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Post by Jenny,

2097124627 Contacted me from Craigslist today, asking to buy my iPod - I was suspicious that he never tried to haggle on price and wouldn't give me information on how he was going to pick it up or meet me - Asked for me to send a Paypal invoice, and offered to include extra for shipping - I stopped before giving out any information, to look into scams, because no one ever offers more money than offered on Craigslist, and read some very informative pieces on PayPal scams - Do not deal with craigslisters who offer more than asking price, don't try to negotiate, and or ask you to send them a Paypal invoice - Google before giving personal information -

Post by Guest,

209-712-4627 Sending text message spam

Post by DoctorDoctor,

2097124627 called and hung up

Post by cyu, MI,

209-712-4627 i receive a text from -, telling me that 'hey roxanne (not my name) you've won a giftcard from target call back with this number to obtain it'so i called -a woman picked up - she had a thick heavy accent, and the first thing she asks me is "are you calling regarding your gift card?" i don't answer, instead i ask her how she got my number - she tells me it was randomly selected, and then i ask her from what (how she randomly selected my number, must've been from some list of numbers) - she then goes, 'when you made a purchase from one of our marketing partners with a credit or debit card, your number was recorded and randomly selected -' i then tell her i do not have a credit or debit card (because i don't,) and then she goes 'alright then' and hangs up -finding out that i have no credit debit card and then hanging up on me - - probably disappointed she couldn't get any of that information -clearly a scam, don't fall for it - -

Post by Guest,

2097124627 Bkj

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