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Post by Guest,

2087580231 Wouldn't leave message

Post by CreditOneBankCustomer,

208-758-0231 They have the most incompetent staff of employees I have ever come across - Very difficult to understand, defective headsets, poor attitudes and none of them see to care about what your issues are -If you have an account with them and are paying their usual -% to -% interest, ditch them as fast as you can - Credit One Bank are a bunch of licensed thieves -

Post by JR,

2087580231 This number calls several times a day - When I answer a message comes on that says "please wait, we have an important message for you" but nobody ever comes on so I hang up - If I don't answer they don't leave a message -

Post by Guest,

208-758-0231 Spam

Post by Sheila,

2087580231 They still use that number too + a half dozen other numbers Very irritating people especially when you don't owe them -

Post by Cliff Slaght,

208-758-0231 You either Work for CreditOne Bank or You ar #%@&% Ignorant, Look at your Statement where you are Charged the Monthly Service Fee for using the Card even if You Don't use it - Once you Call the Number on the Sticker you are being Charged Whether You Like it Or Not HAPPY TRAILS TO BANKRUPTCY MY FRIEND

Post by Guest,

2087580231 Credit One

Post by marty,

208-758-0231 they call constantly -  don't know who they are - or why

Post by MrA,

2087580231 I am receiving calls from this phone number and I neither have their card nor applied for it -

Post by Kyla,

208-758-0231 I have told this company not to call my work number repeatedly - They continue to do so and try to be clever by switching up the number they call from -

Post by Guest,

2087580231 Capital one bank block the number

Post by J Soto,

208-758-0231 No message or anything -

Post by Guest,

2087580231 Yes

Post by Guest,

208-758-0231 They won't stop calling

Post by Guest,

2087580231 Give me a brake I'll call when I can pay my bill calls in one day Ever think I'm not home maybe out of town? missed calls from fri-mon insane - Just add that interest trust me if I could pay my bill I would Enough to jump off a bridge already

Post by thegreatpumpkin,

208-758-0231 Called this number today and it is indeed Credit One Bank, due to the voice on the other end answering: "Thank you for calling Credit One Bank -" The name on the caller ID is I C Systems -

Post by lynn foster,

2087580231 don't know this number

Post by Guest,

208-758-0231 Leave a message already Get the hint, if I don't answer the first times what makes you think I'm going to answer you the next - Geez

Post by Guest,

2087580231 Unknown

Post by Guest,

208-758-0231 Credit One Bank - I will send it when I have it -

Post by missG,

2087580231 This number calls my cell phone at least times a day - They only let it ring for one ring & then they hang up - They don't even give me time to answer - And then when I happen to have my phone in my hand as they are calling, when I try to answer no one is there - How do I stop them from calling?

Post by R A,

208-758-0231 I have been messages from this number and i call back they just hang up

Post by Guest,

2087580231 credit one stalking wrong number

Post by Guest,

208-758-0231 Advertisement

Post by Guest,

2087580231 Credit card

Post by Guest,

208-758-0231 block

Post by Guest,

2087580231 Yes

Post by Guest,

208-758-0231 These asshole keep calling me - I just called the police - For hassesment -

Post by Guest,

2087580231 Credit One

Post by kris,

208-758-0231 Thanks for the info - -i went to he site and am now on the do not call me list :) hope it works cause im tired of these calls coming in every other hour and so forth - -thanks again

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