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Post by Clive,

2083574216 2083574216 I hang up on recordings. If it is an actual person, I tell them that they need to give me $500 and then I ask for their credit card information. Needless to say, I am overjoyed when I connect with a spammer!

Post by Stop Calling me,

208-357-4216 Dennis Paulson Meppen DrIdaho Falls, ID, US--Tell this [***] to stop calling you - Or should we call him non stop - - -

Post by Guest,

2083574216 Left me voicemail: GFK Public Affairs national research company, conducting a survey to "advance the public dialogue about people's tobacco use" Said they'd call back or I could call them --

Post by pablopcasso,

208-357-4216 This number is a political survey that takes about minutes to complete -  It isn't partisan or obnoxious but one can tell the caller is not well-practiced in her delivery of the questions -  Not the worst phone call one can receive -

Post by Second time caller,

2083574216 Not going to answer a call from Idaho Falls, ID when I live in Illinois - Stupid -

Post by SB,

208-357-4216 Got a call from sixteen on my cell and it was from a "tobacco usage survey" out of Idaho - They didn't leave any specifics about what they wanted on the vm other than it was a survey and warned they would be calling back - Added them to my auto-block list - Lets see em try - hahahahahhaha

Post by Dr. 5,

2083574216 I do not donate to any charity that bothers me by phone -  I do not take calls that have no info displayed on my caller ID -  I do not take "out of area" calls -  What I do is pick up my phone, turn it on and press several buttons, one at a time, holding each for a few seconds -  If it's a robot call, the robot might assume it has called a fax machine -  If it's a human caller, I've just irritated them a little for irritating me a lot -  Being registered on the "do not call" list should mean just that -   Too many fake charities who only give % of the money to their "cause" (that's all the government requires), and especially too many minute long political robocalls -  Wonder why the politicians exempted themselves from "do not call" ?

Post by paperboy,

208-357-4216 Shame on you for talking to him -

Post by Guest,

2083574216 I went to Jiffy Lube yesterday, just like a previous comment -

Post by Guest,

208-357-4216 Called me because he said someone in my household recently had services done by jiffy lube in past week

Post by Randall,

2083574216 The scamming thieves called again -I filed another complaint with National Do No Call Registery - https: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspx

Post by Eddie,

208-357-4216 Received a call today about noon from () - - I don't have an answering machine and let it ring out - My caller I -D - showed: Unknown caller" - I get or calls a day from "Caller unknown" and have learned to ignore them -

Post by Guest,

2083574216 Wouldn't doubt it is Russian hackers - What ever you do,dont answer your phone - A hack is applied as soon as you pick up the phone -

Post by Guest,

208-357-4216 Did not answer suspected scam -

Post by Guest,

2083574216 It's an Internet number people The first clue - I don't answer who I don't know, period - "Do Not Call List" is a farce -

Post by Vampire O,

208-357-4216 I received a call from -tonight at pm - If this is a political call then why are they calling after the election?  There is no way this is a political survey -  I do not answer any call that says Idaho -

Post by Guest,

2083574216 Suspicious number, they said that they are federal agency -

Post by Guest,

208-357-4216 Called on my home landline - which by the way, is on the national and state do-no-call list - Didn't recognize the number so didn't pickup; no message left, just a hang up -

Post by Mom,

2083574216 This number keeps calling my house -  It's :PM on a week night and they just called - The next time they call I will answer the phone sceaming -  My caller ID talks and when they call it says "CALL FROM IDAHO FALLS ID" -Who the hell do they think they are calling me after dark on a week night?  [***] -

Post by Donna Mollaun,

208-357-4216 Got a call from -- at : pm & again at : pm and again at : pm - That's harassment -  I told the st caller not to call again unless he could tell me who was paying for the survey on Ohio's issues - He said that the state of Ohio was paying for it - It's probably Gov - Kasich using our tax dollars to pay for his research on messaging for the election coming up in November - I refused to answer, I told him why so, different women called back -  The callers say that they're from Target Research - White pages -com says that it's Bandwidth -com VoIP in Idaho Falls, ID -

Post by John,

2083574216 Called my home phone in CO -  No voice message -  Caller ID says "Idaho Falls  ID" -

Post by a,

208-357-4216 Go here:www -salespider -com ppl- dennis-paulson--and it actually puts a name with this caller ID - I'm getting two calls a day from this number, which I'm absolutely not picking up - Is that right that there's a name tied to this number, though? I thought reverse phone look-ups were confidential - I hope the website isn't naming the wrong person - However, if this is the guy making these calls, he should be reported to donotcall -gov -

Post by Guest,

2083574216 Only people have my cell phone number - How did they get my number? I did not answer and no message was left -

Post by Guest,

208-357-4216 Idiot cells and for research - Hung up on idiot - I have protection on my phone - Call is from Idaho - Sounds like idiot is from Jamaica -

Post by Irritated,

2083574216 This number called twice in the past two days, so it is now blocked - White pages have it listed as Trask Johnson or Dennis Paulson or a veterinary clinic in Idaho - Probably a spoofed number based on reports above regarding a political survey -

Post by Guest,

208-357-4216 Scam spam - report them to the authorities - they're violating the do not call list law

Post by Melissa,

2083574216 Called around : on a Sunday - I didn't pick up - No message -

Post by Phil McCracken,

208-357-4216 Phone call came on my landline that was part of the Frontier internet package -  I don't have the volume turned up and never hear it ring -  They can call all they want, ain't nobody gonna listen

Post by barkingdogs,

2083574216 got message from -- very weird

Post by Guest,

208-357-4216 Late night

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