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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 210-000-0000

  • Report all suspicious calls and scam phone numbers found in Ads, Calls, Texts & Websites
  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
  • Make a note of the unknown number
  • Run the digits through a Reverse Phone Lookup to search for information about the caller, which may include details like social media profiles, photographs, and job histories created on LinkedIn
  • Use Facebook To Look Up An Unknown Caller

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Post by Fed up,

2100000000 My husband has passed away years ago and this male person called me and told me he has to fill his medicine - I blasted him -

Post by Bob,

210-000-0000 Keep getting calls from and when I pick up no-one answers -

Post by sillysilly,

2100000000 So just keep saying NSA, NSA, NSA and economic terrorist - Not sure if that will work but I might as well get my tax money's worth for the data center - Then report it to the FTC, open a case number and keep reporting it every time - The phone companies could block these if they wanted to -

Post by J.,

210-000-0000 I got the same call a couple of times -  It was a female with a heavy accent asking if I wanted a low interest VA loan -

Post by Carol,

2100000000 From reading the thread on this number, it sounds like it is a "spoof" number that is used by several different people pulling some sort of con -  No one in this country and its dependencies is likely to be assigned a phone number -, so if you have caller ID and see those numbers, hang up on it -  Seems like an easy thing for the FTC to root out, though; simply don't let any number that displays all zeros for its main number to not go through -

Post by mark9315,

210-000-0000 Here is where you go to report these calls:https: www -ftccomplaintassistant -gov #&panel-https: esupport -fcc -gov ccmsforms form -actionhttps: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspx?panelwww -consumerfinance -gov complaint

Post by sameer bains,

2100000000 Please do not be scared on this call, its fake and just think about it by looking at the number along with the way speaks -

Post by Michael,

210-000-0000 Calling telling me not to use my computer for shopping or purchasing products - I hung up - I felt it was a scam

Post by Bill,

2100000000 Answered this one today, after one previous missed call - There was no ID, just a woman speaking Spanish and giggling - I asked who it was twice and got disconnected - Pathetic - -

Post by Guest,

210-000-0000 Phishing scam

Post by Guest,

2100000000 Answered phone and could only hear my voice echo

Post by Bill,

210-000-0000 Do you really expect criminals from a foreign country to care about our laws? You can do something about it by spending about for an external Call Blocking device - There are models that can block up to numbers and unlike the phone company, they can even block numbers like this one and toll free numbers -  You can also block entire area codes with these devices -  Amazon has several to chose from among other sources -

Post by Theresa,

2100000000 Yes, an Asian man said he was "Jeff  from MD Hotline", and I said "Who ?"  and he hung up -

Post by BEWARE,

210-000-0000 Just got a call from some woman( sounds East Indian, she was in a phone calling center, I could hear the other callers ) that said she was from Microsoft & needed to fix my computer because it had been infected with a virus -  She gave me a license # to a computer and wanted me to verify it - She said she would walk me thru the procedure to find it on my computer - LOL Any way,  do not buy into this scam -  Could someone find these people a different job -

Post by Guest,

2100000000 Dont answer calls n hangs up

Post by Junie,

210-000-0000 It is a scam www -microsoft -com security online-privacy avoid-phone-scams -aspxnews -softpedia -com news Cold-Call-Tech - - on- -shtmlwww -ftc -gov opa pecon -shtmwww -scamwatch -gov -au content index -phtml itemId www -net-security -org secworld -php?id

Post by Guest,

2100000000 Spam phone calls at : AM - Really -

Post by Marsha,

210-000-0000 Got a call from -- -  Answered it because I love to waste their time -  After his almost unintelligible speech about computer services, viruses, etc -  I told him I don't own a computer -  There was silence for about seconds (guess that was not on his prepared script) and then he hung up -  

Post by Guest,

2100000000 Keep call don't no why

Post by Theresa,

210-000-0000 Yes, an Asian man said he was "Jeff  from MD Hotline", and I said "Who ?"  and he hung up -

Post by Rebecca,

2100000000 I keep receiving phone calls from -- - I want them to stop - I've requested they stop -

Post by Tom,

210-000-0000 Got this call in the evening - Woman with I assume was Indie accent, told me she was a Microsoft tech - and needed access to my computer because someone(possibly foreign) was using my computer for "bad" purposes - I kept her on the phone as long as possible because she deserved it - When I asked if she was with the NSA, a male voice interrupted and she said she was a security tech for Microsoft and needed access for security purposes - I can be an  *sshole sometimes, so, I was - Kept her on the phone until I tired of the "game" and hung up - She answered every question with the same urgent message for access - is in Austin San Antonio, Tx - Why can't something be done about these crooks?

Post by Badge714,

2100000000 Go easy on those new Colorado Cookies

Post by Ramu Rao,

210-000-0000 Repeated threatening and harassing calls, sounded more like a mid eastern fellow with an accent, in his s or s, sounded quite dangerous to the community -  The authorities should trace this call before he throws a bomb at some building or people -  Very persistent and brain wahsed -  He would repeat the same word "Alla"  The call sounded originatinf from a "call center", "tele marketing" or a public phone

Post by Annoyed,

2100000000 This company just called me at home -  I could hear a bunch of noise on the phone - -I said "hello" and waited, someone said "hello" back but then went no further -  I said, "Is this the part where you try to scam me or realize I'm too smart for you already and just hang up?" and they immediately hung up -  DON'T talk to these people  I owe no debts and am on the do not call list - -no reason for them to be calling me -

Post by rm,

210-000-0000 called - went to answering machine - no message left

Post by Guest,

2100000000 Said calling about computer security - Would not say anything else

Post by sickofdirtbags,

210-000-0000 I love it  So tired of all the scam calls -  Get them every day -  This number called at : today -  CID says 'Texas Call' -  Got another call at : from --, no msg, CID says 'New York Call' -  Huh?  Maybe I'll try your idea and have some fun with it

Post by Diana,

2100000000 I received two calls from this number today - A man with a heavy middle eastern accent told me he was calling from Microsoft Corporation and he needed my cooperation because Microsoft had found that my Windows program had been hacked - I hung up on him and ran my security scan which showed no problems -

Post by Yikes,

210-000-0000 You allowed them to access your computer?  Do not go on line again until you get your computer professionally cleaned -  God only knows what they did -  Unplug it now

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