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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 208-556-5550

  • Report all suspicious calls and scam phone numbers found in Ads, Calls, Texts & Websites
  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
  • Make a note of the unknown number
  • Run the digits through a Reverse Phone Lookup to search for information about the caller, which may include details like social media profiles, photographs, and job histories created on LinkedIn
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Post by Chelsea,

2085565550 Getting calls from these idiots or times a day -As soon as my "do not call" kicks in - they are getting reported further

Post by Carole,

208-556-5550 I have been receiving calls from this number for several months - I am going to do with it what I have done with others - -Report them to the Federal Trade Commission - --- (AM-PM Eastern M-F) When I have reported other scammers the calls finally stopped after they were reported - Have to have the phone number and give as much info as you possibly can -

Post by Guest,

2085565550 Calls and never say anything - I think is a computer call glitch Please Stop

Post by Bene,

208-556-5550 Just because that name came up does not mean that is who called you -  On the very site you found that, if you click "Check caller's name and address", you will find this:  " Please note that many calls come from spoofed numbers, which means the number you see on the Caller ID is                    not really where the call came from - Often people call back the number and get someone who has nothing to do with the call -" Do not post stuff about that poor couple who probably had the ill luck of having a number that got spoofed or having a former phone number that these folks are using for VOIP untraceable spoofed numbers -Don't just put stuff on the internet about people unless you know what you are talking about and have confirmed their participation in something -  Even then, report it and don't post personal info of others - You are NOT qualified to track the number, which means you should not be pointing fingers and listing personal info about people who most certainly are not involved with calling from the Middle East to fix your computer -  So - - Stop -   Please -

Post by Dick Tracy Jr.,

2085565550 Yeah, all the same experiences as above but no one answers, sounds like it could be the mothman? is there not some way to block this caller with all the tech savy gurus out there? Come on geeks, show us why you control the universe, pretty please?

Post by Jerry Johnsom,

208-556-5550 we told them not to call anymore, they call two to three times a day  an they keep calling  they won't stop                                                                                                                       jerry johnson

Post by Guest,

2085565550 we receive daily calls from this number- called back and the number is disconnected - no one is there when you answer

Post by Heather,

208-556-5550 We NEVER answer any call that comes up Unknown Name on our Caller ID -  We're just tired of the calls at odd hours -  We just got one at : P -M - Tonight, while we're trying to unwind and relax after a busy week  Enough already

Post by Guest,

2085565550 Receive a call at least twice daily,then appears to hang up

Post by Guest,

208-556-5550 I have receive multiple daily calls from this number- called back and the number is disconnected -

Post by Neil,

2085565550 A thick Indian accent told me that someone was sending out junk or scam emails to an email address (that doesnt exist) of a family member - He told me the company he worked for but I could not understand a word - Said that they were calling from los angeles - Promptly hung up when I said that email is not used - lol

Post by Guest,

208-556-5550 spam

Post by Guest,

2085565550 continued call caller never answers

Post by Guest,

208-556-5550 Calls from EB everyday - so far for days in a row - Have never answered


2085565550 This lady elaine blakley calls us serveral times  daily an were both very ill an disable -An she never talks -Tryed to call back an number out of service -

Post by Oliver,

208-556-5550 Received calls in days from this number, this has to stop -I am a senior citizen and handicapped - Surely something can be done by my phone companyAT&T - - I need to block these calls and I am on the so called Do Not call List, but that does not stop anyone,

Post by Guest,

2085565550 This person needs to be arrested

Post by John,

208-556-5550 Call every evening about hours - Nobody there

Post by Binki,

2085565550 I have been plagued by this number for the last month -They just won't give up - It's definitely a scam to get into your computer It's a boilerplate room in India - I told them to stop calling, but they don't give up

Post by DS,

208-556-5550 Receiving two calls a day from this number - Blocked it on my Samsung so I don't hear ring - The couple of times I tried to call it back, got a "not in service" message - Would like them to stop -

Post by chast,

2085565550 Been getting a lot of calls from this number for weeks -  Usually no one is there but on some occasions an Indian accent person tells me that they been receiving requests from my computer that it has been infected and needs help -  The funny thing is I just got rid of my PCs and replaced them with brand new Apple iMacs; there is no way my computers been sending them help messages -  Scammers

Post by rwampon blakeley,

208-556-5550 I too, am plagued with calls from Elaine Blakeley  My unanswered caller ID reveals as many as calls per day, some as late as : pm -  Most start about : am hoping I'll break down and answer -  They never leave a message on my tape to pick up calls when I'm out -  I also checked the internet and found the number was associated with the Idaho area - I'm convinced it's a telemarketer -

Post by Guest,

2085565550 Calls everyday with no answer then hangs up -

Post by Guest,

208-556-5550 calls come to times a day, for over a month now - No one is on the line - When I call back, the number is not in service - I cannot reach the caller to complain - I need help to stop these annoying and illegal calls -

Post by Jane Doe,

2085565550 Over past few weeks have received calls from -- (Blakely Elaine caller ID) twice a day and as late as : PMand as early as : AM -  In the beginning I would answer phone and no one was there -  I have called the Do Not Call List to block this number so far the number -- is still calling -

Post by Guest,

208-556-5550 My elderly mother receives calls nearly every day from this number - There is never anyone on the other end - No response - It is a nuisance and confusing for her - Is there not some way to stop this? There is clearly something wrong going on with this number -

Post by Frank Acavano,

2085565550   I want Elaine Blakeys nudes NOW   That's some bs right there

Post by Guest,

208-556-5550 Receives - calls a day from that number --, no one talks… we just hang up but it's annoying -

Post by helen blount,

2085565550 i do not want to receive calls from this number

Post by Mike,

208-556-5550 Yes -  I have been getting calls from this number almost everyday -  Sometimes, more than one call a day  Should we report this to police, so that if there is any illegal activities behind this can be detected and stopped?

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