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Post by Mark Bonnette,

2087580218 I am on the do not call list - I received a call from -- -

Post by Sal,

208-758-0218 Got a call from this number tonight, said on message "this is a public service call, we may call later - Thank you" -  When I called to tell them DONT CALL LATER, busy busy busy -  Now will just block number -

Post by Guest,

2087580218 -net reports that the phone number -- is inactive and that the annoying calls are spoofing that number, meaning the calls originate from somewhere else - Only the local phone company doing a back trace can identify the origin of the calls -

Post by alibaba1092,

208-758-0218 Same here and I said nothing and they hung up - However, it was the th calll today -

Post by Claudia,

2087580218 This number is currently calling my home number over and over - I have the answering maching off, so they are not getting the opportunity to leave a message - So they continue to call over and over - Caller ID says Coeur D Alen ID - Really weird - I will not be picking up -

Post by Craig,

208-758-0218 Theyt called when i was home alone they sauid "this is a survey do you own a small dog," I hung up but my caller id said coeur D Allen Id

Post by Paula,

2087580218 I also got the recording: "Do you own a small dog?" - from the same number - It was kind of creepy - Wondering who would be polling to see what % of homes own small dogs -

Post by Charlotte,

208-758-0218 Recieved calls on Friday and Sunday in Charlotte -  No message, can't call them back -

Post by BobA,

2087580218 Same as everyone else - Automated call from a weird ID "POPLE RSPNZ" asked if I had a small dog, I said yes, then it disconnected - It might actually be a survey outfit - Or not -

Post by LV,

208-758-0218 Just received a call from this number minutes ago, don't recognize the number I don't answer, machine picked up, they hung up, no message left - Reporting it to the No Call site ASAP -

Post by ny_night,

2087580218 Oh, and remember to disable your cookies when you submit on these forums - Just another safety measure -

Post by Guest,

208-758-0218 Recording with laughing

Post by scammed,

2087580218 There is an unusual telephone “survey” going around - Someone calls, says they are taking a survey, and asks if you have a small dog -Why in the world would they ask that? Apparently third-party groups (aka scammers crammers) want to record a “yes” in your voice - They can later use it as proof you agreed to additional phone bill fees; that is, once the recorded “yes” is spliced and diced onto a new question - So if you’ve gotten this call, they aren’t after your dog, they are after your money -Several websites provide you a way to check if a number is part of a scam and to read other people’s experiences with the number - These sites also offer advice on what to do and how to avoid phone scams -Comments left about this particular “small dog” scam are rather interesting - Use the links below, then scroll down the page to read them all -WhoCalledUsNotesSmall Update : It has been pointed out that not saying anything which could be recorded is the best policy - Don’t give them anything to work with -

Post by nevada,

208-758-0218 This number belongs to Database Marketing owned by one Mike Chase in Coeur d Alene ID - -Telephone - Give a call and tell them what you think of them - -AND make damn sure to file a compliant with the do not call registry

Post by Carol RBS,

2087580218 Recieved the telhone query from -- with what dsounded like a telhone surveryr or solictors  who asked if I woned a small dog -  I ansered "no," and the caller hung up -  I tired to trace the call, but my phone compnay coud not trace it -  The call supposedly came from --, I do not own a dog, but a frequent house guest own one -  I only appar to have a dog when this realtive with a dog visits me - Presenlty, I am allergic to just about everything esles which lives and breathes or shed fru, dust, or pollen -  I am not interesting in having pets -  In fact, I don;t apprecaite it when i have this dog visit me for periods of time -  Alhtough the dog is said to be hyperallergenic, I bleive that I am slaos allergice to this dog,too - Beyond any of the above, I cannot imaigne why anyone would call me to ask me whether or not I woned a samll dog

Post by austinsue,

208-758-0218 I got a call from Couer d' alene idaho and one from Va asking if i owned a small dog -  I said, what is this all about and they hung up

Post by ATL,

2087580218 I have been receiving calls with PPLE RSPNZ in the caller ID (phone number --) -  After looking online, I found that the complaints from everyone was the same - Survey , small dog scam -  I blocked the number from my phone -  Now I am receiving calls from a "Wireless Caller" number:  -- -  When I looked up this number, the complaints were the same - small dog survey  I didn't answer -  It hung up on my voicemail -  I blocked that number as well but how long will this go on???

Post by jensan,

208-758-0218 Re:  Small dog survey - Sounds plausible

Post by barb,

2087580218 did not answer - odd, unknown # - caller id indicates "COEUR D ALEN"

Post by Ashley,

208-758-0218 Just got the call asking me if i had a small dog - -odd enough, i do But i let the answering machine get it since the caller id for me said "unknown number"

Post by DHR,

2087580218 It's a survey being conducted by the Coeur d'Alene Press regarding the dangers of driving with a distracting pet on your lap - See www -cdapress -com news local_news artic - - ccce -html - Surveys do not need to comply with the "Do Not Call" list -

Post by Penny,

208-758-0218 I've had THREE messages on my answering and one all that hung up on me today from -- -  All I get is a computer generated message asking me, "Do you own a small dog?"  My guess is someone casing the neighborhood to determine when someone is home and if they have a dog so they can plan a break in -   Thank you for this blog showing me who to contact -  I called and left them a message that if they call me again I'm going to report them to the FCC for harrassment -

Post by Fed Up In AZ,

2087580218 Not a wise thing to do - - you'll start getting junk faxes because they'll probably sell your phone number -

Post by Rick,

208-758-0218 They are selling dog food - I told them what Linda Blair told the priest in the exorcist - I have more to tell them if i get the call again

Post by Harvey,

2087580218 Why would anyone with caller ID, pick up a strange call??I let it go to voice mail and "click"

Post by lm,

208-758-0218 I didn't answer, but it left a message on my answering machine - The recorded message left on my answering machine said they'd call back - I've added my number to the do not call list - Apparently that isn't helping -

Post by Michael,

2087580218 Got a call from them on a Sunday evening after PM - PEPLE RSPNZ came up on the caller ID -I usually ignore after hours calls unless I recognize the caller - They hung up on the answering service without leaving a message -

Post by Janie,

208-758-0218 I got the call as well-for several days at least once a day -If you don't have access to caller ID or you just answer the phone in a moment of weakness-Say the call is being traced and hang up -Or, say this is Precinct , NYPD Blue:)

Post by Albert Eisele,

2087580218 Plkease block this number, they have called repeatedly

Post by Chicago Suburbs,

208-758-0218 I answered the phone, and a recording started:  "This is survey - Do you own a small dog?"I hung up and filed a complaint with the do not call registry at the FCC website -

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