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Post by Rabbi Rick,

2098987655 Remember, scammer often visit thiese sites posting FALSE postings trying to make scammers like this look legitimate -  It is still a scam -  Both this company and this poster -

Post by Guest,

209-898-7655 Spam

Post by Diane,

2098987655 Tell them not to call -

Post by Fool me once...,

209-898-7655 I receive numerous calls from this number, followed all the rules - The do not call list, asking them nicely not to call, etc - Finally got fed up and answered the phone but layed it down so they were on line and the caller could here me, and waited  waited seconds while the called said, "hello?, hello?  Then I said "Ok honey, you can hang up now I hae the trace and the address- lets go"  I haven't received a call since -

Post by MV,

2098987655 Left No Message Stockton CA () -

Post by Guest,

209-898-7655 Solicitor for police fund -

Post by I've been spoofed!!??,

2098987655 I've been getting random calls from this number, each time it is a different person representing a different company - -very fishy - -seems to me this is a spooferOn December , , President Obama signed "Truth in Caller ID Act of " (S:), which is now law - [] Under the bill, which also targets VOIP services, it becomes illegal "to cause any caller ID service to transmit misleading or inaccurate caller ID information, with the intent to defraud or deceive -" The bill maintains an exemption for blocking one's own outgoing caller ID information, and law enforcement isn't affected (from wikipedia on spoofing) - -Saddly, there is no way {YET} to trace a spoofed call, to prosecute??? BUT law enforcement must (I HOPE) be working around the clock on this?  It's sadd, but with this stupid technology, people can make false bomb threats,  and all sorts of other stupid calls, and remain ANONAMOUS????

Post by Steve,

209-898-7655 Called at noon on a Sunday -  I let it go and they left no voicemail -

Post by Laje,

2098987655 Hung up after saying something that sounded like "f**k you" -

Post by mary,

209-898-7655 stop calling me - I don't know you - I don't want to know you - Stop calling me or I will take matters further - Stop calling me -

Post by lacanuk,

2098987655 You must work for them - THIS IS A SCAM - They called me to ask where they could send my tax receipt for the donation I'd recently sent - I actually did send a donation to one of these groups before I investigated them and thought it was this one so i said go ahead - The guy then proceeded to ask what donation did I want to commit to on the receipt he was sending me  - TOTAL SCAM There is a web-based service you can use to check up on charities and these guys rated very poor - in that they keep most of the money they collect - passing on less than % to those in need

Post by Guest,

209-898-7655 Being getting calls and hang ups every day -

Post by Guest,

2098987655 Number from Stockton California does not leave message - Stupid spam

Post by Sharky,

209-898-7655 Thanks for setting up this web site - This is really useful - I hate these telemarketers calling all the time over and over again without leaving messages -  I talked to a cop and he said these organizations collecting for police charities are BS - I got one of those panasonic phones with call blocking on it - Now, whenever they call, they get automatically disconnected - Suck on it telemarketers

Post by MissMel,

2098987655 Thank you SO MUCH for posting these links - I have donated to this "charity" in the past, but this time I did some research and will not be donating this time - I am going to write them a letter (since I promised to donate, before doing the research) and tell them that after learning about their deceitful fundraising practices I will be sending "their" donation to a trustworthy, legitimate charity - Oh, and I will make sure to insist that they remove me from their marketing list Thanks again -

Post by Gary,

209-898-7655 Just got the call - ID just said California - The newer telephones now have the ability to block any number that appears on your caller ID - I love this feature - The phone will ring one time before it is blocked but it certainly worth getting a phone with this feature - It must drive the telemarketers crazy -

Post by Just Joe,

2098987655 Don't send big money or any money to Police or so called Fire Department Charities -  It is all Bogus  They take good care of their own -  The people they hire to give your a sad story, never worked for the police or the fire department -  Besides, you probably have recently read about the big bucks they receive with their pensions -  If you are injuried (and I don't wish this on any person), that percentage of injury is tax exempt -  The City of Stockton is taking back many of their benefits and have laid off many police and fire personal -  We shall see what is left in a few years -  Let us hope that -- reads this crap, so they see how effect they really are -

Post by Hal,

209-898-7655 Calles Sunday at :, lwft no message

Post by Claudia,

2098987655 Thanks alot -  It is comforting to know a couple of people actually answered the phone at the time -  It puts my mind at ease -  I can now answer comfortably to say NO -  Really thank you guys for these adds -  Never thought to run into this site -  I just punched in the number to get something anything -  God Bless You All -  I do donate -  I am not rich -  I donate what I can to my favorite charity -  Jerry's kids and March of Dimes for children with leukemia, and sometimes others if I am blessed with a lil more cash -  I don't trust these people calling from that number -

Post by Jack,

209-898-7655 Answered a call on my office phone from this number and a guy started speaking rapidly in Spanish - I don't speak much Spanish and when I informed him of this, he hung up - The only word I picked up was "Policia"

Post by Gary,

2098987655 Just got the call - ID just said California - The newer telephones now have the ability to block any number that appears on your caller ID - I love this feature - The phone will ring one time before it is blocked but it certainly worth getting a phone with this feature - It must drive the telemarketers crazy -

Post by Thank you for confirming...,

209-898-7655 I answered the phone with the -- showing on the caller ID - don't know who it is calling of course - and no one spoke -  Seemed like someone was on the other line but did not say anything -  Hmmm, very strange - So I google the number and here is all these other people reporting this "call" tooThank you -

Post by binkyr7,

2098987655 Called today about pm, saying samething, police youth authority, told them I wasn't interested, they hung up -

Post by Guest,

209-898-7655 This number likes to keep calling us - They called us on a holiday weekend - A lot of people who work full time do not get many days off - It comes up as "Unknown name" on caller id and is a prank call, I believe - The location of the cell phone is California (Lodi, Merced, Modesto) - I guess the Do not call list does not work - Hopefully they will stop bothering people with prank calls or whatever there reason for calling is (it is obvisouly fraud) -

Post by BeachMom,

2098987655 They called and wanted me to give them a credit card or debit card number for a police charity that I didn't remember pledging a year ago - - I told them that I didn't feel comfortable giving them my information and asked for a website address which they gave me several different ones - - I tried all of them and they are no good??? I believe this is a SCAM  If they call again I will report them - -

Post by tiffany,

209-898-7655 called around :pm and wanted donations for the police department for some childrens organization,sounds like a scam to me

Post by Moberg,

2098987655 Stop calling my house AH

Post by J&L,

209-898-7655 CID says Stockton, CACalled :pm -  Recording says they will connect my call then phone goes dead -  [***] -

Post by Guest,

2098987655 I received a call and the person was middle eastern decent with thick accent - refused to quit calling- I am on the federal do not call list -

Post by Delfim Cachinho,

209-898-7655 Did not leave message

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