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Post by Guest,

2094983027 Payday loan co -

Post by Guest,

209-498-3027 I received missed calls from this # on -- - I answered the last one around :PM & when I questioned the caller he hung up - Middle Eastern hard to understand -

Post by Guest,

2094983027 I want this number blocked

Post by Guest,

209-498-3027 bad

Post by kcglc,

2094983027 We keep getting calls from this number and nobody there -  I'm going to try to block it

Post by Guest,

209-498-3027 calls times a day, if answered call disconnects or starts ringing n some guy answers

Post by Glenn,

2094983027 Calls and when  I answer hangs up - Leaves no message and when you call the number, the message says "Your call can not be completed as dialed - Please check the number and dial again -" So you can't dial the number to find out who is annoying you -

Post by Guest,

209-498-3027 payday loan

Post by gordon,

2094983027 I( am trying to figure out why they have you join the DO NOT CALL list as you still get all these telemarkarter call and waste your time -I think the do not call thing is a joke and does noy work -

Post by Guest,

209-498-3027 unauthorized spam

Post by Chevone,

2094983027 I have received calls from this number times today alone - When I answer, like everyone else, no one is on the line & the call disconnects - I called the number back and got a disconnected message - It's my cell they are calling, so I can send the number right to v m -

Post by Cyberchipz,

209-498-3027 Yep, same for me - - no one there - - then hangs up -  Guess it's just looking to see if there's a warm body - - probably a solicitation company that collects phone numbers with warm bodies -

Post by Guest,

2094983027 spam

Post by Granny,

209-498-3027 Had thick accent (male) Kept asking me if I had any student loans and did I want to reduce them by % - Tried to get information from me and then I hung up on him -

Post by Jaime L,

2094983027 I have received numerous calls from this number and they hang up as soon as I answer -

Post by mike,

209-498-3027 i got the same thing, who  are this people?

Post by Prue,

2094983027 I just received a call from this number on my home phone -  It was a woman with a very heavy Indian accent - She stated that I had applied for a payday loan and wanted to know if I received it -  I never applied for one and told her I was contacting the FTC and filing a complaint for harassment and hung up -  These scammers are relentless -

Post by Guest,

209-498-3027 Man says he will help me get something scheduled

Post by mike,

2094983027 i got the same thing, who  are this people?

Post by Guest,

209-498-3027 payday loan

Post by Jim L,

2094983027 This # keeps calling and doesn't leave a message -

Post by Guest,

209-498-3027 block this number

Post by beyond,

2094983027 Sebastian he says his name is -Rude beyond all measure -Wants to sell certification if I can understand what he is saying -Refuses to remove from his database -

Post by Guest,

209-498-3027 nobody talks - when you call back there is no response -

Post by Guest,

2094983027 block it

Post by LJ,

209-498-3027 This number calls all day and interrupts my sleep - I work at night and when I say I'm not interested, they hang up and I keep getting calls - It is frustrating - I do not know what to do

Post by Guest,

2094983027 Block

Post by Annoyed,

209-498-3027 received a call from this number and asked the woman on the other end who she was calling for and told her that person was not at this number, I asked her  not to call anymore and I asked "do you understand what I am saying to you?" and the woman hung up the phone - I am filing a complaint with FTC against this number - these folks need to get real jobs

Post by totally disgusted,

2094983027 Received last call at : pm - The calls have been daily for the last days, one after the other many times a day -  I'm pretty sure the calls are coming from India - I have not applied for a loan - Have also recived several emails saying my loan was approved - This has to be harassing calls and emails from India because when they do speak you can barely understand them -I also think this is computer calls - I wonder if the trick of constantly hitting the number will kick your number out of their computer system -

Post by Jim L,

209-498-3027 Called, no message, says Sanfdreas CA

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