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Post by Tim Riley,

2084732404 I filed for uneployment - that is how this [***] stratedto me

Post by Toni L. Flores,

208-473-2404 They keep calling and hang up -  It's been a week of this nonsense -  I am in the OPT-out program and we will report them

Post by tiredof these telemarketers,

2084732404 I did NOT fill out any survey for health insurance whatsoever; nor would I have -  I have had the same insurance---thru my work---for over years -  They call my cell phone up to times a day from many, many numbers -  Most of these numbers are fake spoof numbers you cannot even call back -  The messages say 'number not in service -'  'number has been disconnected -'  'number not yet activated - -'  So, these punk axx motherxxxxxxx are stealing numbers that are not in use to call on and lying about how they got my information -  As a matter of fact the only thing i DID do online was after completing an online chat with T MOBILE Customer Service (which was unsatisfactory, by the way - -) because my service was not working - -a survey popped up from T Mobile as to how was my service today -  It was unsatisfactory -  In completing it, an hour later the calls started FLOODING in -  This was on March and it is unblievable -  It is out of control -  I have blocked all these numbers and they keep calling with new numbers; all the same people -  And they all have a different company name but they are all brokers for the same company -  I have filed an FCC COMPLAINT -  Please do the same

Post by Carl,

208-473-2404 Calls several times a week - Will not leave a message -

Post by Guest,

2084732404 Spam

Post by Qman,

208-473-2404 Text the word STOP to the number -  That is the final warning for them -

Post by Guest,

2084732404 Calls often - Does not leave a voicemail message - Unknown number -

Post by LegBreaker,

208-473-2404 @ THomas Kielbasinski - "when doing quotes, always use a fake number, thats what I do now - even a fake name if your listed in the phone book,"thats the best advice I've heard in a long while - I asked for online health insurance quotes back in late December and I am still getting calls on my cell - WTF? These telemarketers are dumbasses - do they really think I havent made a decision by now, three months later?

Post by Guest,

2084732404 Sales call

Post by Guest,

208-473-2404 Telemarket

Post by Don,


Post by Annoyed4,

208-473-2404 Spoke to the Fraud division of the Connecticut Insurance Department and described the calls -  They ask that you write down all your information and fax it to them with attention to Examiner -  They tell me that it sounds like a "discount medical plan" which they do not specifically oversee (some states do), but if the person on the phone says anything about being an agent or an insurance company that would require licensing, they will investigate -  Discount medical plans are something you pay a couple hundred dollars a month for and get reductions in costs on ancillary medical services like vision, dental, etc -  It is nonsense, because you essentially loan the company money and then hound them to get it back over the policy period, basically never getting your money back -When you get a phone number on caller ID that you do not know, DO NOT call it back -  The first call is only intended for you to call them so that the do not run a foul of the Do Not Call registry -  In other words, if you call them you have invited them to harrass you and they can pass your number on to others in their network -

Post by Guest,

2084732404 Spam

Post by Theresa Hardy,

208-473-2404 I applied for health insurance one week ago, and Tenno Enterprises has called me multiple times a day from multiple phone numbers (so I can't block them) and I am sick of them -  When I try to call the numbers back, they don't work -

Post by Chip,

2084732404 They called this morning-before am -  Did not leave a message

Post by CowBoy Tboy or fedup now,

208-473-2404 I'm writing again - Because, this is Tenno Enterprise who will call - times a day - Their Company is based out of the State Florida - But, will use different States with different numbers - The numbers are --, -- and -- - It is a Health Insurance Company -Which I don't need - I recommend if you have call blocker - Block this numbers out

Post by jt,

2084732404 when doing quotes, always use a fake number, thats what I do now - even a fake name if your listed in the phone book,

Post by Gina,

208-473-2404 These people have been calling my home for about four months now and I want them to stop, I have told them to stop I've even cursed at them and they still don't get it - I've searched on line for health insurance and all these companies have called and when I found the one I want I asked the others to stop calling and they have so what the hell is wrong with Tenno Enterprise - And when I call back one of the many numbers that they call from it is never in service, what kind of insurance company is this?I thought I was the only one going through this, but I can see from this I'm not what do we do about them? If anyone knows please tell me -

Post by J L Morris,

2084732404 thanks Chris - I just called it and requested removal - Hope it works -

Post by angeline,

208-473-2404 When you call the number back it says disconnected  He called and asked for me today, when i said i was unavailable (because I answered by accident at work) he hung up on me -)

Post by uninsured,

2084732404 We regretfully put our phone number online in a form when comparing health insurance quotes - We ALSO said by EMAIL when it asked how would we like to be contacted - Well guess what, they can't read and theres about others that continue to call all day - Now why would I be interested in purchasing insurance from a company whose employees cannot read ? hmmm?

Post by Cici,

208-473-2404 This number calls me everyday all day long - There is never anyone that talks they just keep calling what can we do we are on the do not call registry -

Post by gitana,


Post by d m irby,

208-473-2404 can you send me that # to the fcc please they are call me like crazy - thank so much dm irby

Post by guitarchick,

2084732404 They call at least times a day at different times

Post by Sandy,

208-473-2404 REPORT them to the FTC - Legally they can only call you a certain amt of times before you can sue them - It doesnt take much - This is a massive fine -

Post by Lucy Harding,

2084732404 Stop Calling me

Post by Idana,

208-473-2404 Keep calling my cell> I also inquired about Insurance - Please make them stop calling

Post by Don,

2084732404 A month ago I nwas looking for a new supplemental insurance policy then this person calls me yesterday - I told her if it took a month for her to call then were too busy and did not need my business

Post by Guest,

208-473-2404 They just hung up when i said hello

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