks for the owner or manager I have a standard reply  -  do you know the name of the person you wish to speak with, if you do not know the name I can not forward your call, company policy - works every time, they never know the name

Post by NL,

2082144402 Rang once - Didn't leave voicemail - Called really early -

Post by Guest,

208-214-4402 spam

Post by Micah,

2082144402 Called my Google Voice number which I rarely use -Got a message that sounds like they thought were talking to someone on the other end:"Hello this is Elizabeth Moore -  I'd like to speak to the business owner in regards to a business growth opportunity"I don't own a business, so I think these folks are mining WHOIS records for phone numbers -

Post by Guest,

208-214-4402 business capital spam

Post by Guest,

2082144402 Wanted to provide working capital for my business -

Post by jk,

208-214-4402 Bottom feeders fishing for private information for their scam…Every time I get a call like this it reminds me that if they outlaw guns only outlaws will have them It is illegal to spam call people on the do not call list, yet they break the law anyway So remember when they outlaw our guns only the evil will have them, and you will be standing helplessly while your children and family are… -

Post by James,

2082144402 One of the many cold call phone numbers - Return call answered by a robot that invites a chat with a sales person or to be added to their no-call list by pressing the appropriate DTMF button -

Post by Nick,

208-214-4402 Got this call from someone claiming to be Elizabeth Moore looking to speak to the business owner about working capital - Sounded like a recording though - Hung up -

Post by Zantac,

2082144402 Added to SPAM blocked list on YouMail -com - Ditched Callers -  Won't hear from this one again -

Post by Zantac,

208-214-4402 Suggestion for handling these SPAM Junk calls -  Use YouMail -com (free account) and the add these numbers to listings (one listing can have many phone numbers) and set them to "Ditched Callers" -  I also have a message that plays that sounds like the disconnected number tones and message -  Also have entries for these on your phone and block them there -  Over time you will see a DRASTIC decrease in the number of these calls bothering you -

Post by Morgan,

2082144402 It sounds like a robot call, asking for the business owner - They are trying to sell or "provide" working capital for the business - When I said I couldn't make those decisions, they hung up on me -

Post by Guest,

208-214-4402 Loans

Post by Anita Salak,

2082144402 I get repeat calls from this number, they never leave a message, they disconnect after rings, and if I answer they disconnect -

Post by Guest,

208-214-4402 Spam call -

Post by Guest,

2082144402 Sounds like a recording about working capital?? IDK

Post by Guest,

208-214-4402 Business capital blah blah blah -

Post by Guest,

2082144402 Answered the phone but did not say anything, the bot hung up -

Post by Hee Haw,

208-214-4402 These pathetic idiots can't speak English, but keep calling anyway -

Post by Guest,

2082144402 Recording says "hello, are you the business owner?"

Post by Innocent Bystander,

208-214-4402 I get more junk calls than real calls, and quit answering out-of-state area codes - I started entering them into my cell phone contact list as Junk ###, with a no-ring ring about years ago - I'm up to - Sometimes I answer without looking first - When they ask for the owner (I own % of an S-corporation), I tell them they'll have to come to a stockholders meeting - Which is anytime I talk to myself, I guess -

Post by Don Wilson,

2082144402 Called several times and selected prompt to speak to a rep - Only got Voice Mail - No one ever called me back - Harassment

Post by Mbtech79,

208-214-4402 merchant funding calls no messages

Post by 208-214-4402,

2082144402 Got a call from them this afternoon - didn't get to my call in time -  I like to give these people the run-around when they solicit me on my cell phone -  If I'm in a very good mood, I will use profanity like they've never heard before  Then I block their phone number  Try it -  It makes for a good laugh -

Post by Guest,

208-214-4402 robot call

Post by Guest,

2082144402 capital funding

Post by Guest,

208-214-4402 Business owner

Post by Natalya,

2082144402 Got a call from Elizabeth moor asking for business owner - When is said I they hung up

Post by BobM,

208-214-4402 Caller ID : BUSINESS CASHNo message left -

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