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Post by WTF,

2094366010 Typical republican banker -Wants to sell you something, but really wants your money for nothing -Just like wall street,Scammer Scammer Scammer

Post by yally,

209-436-6010 Defender Security frm Indianapolis again and again and again - -harassmnt

Post by qwerty,

2094366010 Another DNC-violating crook -  Called at  : am - No message left -  Caller ID said "Groveland CA"

Post by Guest,

209-436-6010 Caller ID: "CA, USA" Caller hung up after several rings - Left no message - Another search says this number is Onvoy Landline in Groveland, CA - Yet another reports: City: Stockton, Type: Landline Phone, Providor: Pac - West Telecomm, Inc - Believe it was a scammer -

Post by Trevor,

2094366010 Tried to call back - Said number was disconnected or changed

Post by deadTelemarketers arebest,

209-436-6010 Typical [***] Security systems for free scam -

Post by Guest,

2094366010 Called no one there -

Post by Sarah,

209-436-6010 Call Received, call Blocked -pm

Post by ssn,

2094366010 Schuck - - -rhymes with huck as in huckster - -

Post by [email protected],

209-436-6010 Got a call from "Jason" who was talking about energy deregulation and am I a customer of PG&E -  When I asked what business he was calling from and what this was regarding, he said that was an "excellent" question for the specialist he has standing by, then he hung up on me -  when I called the number back, message says phone number is disconnected -  I hate these calls

Post by Bruce_in_MA,

2094366010 Caller ID:  Groveland CaThis is typical way to see it is a scam (Caller ID: Town State) and they are using thousands of Numbers and CallerIDs, so it is more difficult to block and track -

Post by Guest,

209-436-6010 calls but never leaves a message - NEVER -

Post by Annoyed,

2094366010 Scam - Phishing for info using free security systems -

Post by Guest,

209-436-6010 This is why my phone records show - Don't know how they could call so many times within a minute - From Groveland CA -- : PM From Groveland CA -- : PM Missed Call - Phone Busy From Groveland CA -- : PM Missed Call - Phone Busy From Groveland CA -- : PM Missed Call - Phone Busy From Groveland CA -- : PM Missed Call - Phone Busy From Groveland CA -- : PM Missed Call - Phone Busy From Groveland CA -- : PM Missed Call - Phone Busy From Groveland CA -- : PM Missed Call - Phone Busy From Groveland CA -- : PM Missed Call - Phone Busy From Groveland CA -- : PM Missed Call - Phone Busy From Groveland CA -- : PM Missed Call - Phone Busy From Groveland CA -- : PM Missed Call - Phone Busy From Groveland CA -- : PM Missed Call - Phone Busy

Post by Glenn,

2094366010 I have been contributing to this forum for a long time, first time I have ever seen "post pending moderator approval" -  When did this start?

Post by GLC,

209-436-6010 I wish these people would stop calling -  I don't answer any calls I don't recognize -  If they want to leave a message, fine but they never do

Post by Guest,

2094366010 Called saying they're giving away security systems - They wanted to know if I was the homeowner and verify that I was an owner and not a renter -

Post by Susan,

209-436-6010 Love it  "Die in a fire"  George called me, too -  I'm also on DNC list -

Post by Guest,

2094366010 Does anybody ever do anything about these calls?

Post by joeeye59,

209-436-6010 Machine picked up didn't hear any message -I use to get aggravated with these unwanted phone calls, but not anymore -I figured I needed to adapt because they won't be going away anytime soon -So I'll be waiting for a whole new way of using the phone comes into play that will end the unwanted calls, I might as well not become upset and aggravated anymore -We need a new sophisticated phone system with its custom software and design that will work perfectly separating and listing all calls in categories, being designed with perfection on you programing it to do what it needs to do, as it learns which becomes part of the entire phone system that knows who is friend, foe, doctors, schools, etc…In the mean time until this new phone is out there I figured I might as well adapt, because when it does reach the market I still won't buy it because it will cost too much lol -

Post by Gordon Warren,

2094366010 Did not answer call -  Person immediately hung up when my voicemail asked for a message -

Post by AH,

209-436-6010 Called, no one there -  Now blocked -

Post by Guest,

2094366010 did not recognize number, I suspect telemarketer or IRS threat call - I am on do not call list but that doesn't stop out of state callers - Can these callers be stopped - It is harassment -

Post by Guest,

209-436-6010 The Caller ID only shows this caller as OUT-OF-AREA only - This caller keep on calling at all hours of the day or evening repeatedly - This caller never ever leave any message upon my answering machine - And if I try calling back this caller never ever answer my call, and let the phone rings off the hook instead - I am only able to block so many of these type of callers at one time - I wish there was some way I could block this type of caller - There's a lot of misunderstanding with the "do not call" list - It only keeps legitimate marketers from contacting you, not the unscrupulous ones - That's why most of them hang up - They're hoping for a live voice, preferably a senior, who they can catch off-guard and spew their nonsense, and maybe even get a credit card payment - I have caller ID and I just don't pick up calls from numbers I don't recognize - And never, ever has one left me a voice-mail Better federal legislation is desperately needed, but good luck with that - The most you'll ever get is a crappy Sunday news conference by a phony like NY's Sen - Schumer or worst, but nothing will ever happen -

Post by Guest,

2094366010 From Groveland, CA - When I looked them up, they were identified as a spam source - I also registered on the Do Not Call list and they keep calling -

Post by ondonot calllist,

209-436-6010 -- caller id keeps calling, hangs up if i let it go to answering machine rep would not id themselves nor their company, would not leave a callback number - -ugh - -i am blocking and so should you

Post by Guest,

2094366010 Do not call

Post by Wolfgang,

209-436-6010 The new Panasonic Home Phones allow you to block hundreds of numbers, including entire AreaCodes -  Well worth their price

Post by YADA YA,


Post by Annoyed,

209-436-6010 Just a call from this number and a guy began saying "hello -"  I phoned back but a recording came on saying they're Google trying to verify my business name -  Clearly a scam since I don't have a business and it's not a business line -

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