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2086294291 Debt Solutions

Post by Guest,

208-629-4291 Just calls and does not say one word if its Verizon at least they could say something -

Post by ganoguy,

2086294291 I'm afraid they are a scam - They called a number of times recently - I had been overdue on my VW bill, but paid it online - After receiving this call I called Verizon wireless and spoke with them and they said they received my pmt and everything is good - Today I got the call again and they said I still haven't paid and my account was suspended - I should have checked to see if it was suspended but freaked and gave her my CC and paid the bill - -  Tonite I went online to my Verizon account and I have a - credit and this charge doesn't show up anywhere except on my CC statement - They even show pmt from VW - -  I think I got screwed

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208-629-4291 Have received unwanted calls

Post by Guest,

2086294291 This number keeps calling repeatedly during the day and hanging up each time someone answers the phone -

Post by PK,

208-629-4291 got a missed call from this number but they didnt leave a message - -who is it?

Post by Fed Up!,

2086294291 I've received calls in less than minutes -  They call, I answer and they hang up -  I DON'T answer "Hello", I answer "Good afternoon, (then state my department name) How may I help you?"  This is getting VERY old, VERY quickly -  Since I do use my phone for business I don't have the luxury of time to play these BS games -This is becoming a daily routine that I cannot and will not continue with -

Post by Bryan,

208-629-4291 This is Verizon Financial Services -  I usually get a call from this number if I am late on paying my bill -

Post by SE Idaho,

2086294291 Have had several calls from this and other numbers - They are phishing identity theft calls - I went to my local Verizon store, they told me how to identify real Verizon calls, I would suggest doing that it will save a lot of time and grief -

Post by Nampa1,

208-629-4291 Not only is this a scam and identity theft attack, apparently the scammers are smart enough to troll these listings and claim that it really is a Verizon number (I doubt that Verizon would be calling from a CentruyLink or AT&T cell phone #) -  First, hang up; nd notify Verizon; rd enter on the FCC Phone Fraud listing (www -fcc -gov); th report to the originating carrier (done politely that actually seems to have an effect) -  If that happens often enough they will get the attention of law enforcement and caught -

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2086294291 Verizon Collections

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208-629-4291 Quit calling

Post by BULLDOG,

2086294291 Still a scam - paid into the negative - verizon owes me - got records - probably third party company milking the heavy cash, selling information about you that has the power to pull your plug so verizon dosent have to deal with you in the event of default -

Post by Guest,

208-629-4291 Verizon

Post by verizon bill collector,

2086294291 that is all it is -

Post by A,

208-629-4291 This is legit -  I am late with Verizon, they're just calling to get payment arrangements set up -  Sometimes the auto dial system doesn't update until later in the day with payments made, so it is possible to get calls after making payments - Usually it doesn't happen the next day though -

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2086294291 Verizon is James price there

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208-629-4291 Verizon Bill Collections -

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