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Post by mandate the internet and get out,

2089911199 Receive - to cancum ?  would that be Cancun?  Ugh no thanks I wouldn't want to go to Cancun since all of the roaches breed here in the Good ole USA -  Stop migrating and stealing first American Born right to have a job -   Also please take -- away from  my number since I have AT&T on my  internet service  as well you can quit calling -   wasn't  born  yesterday

Post by Chris,

208-991-1199 My friend and I both got this call, three weeks ago for me and minutes ago for her - Someone is Boise has a Spanish speaking robot, but it was going on too fast for me to understand any of it - Called back and took my number off the list, apparently -

Post by m117!,

2089911199 Calls me every day I would like to block them but they keep calling and haning up this is America speak ducking english and stop calling me

Post by Dawn,

208-991-1199 Well I too received a call - didn't answer cuz I didn't recognize # - I have different #s calling me, all telemarket robo callers - Everything from home security, c card services, irs debt, to med supplies - It all started when "stupid me" answered a cruiseline survey - oh and won tickets that turned out not to be free - but since then have received all these calls - By the way, pressing or what ever - will not remove you from list - it just confirms that your phone # is a live person and then sell your # to other *ssholes who have nothing better to do than call people like you and I - I put these #s in my contacts under dumb*sses numbered - and counting no ringtones - - helps alittle most don't leave voicemails -

Post by Bill,

2089911199 Same as above, call showed up on my phone, no message left -

Post by Guest,

208-991-1199 nigs

Post by ncgritsgirl,

2089911199 Received a call from this number at :pm EST - Thought telemarketers weren't suppose to call after - -not that they adhere to any rules - There's really no way to stop them, especially when the DNC sells your information - I know this because these daily unwanted calls quadrupled within a few days after I registered with the DNC - Prior to registration, I would get or a day - -now I get to a day - :( I was told about the DNC selling the info, but I didn't believe it until it happened to me - Whether the DNC has some "rogue employees" lol, or DNC condones & makes money from selling the info, I don't know - It's usually greed that drives this sort of thing so they must be making a mint with all the people who think the DNC is legit are registering their phone numbers - I recommend you don't register with the DNC if you don't want telemarketer calls to increase -

Post by Guest,

208-991-1199 dont knw caller

Post by Guest,

2089911199 travel dollars???

Post by rw,

208-991-1199 I got a call saying I had won a trip -funny but I signed up for the do not call registry and now I am getting so many of these calls - I never got any before I signed up for the do not call list

Post by Guest,

2089911199 no aNswers

Post by cancer,

208-991-1199 just got a phone call from , i don't recognize the number, so i didn't answer the call - didn't leave any message - -

Post by Guest,

2089911199 Spam number

Post by charlie    stckton CA,

208-991-1199 I called it back -  English recorded message regarding travel points -  Put it in my REJECT SPAM list -

Post by David,

2089911199 I called back the phone number - - It's a cold dialer trying to sell travel realated goods or services according to the outgoing recording -  The recorded message was in english -

Post by Dana,

208-991-1199 Received call in Spanish, called it back up in English, and was able to take off call list - -

Post by KP,

2089911199 Received a call from this number on my cell phone -  Left a message that said "Press Two" and then it hung up -  Don't know how I got on a list with these losers -

Post by chicago,

208-991-1199 am this number called am on dnc -  Left no vm and have a feeling this is going to happen again -

Post by Guest,

2089911199 Automated call about vacation packages

Post by TeleBoy,

208-991-1199 I've gotten a few of these calls from various numbers - a poor-quality recorded message in Spanish

Post by mary,

2089911199 I almost answered the phone, but I didn't -  just got the call a couple of minutes ago, they didn't leave a message, so I don't know the language or message -

Post by D,

208-991-1199 missed call with no message a few minutes ago - - on do-not-call list as well

Post by David,

2089911199 I called back the phone number - - It's a cold dialer trying to sell travel realated goods or services according to the outgoing recording -  The recorded message was in english -

Post by Guest,

208-991-1199 telemarketers

Post by whattheheck,

2089911199 Just got a call from here - Didn't pick up - No message left - Rat [***] marketers

Post by Guest,

208-991-1199 Yes it is asking For your debit card number that bad

Post by ohio,

2089911199 get a call from this number in spanish - weird call

Post by Ellie,

208-991-1199 Rec'd a call on my cell, didn't answer, no message left -

Post by LeeAnn,

2089911199 Recorded message says:I have been selected to have , in credit towards a vacation in Cancun, press to speak to a representative or press to have your name removed from the call list -I have pressed "" three times, and have talked to a representative to remove me times - Latest phone call was from tonight, from my own town even -Originally spoke to Carlos on when called from -- and was given their customer service number of -- - I told him I wanted to be taken off the call list -Also have received this same recorded call from: -- and --

Post by James,

208-991-1199 Called me at :pm ET, saying something in spanish but I did not understand it -  They used one english word, "accept," so I though it may be some kind of collect call from my parents outside of the country -  I said accept, and it then hung up -  I hope I didn't just accept some kind of 'insurance -"  I already have fraud monitoring on my credit reports, e -t -c -, and I'm on the dnc -

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