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Post by car do,

2098001001 This company calls constantly, (several times every day at earliest permissable time and latest permissable time and also in-between),  even though we are on the Do NOt Call List -  We are getting ready to report them to our Congressman for further action -  They are so annoying and have all recorded messages -  Total Scam -  Please report to government Do Not Call List -

Post by Guest,

209-800-1001 I don't know who -

Post by Tanya,

2098001001 This number called my cell twice in the last day--fortunately or unfortunately my cell phone keeps setting itself back to silent mode and I don't hear the ringer so I haven't actually talked to them -  I have no debts in collections -  But I do have a debt challenge dispute with T-Mobile for harassing me for a full month before my credit card renewed that I contacted the FCC about -  I suppose it could be that one, but in my view, that one is still in dispute -  I encourage people to challenge their cell phone bills when they get the verbal electronic "treatment" that I got -  Well at least the calls from -- have stopped--apparently another scammer -  I put a complaint on that one on the no call list and will do so with this one if I get any more calls--I don't know if the two are related -  Thanks for all the reports--these blogs are great  I pay all my bills unless I have an issue with one of them and then I try to get things worked out in writing which takes time and energy, but I feel its important that consumers take issue with pushy corporations -

Post by Guest,

209-800-1001 Never say anything when I answer

Post by Guest,

2098001001 Wrong number debt collection

Post by Guest,

209-800-1001 Harassment on a daily basis

Post by sk,

2098001001 called on a sunday at pm? can bill collectors call sundays? traced the area code its a california one -

Post by bankruptor,

209-800-1001 I blew their number up yesterday when they called from -- with random you tube and insulting soundbites and it looks like they stopped answering that number  There's no way to stop them so lets just blow up their numbers so they can't use them anymore  Go here www -dailyhaha -com soundboards -htm  or Google soundboards and hit them with your best shot  They're number is looped from a US number so they don't have caller ID and they're criminals, pirates actually so who cares, prank away

Post by Guest,

2098001001 Keep calling

Post by Guest,

209-800-1001 They were looking for a specific individual - Computer caller -

Post by LNP,

2098001001 Calls at odd times - on a Sunday, PM on a weeday - Rings for a few seconds, then they hang up before I can answer -

Post by Guest,

209-800-1001 Not sure they keep calling but no one answers

Post by Guest,

2098001001 Nothing

Post by Guest,

209-800-1001 Spam

Post by wandangel,

2098001001 Began receiving calls from -- today -  First one when I answered no one would say anything but it WAS an open line, and after I said "If you don't have anything to say, why did you call?", they hung up -  Later today they called again and this time it was a recording looking for my middle daughter who has not lived with me for about years  Since the call wasn't for me, I hung up -

Post by Guest,

209-800-1001 This is against the law, if, after you tell them to stop calling you but they continue to call - goolge it - You should go to the FTC site and file a complaint

Post by ALAN,

2098001001 It's a bunch of BS -  They will talk to you when you call back - I have been receiving calls for the - months, about weeks - I have asked them - times to remove the number from the automated calling system - Plus the person they are asking for is not even me - Must be a phone that a DAVID SCHMIER or somerthing like that had in the past, over years ago, when I go the number they are calling on -What a bunch of crap Have a nice day - -

Post by Guest,


Post by johnny rotten,

2098001001 its a debt collector - chase bank uses them - i know they keep calling mr for - dollars -

Post by ryan,

209-800-1001 Total Scam did not even have the correct info and made up a debt that they said i owed report this company as a scam they need to be shut down

Post by Guest,

2098001001 They called stating they have info on me n I owe money I don't know these people

Post by Guest,

209-800-1001 N a

Post by Guest,

2098001001 Junk

Post by Guest,

209-800-1001 Foreign language

Post by Terri,

2098001001 We have NO debts, and I can not understand the message they attempt to leave, nor does anything happen when I push the buttons they ask -  They also do NOT have a "do not know this person" option -

Post by Guest,

209-800-1001 I don't know this person

Post by ej,

2098001001 i called back and got an actual person i told them no one lived here by either of the names they were looking for i was told my number would be taken off the call list hopefully it has been

Post by Guest,

209-800-1001 No name no nothing

Post by Becks,

2098001001 Yes, I have also been getting this - I'm perm - blocking from my phone

Post by Guest,

209-800-1001 student loans harassin me I block every number they call from

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