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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 209-289-0187

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Post by Guest,

2092890187 Couldn't understand them - Knew my vehicles, trying to sell some kind of insurance - Definitely a scam -

Post by Guest,

209-289-0187 auto protection trying to sell me insurance

Post by butterbean,

2092890187 The number - area from somewhere in California shows in caller ID auto insurance but this number is used from collection agency so do not answer just block it -

Post by Armando costa,

209-289-0187 has call times in two days

Post by mary jo,

2092890187 these creeps that can't speak english  call me or times a day - now i love to piss them off i repeat everything they say we went on for about minutes - then the idiot got mad and ask me if i'm drunk which i repeated then said he's calling the police -and when i started to repeat back to him he hung up on me - hasn't called back -yet -

Post by Andrew Menard,

209-289-0187 I have tried to no avail, several times to request being taken off this list - There is no way to call them back - I am quite frustrated with these menaces to society - There is the exit stairway- right off the planet, and right over there - They can use it anytime -

Post by Todd,

2092890187 Keeps - Calling non stop -

Post by mary jo,

209-289-0187 these creeps that can't speak english  call me or times a day - now i love to piss them off i repeat everything they say we went on for about minutes - then the idiot got mad and ask me if i'm drunk which i repeated then said he's calling the police -and when i started to repeat back to him he hung up on me - hasn't called back -yet -

Post by brian phillips,

2092890187 if you call it back it tells you you can stop the calls and it takes hrs - It is total bs we tried days ago

Post by endless,

209-289-0187 In my experience, you can block the calls but they will pop up using a phone number from a different state next week - I haven't figured out how to stop them -

Post by My Three Sins,

2092890187 Caller ID "Auto Insurance" Last February a different phone number and they didn't give up despite requesting not to call again and reporting three times to DNC - Finally they swore at me and the phone calls stopped - So when it started up again yesterday, my goal was to get them to swear at me to end the calls - It didn't work - Four calls yesterday ( ) - So far seven calls today - On the sixth call I blew a whistle into the phone and then hung up - Seventh call my husband answered doing his Forest Gump routine, (hilarious) - For now I'm just keeping a whistle in my pocket - Hopefully after they get enough earaches they will stop calling - I got to do something as I do shift work and often sleeping during the day - Any more ideas?

Post by felixt3,

209-289-0187 That's what happened to me today -

Post by T-RACEY,

2092890187 Keeps calling, I don't answer and they leave no voice mails -

Post by Guest,

209-289-0187 I have them to stop calling

Post by Guest,

2092890187 this number is coming in sometimes up to times a day - And noone ever talks back - As a business owner myself and my employees are wasting time answering this phone -

Post by Guest,

209-289-0187 Get a life

Post by brian phillips,

2092890187 my dumb as# roommate contacted stuff on insurance on the internet and we get about + calls a day - The messed up part they also know what type of vehicles he owns - The one day my wife got a call and the chinese accent guy was trying to get personal info from her and when she didn't give it he told her to f#c* off and hung up - All I know so far the number is from Modesto, CA but another number will also call from Las Vegas, NV I beleve it is a total scam and you would have to be a total dumb as to give your info out - As for my roommate he will be lucky if i don't kick his as of the fuc%in planet - He is a complete dumb shi^ and if anyone knows him his name is brian wilson from southeastern pa -

Post by Don't answer,

209-289-0187 Got calls today, didn't answer and they never left a message - It sure is annoying -

Post by me2,

2092890187 Asian accented caller trying to sell extended auto warranties -

Post by owen sullivan,

209-289-0187 calls from this number many times------I think it is a call to sell me auto maint insurance

Post by Sharon L,

2092890187 Indian says his name is "Alan" says he is from State Farm Insurance  bogus   a bazillion Indians in the background making the same call - - - called back again - - -

Post by todd,

209-289-0187 Keep calling

Post by Guest,

2092890187 Auto warranty crap - If u call the number back it will give u the option to be places on a do not call list -

Post by Linda Hoffman,

209-289-0187 This non English speaking man called here at nine o clock saying we called him -  He insisted we wanted something and then I put my husband on he hung up on us -  He kept saying he called looking for a knife -

Post by Guest,

2092890187 I blocked your company number and all private calls today after you (Psycho) called my house times in hours - Stop playing game with your company making believe that you are working and hang up once the customer picks up - I am giving you advice quit this job before you got fired - Also, it seems to me like you never learn how to make businesses because you couldn’t make business, and you are NOT going to make any business - You are getting CRAZY Honey you need quick help

Post by Guest,

209-289-0187 Will someone please unplug this number

Post by renegade4377,

2092890187 sounds like a computer dialed call as when you pick up it takes a few seconds for someone to start talking and starts with you have been selected in this case was auto insurance after stating that I was not interested in buying or changing anything got cussed out by some broken English speaking idiot Maybe these people need new jobs picking up trash alongside the road ways in California where they will not have time or energy to play games on phone

Post by bill in tn,

209-289-0187 I received two in the last two days - No message left - I answered once and no one was there

Post by Catherine,

2092890187 In one day I received calls from this number - Not one message - The number has been blocked since first call but I keep getting them -  I'm a little more than annoyed that nothing can be done by these harassing phone calls - I have more numbers blocked than I do actual contacts -

Post by Jane Allen,

209-289-0187 five calls in less than hours and we are on the "do not call" list

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