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Post by Guest,

2089531569 www -icantfindmyphone -com, if someone is pranking you, go to the www -icantfindmyphone -com about and add your number to the do-not-call list to prevent future calls -

Post by STFU,


Post by Guest,

2089531569 just got same message as everyone else - -never went to the site, not sure how they got my number

Post by Kate,

208-953-1569 I added my phone number to the black list the other day, yet I keep getting calls from you - I added my name to the black list yet again - Hopefully this works -

Post by Dave Dawson,

2089531569 gizmodo -com go-to-this-site-when-you-cant-find-your-phoneI cant find my phone -com registration infoRegistrant: Dave Dawson Moore st - # Brooklyn, New York United States Administrative Contact: Dawson, Dave [emailprotected] * * Moore st - # Brooklyn, New York United States () - Fax --

Post by bob,

208-953-1569 it is from a web site that a person can type there cell phone number into -it will call there phone so they can locate it when its been misplaced -maybe u didnt use it but theres no reason somebody couldnt put your number in as a prank - -its not funny for u but i use this all the time when im at home and i cant find my phone - -

Post by Kate,

2089531569 I added my phone number to the black list the other day, yet I keep getting calls from you - I added my name to the black list yet again - Hopefully this works -

Post by Guest,

208-953-1569 "I can see you found your phone - - - -" It was an automated message when I answered, and that was all I could make out of what it said -

Post by Mar,

2089531569 I've never given that sight my number, but got a call from this number -  I'm guessing a typo or some other mistake -

Post by Guest,

208-953-1569 Didnt loose my phone

Post by Dan,

2089531569 just got calls from them - thought it was a hacker - probably some nerd thinking hes cool -  called att and apple phone care and they said not to worry about it -

Post by Guest,

208-953-1569 Icantfindmyphone -com

Post by Guest,

2089531569 got a call on my cell phone i hung up but scared they will do harm to my personal settings

Post by PJ,

208-953-1569 Received a call from -- at : A -M -   It is listed as either Private or Unlisted -  I also have used the site www -cantfindmyphone -com as others have & it seems we are all getting prank calls from this site -  To bad because I did enjoy using this -

Post by Jane,

2089531569 What the heck? Why is it calling me I used it once, and now it keeps on calling How do i stop it?

Post by Guest,

208-953-1569 Most likely a " have you found your phone" website

Post by morgan,

2089531569 that is what it's from thanks

Post by Guest,

208-953-1569 It's from a website where if you lost your phone, you can enter your number and you will call it - Well it works, and it gives the respone people are saying - I suppose people are getting pranked if they are getting a call from this number, but didn't enter it in the website -

Post by Not Telling,

2089531569 Someone is using this number to text me, harrass me and is making threats -

Post by Guest,

208-953-1569 Spam

Post by Ellen Kippel,

2089531569 I received threee calls on my home phone and three on my cell phone from this number within a minite timeframe

Post by the real reaper,

208-953-1569 idiots - -first off loose means something that isn't tight, not something that is lost -  Second, its nothing more than a prank site -  If you lose your phone continually, maybe you shouldn't have one -

Post by Guest,

2089531569 I got calls in a row from this number this morning - I heard "I see you have found your phone" clearly but could not make out the website following - I do have caller ID which led me here -

Post by Guest,

208-953-1569 That call is from icantfindmyphone -com If you misplace your cell in your home and don't have access to another cell or a land line, you can enter your number here and it will ring your phone so you can find it - It sounds like people are using it to prank -

Post by momo likes,

2089531569 i think the idiots who were dumb enough to use a website to locate their phone _deserve_ the hassle of phone calls all day long -  i find it comical -  if you can't remember where you last left your phone, maybe you should tether it to your head -  doesn't seem to be much use otherwise -

Post by Kristina,

208-953-1569 I am also getting calls from this number as a result of using that website - Hopefully it stops soon -__-

Post by Guest,

2089531569 Said I found my phone with find my phone -com

Post by Guest,

208-953-1569 Automayed joke txt site

Post by Guest,

2089531569 I answred phone and recording said "I'm glad you found your phone" and then hung up"

Post by Guest,

208-953-1569 This number is for the extremely useful webapp, icantfindmyphone -com - It's not spam -

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