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Post by Guest,

2084672847 us pharmacy very rude when I told them to stop calling me - trying to sell viagra -

Post by lilwillie,

208-467-2847 this person had a foreign ascent; sound like an india ascent - he was stating I order some medication and owed money -

Post by Richard Emley,

2084672847 no message

Post by Basil,

208-467-2847 They call like times every day trying to sell viagra

Post by J,

2084672847 I'm female - asked me about my RX for viagra - clearly from india -me: what gender is viagra for?caller: - -males?me: what do i sound like?caller; female - -i meant for your HUSBANDme: who the #@ says i'm straight?and they hung up -i called back - rang as not in service -

Post by Guest,

208-467-2847 pharmacy scam

Post by Guest,

2084672847 same place just new number, you need to buy med's (Viagra)

Post by Mark Brown,

208-467-2847 Hindu keeps calling me says he is from US Pharmacy - Asking me to buy Viagra - Caller I -D - Says Melissa Jackson - I told him to stop calling but he called right back -

Post by Guest,

2084672847 This is becoming a pain in the but - These calls are coming daily from all different #'s - People hearing beeps and being stalled with foriegn accents & language - Somehow they are trying to get information thru our phones - I don't answer when I don't recognize the # but still it's intrusive - -DON"T ANSWER WHEN YOU DON"T KNOW WHO IS CALLING -

Post by Joe M.,

208-467-2847 Add them to the phone list with a silent ringer -  I have about different numbers for them but I do not hear them -

Post by Guest,

2084672847 This is the second time I recieved a call from this particular number -- On my caller ID box shows the name > Jackson, Melissa, they seem to always hang up after I say hello to times -

Post by EJ,

208-467-2847 They keep calling and dead air

Post by Glr.W,

2084672847 Indian person called me and asked if I take any medications - - -I told him "None of your business"and hung up on him

Post by Guest,

208-467-2847 US Online Pharmacy - I have received several calls from numerous numbers and have asked to be removed at least times from "US online pharmacy's" call list - I keep adding them to my auto reject list on my phone only for them to keep switching phone numbers - Very irritating

Post by Jal,

2084672847 Trying to sell viagra :| Don't take no for an answer repeatedly calls and asks for visa number

Post by Guest,

208-467-2847 Stop calling

Post by hoo2u,

2084672847 even though they called and I did not answer - I then scrolled down  in my contacts list and entered their number - Next I scrolled further down and clicked on "block this caller" - - I have done this for other numerous unwanted calls - I have completed this procedure after several unsuccessful  inquires to the: FCC" to block unwanted calls -

Post by Biff,

208-467-2847 Perhaps should

Post by Joe M.,

2084672847 Add them to the phone list with a silent ringer -  I have about different numbers for them but I do not hear them -

Post by Guest,

208-467-2847 spam

Post by Guest,

2084672847 Pharmaceutical

Post by Guest,

208-467-2847 US Pharmacy when is the FCO going to do something about these calls?

Post by Ben,

2084672847 I received a phone call from caller ID Nampa, ID phone #-- concerning male enhancement drugs - Told the male individual on the other end not interested and place me on the do not call list - Sounded like a boiler room setup - Did not catch the name of the individual or the name of the company -

Post by Guest,

208-467-2847 spam foreigners

Post by Guest,

2084672847 spam

Post by Guest,

208-467-2847 Says they are "US Online Pharmacy" - I told them not to call and they hung up - I've had calls from them from other phone numbers - I keep blocking them -

Post by Guest,

2084672847 said they are phamacy - Very rude and mean - Said I should talk to fbi if I don't want any calls -

Post by Guest,

208-467-2847 dnt call dis nmber

Post by Guest,

2084672847 pharmacy scam

Post by hard man,

208-467-2847 they cant take no for an answer - - I tell them I dont need it - - I have a hard on now - they hang up on me - -

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