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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 208-921-6735

  • Report all suspicious calls and scam phone numbers found in Ads, Calls, Texts & Websites
  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
  • Make a note of the unknown number
  • Run the digits through a Reverse Phone Lookup to search for information about the caller, which may include details like social media profiles, photographs, and job histories created on LinkedIn
  • Use Facebook To Look Up An Unknown Caller

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Post by RDee,

2089216735 Caller continues to call my personal home phone - I do not answer the phone from unknown callers -  Caller did not leave a message -  Recorded a complaint with DNC list -

Post by chuck,

208-921-6735 Thought they forgot about me -Received a call at appr - AM -As usually I did not pick up and no message was left - Hope they keep calling,,becauseit gives others a break -

Post by Robert,

2089216735 This is the second time they have called me - Caller ID shows "Wireless Caller" - It was the same very realistic and sophisticated automated offer redrooster reported above on May - If you answer with anything other than yes or no for long enough the voice will finally tell you that it looks like you're not interested, excuse itself and say goodbye -

Post by GG,

208-921-6735 This number has called my phone every day for the past days and I've never answered - I wish that they would stop -

Post by chuck,

2089216735 eceived a call at am today -Did not pick up and no message was left -

Post by Guest,

208-921-6735 These people have called me TIMES- IN A ROW, Their numbers are: -- & -- - I'm on the "do not call list" - Please STOP - Thank you -

Post by Citizen,

2089216735 An annoying robocall -  Would like to block it - Called at : a -m - Pacific Daylight Savings Time -

Post by Guest,

208-921-6735 This needs stopped

Post by Stopcalling,

2089216735 Not sure who the caller was but they called at : pm

Post by Dreamer,

208-921-6735 I've been getting several calls from unknown #'s -But this one,When I called back because it was a missed call said "The # you called has been changed or disconnected -Automated recording from Verison Wireless -I joined a dating sight and have been getting alot of unwanted calls now -Im leaving here and unsubscribing and see if they stop -?

Post by fw,

2089216735 to home phone -  cid: Idaho -  no v m -

Post by PS,

208-921-6735 -- - Automated call offering unsolicited vacation - Unlisted number and we are on the DNC List - How do I get removed from this automated dialer list?

Post by Bree,

2089216735 Unknown call from this number at :PT on - Based upon other complaints here, I reported the call to Verizon wireless -

Post by Rick,

208-921-6735 Just got the same call - When I called back, I got the same message as you - SCAM NUMBER

Post by Nancy,

2089216735 "Idaho call" at pm - No message left -

Post by Vickie Smith,

208-921-6735 -

Post by LeiaSolo,

2089216735 Just called and didn't leave a message this evening -  I blocked their call on my LAN phone and cell -

Post by Smart,

208-921-6735 You are messed up

Post by Wifeforlife,

2089216735 Called my cell @ : am - Did not answer call, of course - Rarely have issues with scammers calling the cell - I'm praying they don't start, its bad enough they call the land line

Post by Fed up - Still,

208-921-6735 Received a call from this number this morning - Because it was not in my list of blocked phone numbers I answered it - Pre recorded message telling me I won a free trip to the bahamas - All I had to do was press to talk with an in house @hole or press to be removed from their list - I did not do either - I stayed on the line with speakerphone on and mute as well hoping to tie their line up for awhile - Message played two times then hung up - I hung up, pressed a few buttons on my panasonic phone and blocked these telemonkeys - Should they call back they will be greeted with one ring then the phone will hang up on their sorry @es - Nyuk Nyuk -

Post by RDee,

2089216735 Caller called my home phone today - I did not answer -  Didn't leave message but waited until after the beep to hang up -

Post by Boise Resident,

208-921-6735 Scam

Post by Pissed,

2089216735 They called my cell at today -  No message -  Thanks for posting these messaged -  I've blocked them now -

Post by Penny,

208-921-6735 Caller states he is from customer service and can you hear me - I stated correct then an automated message started, I hung up phone

Post by Icm,

2089216735 Just called me, no name or number left -

Post by Don't like lowlife telephone solicitors,

208-921-6735 One call thus far - Normally, unidentified calls go to voicemail - Answered this call in error - A public net source identifies it as (crawling maggots) calling from Boise, ID - They'll call again -

Post by Dave,

2089216735 Got a call from this number today -  I no longer answer if I don't recognize the number -  Caller did not leave a message -

Post by jim idaho,

208-921-6735 just received this scam phone call that I had won a cruse - The only thing that you will win is losing all your money and personal information - These people are criminals who use the phone instead of a gun to rob you - I note these crooks use a area code but with all of these scam artists they use a phony area codes and could be calling from any where in the US or overseas - Never fall for this scam and scams like this in which you are told you won a prize when you never entered a contest -

Post by Joe Palooka,

2089216735 : pm Answered this call by mistake at home -  I was checking my cell phone about a call while in traffic at : PM -  That call was from invalid area code -  Have only had the new Cell phone & provider for just over a month -  Last night I entered this phone number as #MM on page of the Home Phone record I have been keeping since -  This is second time thru the Alphabet for multiple calls from a number -

Post by Aeryn W.,

208-921-6735 They have been calling at dinner time, and do not leave a message  -  I don't answer -

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